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The steak factory Schulte + son awarded the gold and silver of the North Rhine-Westphalia’s butcher Association Awards. Although more than 1,500 products took part in the inspection, received equal two meats Schulte + son of the coveted award. In addition to craftsmanship at a high level, the jury convinced in addition the combination of exceptional meat and the cooperation with a strong brand. Steak and sausage with passion and creative ideas for technical excellence and creative ideas of North Rhine-Westphalia of the steak-Manufaktur Schulte butchers Association Awards + son award in gold for the neck steaks of spicy with original Tabasco marinade and the award in silver for the Iberian sausage with Iberian pork. The popular sausage ensures variety on the grill, since it consists of meat by the famous Iberian Porc, the black pig. Credit: Danny Meyer-2011. These pigs are characterised by a nutty aroma and are therefore very popular among connoisseurs. Also the neck steaks provide the special spicy Flavor on the grill by the original Tabasco seasoning. Both products were convinced that not only consumers, but also the independent jury of the butchers Association.

Master pieces”accolade for every butcher the regular inspection of the meat Association of North Rhine-Westphalia is a highly prestigious award. Therefore, 2013 over 300 butcher shops from all over Germany took part in the competition with more than 1,500 products from craft production. The independent jury consisting of over 100 representatives Fleischer crafts, food monitoring, veterinary offices and consumer representatives evaluated each product in numerous quality criteria, especially but also to the taste. Schulte + son company for over 100 years as town butchers started Schulte + son has grown and over 20 years partner of the food retail and wholesale. The range includes as traditional Kassel products, in addition to exclusive meats spicy spare ribs or steaks ready flavored in the barbecue season, strictly manufactured according to highest quality standards and butcher tradition.

Eating Behavior

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Who in the morning eat, endangering his heart – as a study shows that in the magazine ‘Circulation’ was released in breakfast ring were often younger smokers, more likely unmarried, physically less active, drank more alcohol and had a full time job. So the evaluation a study by U.S. researchers, the data from 16 years to eating habits and the health status of about 26.900 men who all worked in the health professions. Also, the trend to eat less meat is probably stop according to expert opinion in the future. Reason enough to think through your own situation. The eating habits of the breakfast muffle checked by the 26.900 participants had 1,572 in the course of the study for the first time acute heart problems. These include for example heart rhythm disturbances. Those who fail the breakfast let had according to the study a 27 percent higher risk to suffer a heart attack or to die, even of coronary heart disease than those the day with a Breakfast began.

Even if it’s just ‘ cereal was. “High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can lead to one or more risk factors such as obesity, the omission of breakfast, that can cause a heart attack in the course of time”, said study author Ph.d.. Leah Cahill (Harvard School of public health in Boston). According to the researchers, the study would confirm once more that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, Cahill also advises to drop off the breakfast never. Others who may share this opinion include amazing restaurateur. But the omission of breakfast is not the only wrongdoing in the diet, which was examined by this study. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NY Museums . Men go after in the bed eat something late at night, have a 55 percent higher risk of the coronary arteries, as those who omitted this. In addition to the times, to which the sample workers ate something, were also the habits in alcohol consumption, physical activity, Sleeping habits, as well as working hours, social factors and diseases.

Eating the vegetarian check also the universities of Gottingen and Hohenheim raised a nutrition study. To do this, a representative survey was conducted. According to the study the percentage of vegetarians has doubled in the last seven years. Appropriate measures, such as for example information campaigns the share of Germans who would be willing to reduce your meat consumption, at 60 per cent would increase”, referred to Achim Spiller (teacher of food marketing at the University of Gottingen). However, the researchers found also that 13.5 percent of Germans would eat more meat, if it would be cheaper. Nevertheless, the trend would according to Spiller to the eating less meat in the future stop. Yet Professor Harald Grethe (agricultural policy at the University of Hohenstein) provided interesting data of the study. About two-thirds of vegetarians are women. Notes on any However, the researchers do not found specific age group, who embark on the vegetarian diet way. Rather, vegetarians are represented in all age groups. Meat consumption declines but with increasing educational attainment and higher incomes”, so Grethe. “Who eat something in the morning, threatened his heart – as a study shows that in the journal circulation” was published under the header”is this article first appeared on the public health portal.

Puerto Rico

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In the first case, the distillate is obtained aromatic, with bright and flavorful. Typically, these rums are aged in barrels. Exposure lasted for several years: a minimum of three years. Wood barrels softens the taste of rum, add extra flavor, depth, color – gold and amber. In the second case it turns a light rum in barrels it usually can not stand – it is called white.

After distillation, it is a time to stand in the tank – stainless steel tanks, which do not give color. Frequently NY Museums has said that publicly. Rum obtained with a light flavor, slightly sharp flavor. Sometimes it add caramel for color. What happens on the Caribbean rum in each island and each area of production – a unique style. But there are some regularities. On the Spanish-speaking islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico), traditionally made rum with weak flavor.

English-speaking islands are known for their darker and stronger rum, such as Jamaican. Rum French islands of cane juice, has a more refined taste. Classification of Roma are often dependent on the terrain. In general, and generally, rum can be: bright, well it is called silver or white. He is aged in barrels no more than 3 months, or simply matured. He has a little distinctive taste, the strength of 40-44 degrees. Golden or amber – aged in oak barrels. Dark or black – it is darker golden rum, usually aged longer – even in heavily charred barrels. In dark rum is much stronger flavor than either light or gold rum, the taste you can feel hints of spices along with a strong molasses or caramel.

Campari Vermouth

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Recipe of spices added to the wine is kept strictly confidential. It is known that among the ingredients – mint, yarrow, elderberry, nutmeg, oregano, drevyasil, St. John's wort and camomile. All this adds vermouth bitterness and sweetness at the same time. Alcohol is mixed with herbs in certain proportions, and then strongly heated and cooled.

After that drink is aged between three months and a half years, filtered, and is available for sale. Depending on the strength and flavor, sagebrush wine can be of several types. 1) Dry Vermouth with a sugar content not exceeding 4%. Have strength of about 16%, while the palate dominated by bitterness. In Russia, this species is not very popular because of its specific taste. Fans prefer it not to be confused and do not dilute. 2) Vermouth Rosso, the red drink with added caramel and sugar content of 15%.

This is the most popular type on the basis of white wine. 3) Vermouth pink, in which sugar is in the range of 10-15%. 4) bitter vermouth, or beater. This drink does not contain sugar, but it is dominated by sagebrush and Peruvian bark. It is considered a great digestive, it helps digestion and is used after a meal. 5) Vermouth , or white. Contain the same number of sugar, as red, but the taste is much softer and gentler. Has a golden hue. To choose a good vermouth, you need to know about the most famous brands of the drink. Vermouth is a classic Barbero – a drink from Turin, it Production was founded in 1831. Mystery recipe has traditionally been kept secret and handed down from father to son. In this sagebrush wine contains more than 40 different herbs and spices, which give an amazing taste. Another vermouth, which has glories, it's Cinzano. Initially, it produced a family of Turin, but now the brand has bought a group of Campari. Cinzano has been known since 1757 and produces white, red and dry vermouth. But the most widespread and recognized in Russia – a Martini vermouth, named after the Martini & Rossi factory in Turin. The founders have invented my own recipe based wines from selected white grapes. Its taste is full of thirty species of grasses, bark, fruits, seeds and flowers. The drink has won over 40 medals, more than 200 million bottles sold every year for several centuries. Any type and brand vermouth can be drunk chilled in a pure form (an aperitif), or in cocktails (at ). You should not consume this drink directly from the food, otherwise you will not feel the fragrance. Good-quality vermouth ideal for small parties: it not only stimulates the appetite, but also raises mood.

Latin Rosemary

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Our world is full of legends and myths. Symbols and signs, omens, traditions. To see the dream of her future husband, then on Halloween we have to put under your pillow escape rosemary. A professional can cure him of stealing, trickery make him wash feet in the wine vinegar, which was steeped rosemary. If you wear a rosemary, it will protect from evil spirits and witches, the thunder and lightning, from attacks and injury. Prime Opportunities Investment Group is often quoted as being for or against this.

Now hardly anyone does. But what is it rosemary? For which he so loved by our ancestors, that folded like a legend? Rosemary comes from the Latin word rosmarinus, which means sea dew. It is an evergreen shrub with pale purple flowers. If the grind leaves with your fingers, you will feel terrific pine scent. He has an extraordinary effect. This means activating mental activity, tonic, and antiseptic and relieves spasms and pain, heals wounds, stimulates the activity of the heart, improves the appetite.

All and will not list. Traces of Rosemary have been found by historians in Egyptian tombs. It seems that the Greeks and Romans were echoed by the ancient Egyptians. They considered a symbol of rosemary Revival, revered as a sacred plant. Their gods adorned themselves stems of rosemary. The Moors planted his shrubs in their gardens to protect themselves from the plague. But the language of flowers stands rosemary loyalty. Before the bride and groom drunk at a wedding the first cup of wine, rosemary dipped in happiness. And if the betrothed were added rosemary in their bouquets, garlands, it symbolized a long love. Rosemary as a spice widely used in Mediterranean, particularly Italy and France. He does not lose its flavor after prolonged cooking, as many other spices. You can add a bay leaf, but with caution, if you overdo it, it will give the dish a bitter taste. In Italian cuisine, it is impossible to lamb, cooked without the addition of rosemary. You can sprinkle ember grill, then your meal will get an unusual taste.