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Watch your daily horoscope, this mercury in Aquarius. Mercury, the planet of intellect and that it greatly influences on the daily horoscopes, a decision is intelligent in the cerebral Aquarius from January 27. Intelligence is more important now, as we can leave our habitual patterns of perception to understand the world from different angles. Cold heads allow us to leave the shadows of emotion and discovering new concepts. However, while the friendly talks can stimulate minds, might be less successful in touching hearts. Aquarius is an air sign, which brings the gift of detachment and the grace of objectivity, as well as the ability to think in complex ideas.

The challenge, however, is communicating them because mercury in general, prefer simplicity. Then, what can happen during this time is that his mind is tireless. His mental gears will always be producing, and you may have some problems to turn off the brain. For assistance, try visiting NYC Marathon. Mercury in Aquarius changes of mercury in Aries. Is I could see the world in a very unusual and interesting way with mercury in Aquarius, that up to new ideas and concepts that nobody has seen before.

On the contrary when mercury was in Aries, beware of being too obstinate because once you decide on something it will be very difficult to change it. Finally, although you may be find to be a deep and serious thinker during mercury in Aquarius, your thoughts not can be disconnected from their emotions. This can lead to conclusions that are shocking for those who are more compassionate and less cerebral. Try to remember to be tolerant with regard to viewpoints opposite this insensitive period. Those who were born with mercury in Aquarius include the athletic talent of Michael Jordan and actors like Drew Barrymore, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Aniston and Christian Bale. Mercury in Aquarius also appears in the charts of the musicians Bob Marley, George Harrison, Janis Joplin and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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