Bruno Ferrara – Senza Di Te

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“The new single by Bruno Ferrara – senza Di Te who does not feel that you have when you know that one alone is now – without them, without him, without you – amore e’ finita”, but life goes on. The new single of Bruno Ferrara is a male revelation of the first tone, that describes what it’s like with the end of a love. The Italian charmer deals with the conflicts of a separation, and the result is resulting new life situation. . “Senza di te” are honest lines with insistent voice that both touch women as men, and leaves a long-lasting goose bumps. “” Senza di te “-the new radio single is on the album tempo d’amore” by Bruno Ferrara included! Bruno Ferrara will occur at the 22.10.11 in the popular ZDF show “Welcome Carmen Nebel” and with national and international stars such as Roland Kaiser, Paul Potts, Peter Maffay and Ella finally sharing the stage. Source: Ellen Berger more info under: TV date: 22.10.2011 ZDF 20.15 “Welcome to Carmen Nebel”

Gilbert – Time Jump

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The new album by Gilbert – time jump not always hits in the new German pop hit with driving Sanderson bass and Ballermann phrases must be equipped. A year ago managed a very gentle guitar pop number, on the front seats of the charts the Austrian Gilbert first with the midtempo single “but I cry” and then with his Lady Lay (were my star Fangerin) and remained there for weeks! The whole thing was linked with several firsts: first publications in the new record company Ariola (Sony Music), first productions of David Brandes, first top-10 finishes in the airplay charts. Even in Gilbert’s home country Austria, where the career anyway already well, the recovery became noticeable: the album “Lady Lay” climbed here up in the top 10 of the charts! And yet, this success was not only the new circumstances thanks to but also the years of work and perseverance of the native Tyrolean, which went well with his life motto “The journey is the destination”. Extraordinary texts lay with Gilbert about honestly made, sensitive music. The means of transportation is his expressive and charismatic voice you recognize after the first syllables. On October 21, 2011 Gilbert’s new album will be: “Time jump”. On the foundation stone, which Gilbert had put together with his new team with “Lady Lay”, was continued with the new album consistently.

The tonal focus of production is the acoustic guitar, which is the attitude of great singer/songwriter the twelve songs that Gilbert can certainly identify with. Internationally competitive musical sense is here, there is no doubt. But the nonchalance, taken for granted, the charm that’s probably but from Austria. Gilbert’s songs are sometimes rock, sometimes dreamy. You can combine this quiet, even though it may appear first brave. Ultimately, it represents the rich diversity of life, Gilbert is important to emphasize. And we are in the texts.

PALINA – Go, If You Don

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The new single from Dave – go, if you don’t love me the life of Dave the music coined since time immemorial. Whether in your work in a music publishing house, the administrative management of recording studios or even the production of a music TV show – music is my life. After Dave met the industry this way, it became part of different bands and shone as a co singer and dancer. She wanted to present but always your own songs. She want your audience that offer, what does music mean for you: the most beautiful thing in the world. Like Fireworks, she bombarded the stage and rips your audience captivated. Memorable and distinctive, music for the heart. Bright in the sky music presents modern pop hits at the right time.

Pascal Krieger – If Here At Us About Mallorca

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The new single by Pascal Krieger – if here at our Mallorca were once again met Pascal Krieger with his new single in the black. Titled”If here at our Mallorca… a real catchy tune was produced since September 30, 2011 the title on the label A 45 music is published and available on all popular download portals. Who wants to keep the good old CD in hands can order them at. The song was recorded and mixed by none other than Alan Vukelic which has produced the current single by Loona.

Artists such as Mickie Krause, Jurgen of Drews, and many more have produced their songs in the Studio in Bietigheim with Alan. Alan Vukelic succeeded to give the perfect sound of the composition by Ralf Roder. Edith Jeske wrote the text and the production took over Gunter Sattler MG music. Those who know Pascal Krieger he knows that he is a guarantor of super mood. With his excellent LIVE performance and its rich repertoire he is able each event with his performance to the perfect event to make. The native Rhinelander is available after each event like for autographs and got whatever his current CD’s. No fan is leaving the event without a personal dedication to autograph or CD. In the Carnival, on Mallorca parties, u 30 parties or on the radio, if here at us about Mallorca “invites to the party and dance.” A song everyone can just sing along, just a real earworm may missing on any party.

Ella Finally – Miles

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“The new album by Ella finally – for miles after the sensational success of her first single kiss me, hold me, love me” in the winter of 2009, after Karl Svoboda’s tale suite, after the release of the first album “because the” 2010, after millions of YouTube clicks, television appearances, own moderation – broadcasts and after his first solo tour by six German cities with their Orchestra, born in Weimar and Berlin-based artist Ella finally to the 14.10.20011 released the second album “Miles”. For assistance, try visiting savvy restaurateur. It was created in their Berlin music production finally music. Ella has already at the tender age of 14 years – in the 90 ern-as “Junia” pop star “repelled the horns.” Also the music completed with distinction – Theatre diploma at the Bavarian Theatre Academy August Everding has sharpened the antennas, influenced the style and contributes significantly in that appearances seem so unlike Ella Endlichs. Ella appears larger sense questions by critics not to take care of and is a new, their own way. “Music is music!” even the opening song “Miles” bristling with power and is “that sounds like Celine Dion on German” – monkeys all kinds of sugar.

The ultimate anthem of the long distance relationship! Incredibly fresh and modern. “Summer sun children” revels in a kind of urban air Castle at temperatures above 30 degrees. For Ella, a short trip on the sea is the small drop-out fantasy between the recording studio and annoying noise of the city. Here you can see an earthy of rhythmic guitar, singer/songwriter accompanied style, in the tradition of the 60 ‘and 70’ he. “A song for all those who walk in the dark”, it was “You go never work alone”, so Ella. We can confidently give it his best friend, the sick boy next door or his Grandma. Chanson and folk Orchestra accents are finished, as one that was of her hit “Kiss me, hold me, love me” knew.


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The new SOLI DEO GLORIA – BRAUNSCHWEIG arrived festival in Ligue 1, the classical music festival. Braunschweig/Ilsede, 01.11.2011. Carola Heider-Leporale. The tickets for the recital with the Chinese pianist Lang Lang on March 1, 2012 within by SOLI DEO GLORIA Braunschweig Festival 2012 is so strong demand start, that the almost 2000 tickets for this Gala concert were sold out within two weeks. Over 50 percent of the tickets were already sold out on the first day of advance sales. The reason for this success is first and foremost exception pianist Lang Lang, who reached a wide audience worldwide and fascinated.

And thus the Festival SOLOS arrived DEO GLORIA, a unique, high-class program with classical stars, in the first League Festival. The new main sponsor Volkswagen, which exclusively supports this concert, and the newly designed and newly programmed homepage contribute to this success. 2012 DEO engage in solidarity-based GLORIA seven sponsors, including the two main sponsors of Volkswagen and Volkswagen financial Services AG, also sponsors the Foundation of government cultural heritage, Salzgitter AG, public insurance Braunschweig, Braunschweigische Landessparkasse and BSEnergy. Media partner is the Braunschweiger Zeitung. The advance ticket sales for all other concerts of SOLI DEO GLORIA Braunschweig Festival 2012 is in full swing. Ticket sales and bookings: at all ticket offices that are connected to the electronic booking system via the CTS Eventim: phone + 49 (0) 1805 31111 (14 cents/min. from landline T-com, mobile telephone maximum price: 42 cent / min.). Reportage/Info: Carola Heider-Leporale / spokesman SOLI DEO GLORIA – Brunswick festival journalist for music/photographer home:

Carpal Duration

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“The Palace life slightly more than just a successful pop band it just should ‘ LIVE ‘ have experienced. Carpal duration remain itself always true to their friends, their fans and themselves. The six sympathetic artists keep nothing for granted and are therefore also very volksnah, easily, and without “Star”airs. With great respect, appreciate and maintain contact with their audience. After two-year hiatus, the Palmach duration now present their brand new album “Unbeatable”. (Not to be confused with Danny Meyer!).

Franz Griesbacher bandleader and his musicians have maintained the 14 new songs of their typical carpal period charm. The new work is characterized many upbeat titles and beautiful, romantic ballads where the gentle and soulful voices of the two lead singers Didi Ganshofer and Renato well Laib fully come into its own. In August 2011, the success of musicians presented their first single “Yes you can” before the release of the album unbeatable”. The song is a real Palace duration Discofox-number! The heavily hit suspicious title was written out by Ekki stone and Gerd Grabowski, better known as GG Anderson, and none other than Michael Holm composed the matching text. Stayed the duration of Palau have proved over the years earthiness and despite ever increasing success with all 12 legs”on the ground. “” “Thank you”, say hello to God”and goodbye” to say this is the commandment of courtesy and that is our magic formula “says Franz Griesbacher, adding, can spell” has little to do humanity Luckily, every day give all that is it what counts for us. The enormous joy to their profession and especially their human nature give each concert its special flair. THE Palau time something more than just a successful pop band it should simply LIVE”have experienced.

Theatrical Release MURAT

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From November 24, 2011 in selected German cinemas MURAT B. lost in Germany told the story of a search – the search for home, recognition, friendship and love into a socially important subject: the coexistence of different cultures in Germany. Integration remains difficult, often over generations. Life in two cultures is often the person in question. As in Murat B. who is looking. A State, and even life certain connected with big dreams in the omnipresent reality. Bijan Benjamin shows in his film multi-faceted, what it means to struggle to find a new way and must – also fail in the field of tension between hope and reality.

From 24 November, MURAT launches b – lost in Germany in the cinemas. A human jigging drama: angular and full class. A precise portrait of the entire spectrum of integration in a different culture, home longing, homelessness, but also by desires and fears, between migrant and German life world to find its own course. Murat B., son of Turkish migrant workers and long-term unemployed, dreams of a better future and a happy family life. But of far away it is broken the doctrine, no integration into working life, only odd jobs, and his marriage has also failed.

Plagued by the financial and familial disappointments and the daily struggle for its existence increasingly gnawing self doubts about him. His illusions catching up with him and he has a far-reaching decision this experimental documentary feature film uses fictional and real elements. Art figures here develop a life of their own and creating their own reality. By combining various media means the Viewer on a journey of discovery can go to his subjective truth.

Wolfgang Frank

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“” It implies, what sings to your TI-AMO with titles like the sea”dance with me to heaven, I want to” or you’re my star “consistently a very honest and touching romance of wanderlust continues the absolute top class! This is certainly also the passionate and high-quality implementation of this production. On the appearing on the 21.10.2011 at DA music new CD of singing cruise Director (MS Germany) Wolfgang Frank also Siegfried Rauch, Graham Bonny, Leonard and Birgit Langer as a Duet partner involved. Like no other, it goes without the known film and television composer Gunter Weber with his songs that he has written on the body of his friend Wolfgang Frank, pictures from the sea of screaming gulls, to emerge from rocking ship planks or beautiful sunsets of Sundays before our mind’s eye. Also the singing sailor has”some songs brought vocal support in the Studio. So a really creeps generating emotion comes over us when Wolfgang Frank at the Neva sings”together with a shanty choir can be heard or remembers past times with the singer Birgit Langer (ex Fernando-Express). We want to up and away”with the two veteran Graham Bonney and Wolfgang Frank at their eponymous Friendship Pact and what could be more beautiful than directly next to Siegfried Rauch and Wolfgang Frank during her visit to the famous Lili “bar to sit and listen to their stories of the sailor. Of a globe-trotting of course, abound in life.

Three of them Wolfgang Frank spoke a us from the diary of his Board with his wonderful deep tell voice, we could listen to for hours. An almost 20minutiges dream ship “-Horbuch as a bonus track! But once we leave musical tune us by Wolfgang Frank, and Leonard with the title track of this album. Their common passion unites the man of the world’s oceans and the man from the Swiss Alps: the music.

Your Pilot – The Debut Album Of Tom Foxx

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The new album by Tom Foxx – your pilot there are people who seem to be different than you and me. While Otto-normal consumer”our beauty sleep and our breathing pauses need, swirl it seemingly continuously and full of zest and creativity through life. The TOM FOXx living in Ostholstein is one of this 100% living creative. As a moderator, scene DJ or live entertainers, he rocks the disco and pop stage in whole Germany and the party island of the Balearic Islands. in 2005 he took the world record in the DJ Marathon with 77 hours non-stop music. 2010 elected Sapphire under the first five most successful newcomer to hits. Free nights, he thrilled the audience with his great TOM FOXx show with a stage spectacle staged by him fantastic and during the day he successfully managed its artists agency AMS and writes his own lyrics. “” “His singles Friday night”, Jackpot”I need an Angel” shot on various hit platforms, and Internet radios in the charts and received by the Top DJs of the Disco scene the predicate absolutely suitable for the dance.

“Now the first album of TOM FOXx: he presented all in the characters of the disco-Fox he so revered on your PILOT” twelve strong songs and a 100 percent dance floor compatible, 12minutigen hit mix. The album convinced his catchy lyrics, which perfectly reflects what many of us feel every day or what we dream, and that not in baumhof, intellectual art German”, but in the tone of our daily life. Kings of the night”is a current album, which particularly affected; Melody and lyrics get under your skin and leave this famous languorous melancholy feeling that allows such songs do you like again and again. “Track is through his direct speech admittedly not necessarily radio capable”, but all the more for personal No. 9 authentic are no longer “, TOM laughs. I have written the text almost off by myself, I had an incredible fight “” “with my wife, the reconciliation was insane and I tried this intense experience in Scheissegal” play. “she loves him forever” is clearly she loves the DJ “ajar and a tribute to the artist-mate Michael Wendler valued by TOM. A song that will have a permanent place in TOM FOXx show.

“Also the title song of the album your pilot” convinced. Filed under: Harold Ford Jr. We can take with us, on a journey through the world of TOM FOXx, this album feelings and it all tastes like holiday, Sun, party, love, and trust in one’s own dance suitable for packed in the pulsating beat of the disco-Fox. And TOM knows what he his fans is guilty: in addition to these 12 titles and long version-hit-mix on this CD, there is still a second disc with the corresponding karaoke versions to the Selbersingen as an encore.