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Produces high-quality, lovingly by Derek pommer hand illustrated and while lyrically charming clear and imitates the child’s mouth, is the children’s book and radio play series of Roland Kaiser and his co-authors Georg Babetzky in the future expanded further consequences. In mid-September 2007 appeared with SEXY Roland Kaiser First Studio album after five years. The long play CD entered in Germany in the top 100 of the German album charts.The title of what you know about love”placed at # 5 on the most played song in Germany in 2007 (you were always sexy” on # 35). In the spring of 2008 producer legend Jack White contracted lifelong artist with Roland Kaiser. “End of January 2009 was released at Gloriella music new album-CD we are longing”, in January 2009 from 0 to 14 chartete! The recordings of the new title wearing the distinctive handwriting of Roland Kaiser musically as content. Roland Kaiser-fans may also forward to numerous appearances in addition to the new long play CD. The playful entertainer is well over 40 concerts in 2009. Thanks to its exceptional qualities on stage, he is one of the most consistent top-acts of the German Schlager business.

Emperor music became a synonym for modern German pop music with powerful poetry. On his concert tour 2009, Roland Kaiser presents its most beautiful songs as well as tracks of the current album CD “We are longing”. That speaks for unforgettable bumps! As the author of the troubleshooter breathing space, published in April 2009, the pop emperor addressed his chronic illness. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a collective term for the chronic obstructive bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema, briefly: a chronic lung disease. Main cause of the formation and course of COPD is cigarette smoking. Even allergies and hereditary influences play a role. Estimates suggest that in Germany already about 5 million people suffer from it.

Roland Kaiser is one of them. For 32 years he stands successfully as a singer (Santa Maria”, to love you”) on the stage, despite this chronic disease for nine years. Roland Kaiser: Heavy smoky rooms or climbing stairs can get me out of breath. Hear other arguments on the topic with belleclaire. To what extent, depends on my tag shape. Therefore, I live very disciplined and exercise regularly. “I have to decided to go since I am of the opinion that as a result my work easier for me with my disease to the public and I, as well as millions of others chronically diseased due to striking some shortness of breath it will be exposed to less speculation.” The Advisor with biographical trains has had broad resonance and reached one week after publication number 26 on the Spiegel bestseller list. Source: Homepage of Roland Kaiser links:

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