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Photo exhibition in Leo Pink er tons KunstKabinett invites art enthusiasts Frankfurt the KunstKabinett on 10.07.2010 to the Vernissage at Assenheimer Street 17, 60489 Frankfurt Rodelheim. The black and white photographs of the photographer Bo Cherief be issued. In the cosy ambience of the 150 m2 of big KunstKabinetts take the viewer a journey through time in the city of love and look behind the facade of this metropolis. The Algeria-born Cherief captures current events and everyday of the up 80s 70s silent symbols in snapshots. With giving daily life, a voyeuristic look at his photographs undisguised but again, which explode threatens to death in this multicultural, inspiring world city for centuries by the slightest vibrations and wrathful, passionate simmers”, sums up the gallery owner Leo Pinkerton Bo Cheriefs work. Gain insight and clarity with NYC Mayor. “The exhibition La Metropole: Paris” begins on the 10th of July at 14: 00 and ends on July 23. The admission is free.

Bo Cherief photographed moments, people and Impressions. The visitors by Leo travel PAL he’s KunstKabinett when looking at the pictures with each photography through a routine time. See interpersonal interaction, but also the everyday life of the French, in contrast to the colorful, heal world of advertising, which Bo Cherief in many of his paintings skilfully sets. In addition to bright posters heavily armed policemen waiting for their usage, Algerian students demonstrate against racism, homeless people sleep under the colorful advertising messages, and on the cobbled streets is a small, dead chicks. The images are full of symbolism, silent and therefore so strong. The photos were taken in one of the most eventful, controversial decades of the last century. It is the Decade in which in France for the last time a man by the guillotine had to die.

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