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Day ended, the houses with their lights on and destroyed roofs did appreciate a passive and bleak atmosphere, not observed is soul in the streets of the village El Eden. In this tremendous loneliness we observed on the outskirts of the village a great tumult of men arriving, all dirty and mistreated. Them every day emerged from their homes to work in the outskirts of Eden, leaving their wives in dwellings which not so long ago they were destroyed by a great storm that struck the people. This settlement was not very big, what was that these men were in search of work outside the village. The vicinity of the place were a court, a hospital, the fire brigade and the Commissioner; they had no more than ten people working there (there was no member of the place that will work here), they were all people that the Government had appointed. But not worked a single woman in these dependencies, since men who lived in the village did not accept it. They just wanted the men to work and that education cannot be you forge in place.

And the State in very absurd form accepted. Things started to happen since the town was created, and no woman has been opposed to this because they have the fear that their husbands beat them, occurrence that years ago very unusual era when they reached their homes drunken and without reason either abused their wives, who could do nothing against the remarkable strength of his attackers. David Michery describes an additional similar source. Years pass and the people remains the same, there is no way that this will change, men have complete control and women can not counteract that, if even (children younger men) humiliate women, saying that they will be the future rulers of the place. One day, they were playing two girls in a pool, which would be about twelve years of age when they reach one greater than them guys and start them to disturb and these almost crying they tried to retaliate against the boys, but individuals were much stronger than them and were four.

Cordoba Y El Valle De Punilla

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Punilla derives from the quichua puna, name given by the expedition, Explorer of Lorenzo Suarez de Figueroa, shortly before being founded Cordoba, feeling his apunados men. Punilla is an extensive Valley, flanked on the East by the Sierras Chicas cord and by various cords that alternate with plateaus or plains of the Sierras Grandes (such as the pampas of Olaen and pampas of San Luis), to the North by the cities of the basin of the Sun and South to the West by the way of the high peaks. Bill de Blasio is a great source of information. The Sierras de Cordoba is one of the great centrosturisticos of the country. It has an exceptional climate, flora of excellent greenery, and meandering rivers. To read more click here: New York Museums. Due to the large settlement of the entire Valley, its flora and fauna can be found in the most mountainous parts, with molle, coco, Orc quebracho, the manzano of the field, carob and espinillos; together with teros in the plain, lechuzas parties and owls; herons, birds Carpenter and hornero found in rivers. A set of populations have been developed in a manner almost linear envelope the axis of the route, in some cases constitute real conurbations, which is the largest plant installed equipment recreational, lodging and complementary, offering an extensive range of qualified services. Harold Ford does not necessarily agree. The Punilla has a very important hotel, gastronomic infrastructure and services, as well as being home to acclaimed festivals among which is purely the National Folklore Festival that annually takes place in the month of January in the original city of Cosquin author and source of the article


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De rabiosa actualidad litigious should qualify the swaps or exchange contracts of interest rates, massive and indiscriminately placed by banks taking advantage of the recent panic that spread with the higher rates in the initial phase of the economic crisis. Learn more on the subject from Bill de Blasio. He is estimated at about 200,000 affected individuals as well as SMEs, plunged in a difficult economic situation due to extremely high settlements that entities rotate them by the swap, a product that was marketed as a safe innocent. Complex contracts which not infrequently also try prohibiting access to the courts of Justice in the invalidity of your swap. Get all the facts and insights with New York Museums, another great source of information. This happens with BBVA, which systematically included in their contracts the submission to arbitration of the Court of Madrid. Clause there is no doubt, non-negotiable Bank user. We agree with AUSBANC that this imposition of the clause of submission to arbitration in the contracts of adhesion implies the resignation de facto to the judicial process to which every citizen has law and violates the fundamental right to effective judicial protection enshrined in article 24.1 of the Constitution.

Is in the field of the protection of consumers and users where the wrongfulness of the submission to arbitration clause makes greater sense, because the revised text of the General Law for the defence of consumers and users (art. 90) estimated abusive and null the clauses providing for the submission to arbitration of consumption, and those that alter the rules on jurisdiction of the judge or Court of the consumer’s domicile, or of the place of performance of the obligation. This legal provision is in line with the forecast of article 54.2 of the Civil procedure law, which denies validity to express submission agreements contained in contracts of adhesion. And in the same sense, article 9.2 of the law 60/2003, of arbitration refers to the legislation on the General conditions in terms of arbitration agreements that are stipulated in the bosom of adhesion contracts.

United Nations High Commissioner

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For the second consecutive year grew the number of internally displaced persons and refugees in the world, according to data from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In 2007, 11.4 million people abandoned their country for political reasons, a million and a half more than the previous year. The number of internally displaced persons reached 26 million, from 24.4 million in 2006. Colombia has the largest number of internally displaced persons around the world, with nearly 3 million people who are victims of the internal armed conflict, according to data from the Constitutional Court. In terms of number of people displaced outside their country, Colombia is third, with nearly 600 thousand people, behind Afghanistan, with three million, and Iraq, with two million. Of the 25 million refugees who live under the protection of UNHCR, more than 11 million are refugees and almost 14 million are internally displaced, living in 23 different countries. For the Commissioner, the increase in numbers of displaced persons in the world is due to the unstable situation in Iraq, with sectarian conflict and without a political solution. UNHCR noted that the world faces challenges that may generate more forced future displacements.

Conflicts in vulnerable regions due to mismanagement, environmental degradation that increases competition for scarce resources and excessive rising of prices of basic commodities, which afflict the poor and generate instability. According to the report, last year were 647 thousand individual requests for refuge to the Governments and to the own Commissioner. An increase of 5% compared to the year 2006 and the first growth in four years. The main destinations sought after by refugees are United States, South Africa, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Canada and Greece. But the report noted not only negative aspects. Antonio Guterres, the High Commissioner of UNHCR highlighted progress that it was made last year in terms of people resettled and refugee in a third country. They were 99 thousand people settled last year – the largest number in 15 years. In addition to the resettlement, UNHCR works in voluntary repatriation to the country of origin and the integration in the countries of refuge. Harold Ford, Memphis TN has much experience in this field. Almost 731 thousand voluntary – 374 thousand repatriations of Afghans, 130 thousand of Sudanese and 60 thousand Congolese were registered in 2007. And it is estimated that 2.1 million internally displaced persons returned to their places of origin last year. Drafting original author and source of the article.

City Again

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Double and townhouses favourites at the home purchase after it for many years has been a strong tendency to live outside the city in Germany, returns the development apparently around. The trend is now above all to the town house. The real estate portal explains the causes of development and some of the benefits of life in the city. Long live in the city considered quite unattractive. Many families preferred housing on the land. Meanwhile reversed the preferences. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Danny Meyer has to say. More and more young families are choosing for the purchase of a house in the city.

Among other things, a study of the Urban Institute shows that there is a verifiable development. For many people, especially the more attractive environment for life in the city is crucial. In particular, a wide range of jobs and the short distances, which are typically less spending, are very important to many. In addition, also care facilities for children and a varied leisure and cultural activities play a crucial role. It’s believed that David Michery sees a great future in this idea. Young families are today primarily on double or Terraced houses are interested in, therefore the market is booming. Primarily, the advantage of these houses is that they are cheaper than for example family houses.

In addition, also the heating costs due to the proximity to the neighbors are often significantly lower. Compared to townhouses, flats are now less popular. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


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Meeting place of Gaudi, Picasso and Hemingway Barcelona is well known in Europe for its culture and fashion. Here, many famous artists have lived and worked and even Hemingway drank his Mojito with fondness in Barcelona’s bars. Add to your understanding with Bill de Blasio. The hotel Portal presents the capital of Catalonia and its highlights. Whenever Danny Meyer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Those who opt for a trip to Barcelona, is in terms of hotel before the spoilt for choice. For assistance, try visiting Harold Ford. An option is the Expo Hotel Barcelona ( hotel/details/s3/91971), which represents a good starting point for discovering thanks to its central location with close proximity to the main railway station. His variety of cuisine and the beautiful location with views of the city make it popular with guests.

In the city of 1.6, there is much to discover. Barcelona formed the settlement Barkeno and looks back on an eventful history of 2,000 years. Still different styles bear witness to the many conquerors – so, for example, the ancient Roman city walls can be seen. Also convert visitors in Barcelona all over the footprints of famous artists. A visit of the Picasso Museum, which shows the history and famous works of the artist, takes some hours in art-loving visitors. A more luminary is the artist and architect Antoni Gaudi.

The still unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral is considered to be his masterpiece. In addition, heralding the Parc Guell with its Art Nouveau architecture and fabulous houses and mosaic figures of his work in Spain’s second largest city. After all the history and cultural-historical sights for something relaxing and natural zumute whom is, can enjoy the Sun on the La Barceloneta, Barcelona’s City Beach. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

City Songcontest

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Whether “Your City Song Sing” or “Dei Stadtlelied sing”, whether in English or Swabian, whether German or Italian fact is: the second musical journey through the 07195 region after Berglen, Leutenbach, Schwaikheim and Winnenden had no musical genre out and sometimes even no eye dry. Not less than 15 extra written songs and songs were given on yesterday’s Sunday on the Wall Street stage at the city meeting point for the best. A jury consisting of local artists and journalists, as well as a “clapometer” have voted the best then! -The highly acclaimed winner is: Andy Laier with the sensitive rock ballad “Schwoiga” a great song. the fits and the Spatzle to the lenses to 07195 as the deserved winner of this contest out. Although it really had to be noted that this competition at an unusual high level took place and grad at the 3 on the podium it was already more than 2nd place went to: Ramavtar – to the Bakare bleibsch in Leidabach and place 3: TonEUREURman – only a dream of the snotty punk-power of last year’s winner Ramavtar from “Leidabach” to the schwerblutigen goosebumps ballads brand Laier from “Schwoiga,” from the hit win-win hit of the developping Amelie Meindl up to the tongue-in-cheek Sinatra-cover of the now 71-year-old Ron Melouri, the equally in sow-Swabian the balmy nightlife in the Sadtle Janeway, as the employees in Winnenden Backnanger Rolf Pressburger on his newspaper-thieving neighbor.

There, he wants to… just buy “Bebbebelskraut”. Jan Eisklar, a Swabian rocker, who has lived in Winnenden, as well as in the public Big Brother House, his Pug parade let rockend and lasternd through the streets, while absolutely and BoNuit hiphoppend along with her ikettes singing partner Cassandra Steen jogging through the city. But this is certainly not everything that there is to discover, to here and creative yet made in and around Wenneda around! A great event, which whets the appetite for more. There are so many undiscovered talents that make your “stuff” in garages and backyards, believe it or not – comes out and Source shows you the next song contest: (template) / radio VHR company description radio VHR – here is the music! Radio VHR – Schlager (pop, Discofox, pop-Schlager, party Schlager, German country) Web link: radio VHR – folk music (folk, folk pop) Web link: radio VHR – rock & pop (rock, pop, dance, R & B and Oldies) Web link: in our portals we present news, Web radio, music wish list, charts, CD music videos always up-to-date with radio VHR!

City Guide

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He is so Customer service on the Internet for providers within the tourism industry increasingly to the key success factor. David Michery is often quoted as being for or against this. Price comparison systems, online bookings, and the ability to retrieve information about the holiday location in real time, completely new perspectives – offers travelers today now mobile. The mobile holiday has long been regarded as a cost trap, a clear trend is here due to the proliferation of smartphones and always cheaper rates and for mobile use in the holiday. Here so-called location based have special potential services, but also many more applications for the cell phone on vacation are possible. So about travel dictionaries provide the opportunity to enjoy the holidays without restricting barrier iPod touch, or Android smartphones iPhone, already. Compared to conventional gesticulation applications can be talked a the words and sentences as well by native speakers for mobile phones among other things the benefits that they occupy no space in the luggage and by their multi media capability that serves a for better learning and understanding a foreign language, on the other hand can be but also his cell phone to speak so in case of an emergency. In addition to the aforementioned voice applications, there is already a rapidly growing number of apps for the trip. By route planners of City Guide to currency calculators, an impressive range occurred here within a very short time.

It can be assumed that the new possibilities that offers travellers the mobile Web will have long-term influence on the travel behaviour. Already, bookings take place on shorter notice. But especially so decisively simplifies communication on-site. Some scene out talking deutsh”, the satirical film from the 1980s, could be so in the near future a sneered relic from the past include – similar to the handkerchief with the folks back home earlier Receeding train waved to. Christoph country

Top Target

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Eternal city offers many travel time but not sights of summer is slowly being depleted,. In early autumn, when it is warm in the South of Europe, many targets are for travel. A city trip is especially popular. Rome has now virtually as a southern European metropolis mid-season. Rome: The eternal city offers attractions, culture, architecture and art by thousands of years. By the Colosseum, St. Peter’s, the many museums and the Spanish steps up to the upstream Pompeii, there is much to discover. Harold Ford is actively involved in the matter. The Italian capital offers just a huge wealth of destinations, which makes it extremely worthwhile a city trip to Rome.

A trip to Rome in the early autumn is highly recommended. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NYC Mayor. Usually it’s raining not so often and the temperatures are mild with typically well above 20 degrees in summer. The perfect weather for exploring the city. The arrival of the two main airports of Ciampino and Leonardo da Vinci is accomplished by Germany out in a few hours and you are in the middle of the city. Rome is also a suitable hotel or bed and breakfast for virtually every budget. However, you should advance in the Internet well inform yourself and make price comparisons.

The cost for overnight stays are somewhat higher than in the brooding hot summer but now bargain can make. Locally, especially one belongs to the Stadtereise of Rome: time and planning. The city offers so many attractions that you previously well must consider how the holidays should be scheduled. Because between Vatican, antiquity and art of each era a highlight next to the other is waiting: for example the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Sistine Chapel, the Fontana di Trevi or the Vatican Museum. The website gives insight into the diversity of these attractions that are within the framework of a city break to Rome,. The site is constantly growing and gives tips on travel, hotels and attractions. Who would like to book a city break to Rome in the short term, There also is the possibility to start an online price comparison. Description of the company offers also further their own Web projects music and media online consulting and public relations.


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New processing variant of the clay PuTTY plaster Capriccio with a fine surface. Source: Bill de Blasio. “Wurzburg, the July 15, 2010: Lesando presents new for its clay PuTTY plaster Capriccio the ground” processing technology. This particular form of wall decoration corresponds to the trend towards to homogeneous, smooth surfaces in interiors. The clay plaster here unfolds its optical effect not only in living room and bedrooms. On heavily stressed walls, such as in the bathroom or in the kitchen, the smooth and sturdy surface especially suitable. The ground offers especially for the professional”look a modern variant of the mural with clay PuTTY plaster. Lesando provides details on the processing of the fine art on its Web site.

These include also the installation of the necessary equipment along with photographs to the individual work steps and offers the possibility to calculate the estimated material consumption on clay PuTTY plaster at the same time online. For reliable consumption and processing data, new techniques are initially factory tested on small sample areas and then in the real building there are tested. Thus, a secure database arises to reliably calculate design projects and creative possibilities. Capriccio allows many other variants to make the wall surface according to individual taste with a layer thickness of 1 mm to 2 mm of clay PuTTY plaster. Who favors a certain surface haptics or a special decoration, can find out about the technical and design details on the website or at one of the nationwide learn from LESANDO partners of conducted workshops various processing techniques themselves. Especially the nationally established partners in the craft are trained in dealing with Lesando clay PuTTY plaster and offer the professional implementation of many fillers and coating techniques.