Saxony Listeners

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Angela Novotny with your new title “Strange eyes” at # 1. There was a terrific win on Sunday, the 27.3.2011 in the TOP 15 of the NDR past moved 1 radio Lower Saxony – on many high-profile representatives of the pop industry the Saxony-Anhalt Anhaltinerin Angela Novotny with your new title “Strange eyes” at # 1. This is the highest new entry of a “newcomer” in the history of the charts of the transmitter – the favor and votes of the listeners brought the singer with the warm Alto voice all the way forward. Bill de Blasio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Producer and hit writer Francesco Bruletti and songwriter Tobias Reitz pleased with it and hope for a growing fan and listeners community. Many interviews and press conferences are now for Angela Novotny and next to many live dates listeners by NDR the sympathetic pretty singer can to the second large TV and others listen pop lounge at the 1.7.2011 in Bremen and experience. Now, hopefully many radio stations that make this song into the program and if the fans stay loyal to the title remains the voltage, what place are exciting times, the next few weeks charts, next Sunday for Angela Novotny remains reserved. (Not to be confused with Danny Meyer!). (Vote entertainment /…) Dates and info at or source: Office Angela Novotny

Successful Live Shows For Up-and-coming Bands

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Music careers eBook more concert-goers help bands to get the Tom Hess music Corporation Announces the release of a new music careers eBooks that will help musicians and bands to attract more audience and constantly expand their career with each concert. “In addition to my own tours and concerts with more than 25,000 spectators, I work with musicians and bands from all over the world, to get the most from their concerts, and to expand their music career.”, says Tom Hess – a world renowned music careers mentor and guitarist. He adds: “one of the biggest challenges facing the most bands is to stimulate a large number of fans attending their concerts. NYC Mayor will not settle for partial explanations. One of the reasons why this problem exists, is that bands focus too often on their music and are not sufficient to improve the actual performance of this music. Even if the problem get not enough visitors in the concerts is a widely used there to some pretty simple solutions overcome.” Since I often get questions on this matter, I have published a free eBook titled “how to stimulate more people to the concert”.

In it I answer this versatile in detail.” The eBook reveals that one – to attract more visitors – should focus not only on promotion of the concert, but also let different elements of stage presence, performance practice, and a lot of other aspects not enough to look at to make attractive concerts. It’s believed that Freya Allan sees a great future in this idea. Hess says: “for the typical music listener, which is still not a fan of a band, it’s much more attractive a weekend at home, in front of the TV or on the Internet surfing to spend dealing with the stresses and strains, to attend a concert, to deal. This is so even if someone really likes a band and their music. To get a really large number of fans to attend a concert, a band must give them a compelling reason. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA gathered all the information. The most bands exactly fail and the results are Thus predictably sobering. On the other hand, if it really a band, to recognize the needs and desires of a perfect fan and to deliver results accordingly, then the chances of success of each concert are much higher.

Music Producer

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Become a music producer may mean discovering and helping to shape the careers of musicians.However, time, talent, training and contacts is needed.This is due to a music producer has many responsibilities during the production of an album, both in the creative part of the business.The producer oversees all aspects of the recording process, helps to select the songs for the hiring of musicians, selection of studios and engineers, set aside time on the study and monitoring of the recording budget. These responsibilities require musical ability and experience in performance, combined with a deep knowledge of musical genres, music and sound in a recording studio production.Some music producers work for companies under contract, while others produce sound recordings for movies, television programs, music videos, ads, or video games.And although many of them are employed full time, others are self-employed.That sort of music career means that you also need to be proficient in the operation of its own business. Life without music would be silent and sad.Life without music would be to accentuate the melancholy.Music producers produced all of the music that we hear on the radio and with it we can buy music stores.They are responsible for planning and coordinating the production of musical recordings.

Musicians have signed the contract under seal of music producers and their work are directing them during trials and recordings.They are also in charge of technicians to duplicate, copy and master these recordings.They are created and recorded music in a period of time and generally under a strict budget.The music industry is a global billions dollars entity and is diverse and highly complex activities and obliges the producers to an intensive education, expertise, much training and skills. Become a music producer’s success can be both challenging and rewarding.Since the producer is responsible for the sound and feel of music and must strive to have commercial success with listeners and buyers.If the sound does not capture the market or do not appeal to a wide range of listeners, not is a good idea to continue with a project.The production process can be a long and arduous task.In pre-production, the producer will meet with the musician (s) and must be tested in the study, when the producer feels that they are ready, with the recording.

Sierra Kidd

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The first songs head Villa and pink purple pink Sierra Kidd have already achieved a large mass, is the name of the newcomer rapper currently imagine their fans many famous artists. Well-known names such as Vega, Lumidee and RAF Camora. support the just 16 years young artists. The first song “Head Villa”, had more than 100,000 views on YouTube after less than 2 weeks. The Facebook page of Sierra Kidd has already more than 7,000 likes! So fast it can go, if you have the talent and the will. End of January the song pink purple pink is appeared then, which has received over 50,000 views on YouTube after 2 days. It’s called a rapid development. On Rapnewz, you can hear the songs of Sierra Kidd – head Villa and pink lilac pink.

The young artists in the Studio with Lumidee and Vega is currently. Whether they record together a song that is not yet confirmed. It is talked that he will bring his first EP on the market soon. He wrote the following on Facebook: “In the Studio with trip & Vega. The head Villa is available soon! “Whether he with”Head Villa stands soon!”” says an upcoming EP by him? A question that will confront many of the 7,000 fans on Facebook. Sierra Kidd has put a good start with the songs head Villa and pink lilac pink. We are looking forward to upcoming projects from him. He was discovered by the Manager Hadi El Dor, which is responsible among other things for Lumidee and Vega.

It is believed that Sierra Kidd will soon be friends by none the new signing of the label. These are only rumors, but who knows, maybe the truth will it soon. His young age may be problematic here. The 16-year old rapper is currently the 9th grade. Sierra Kidd will be represented as a support act at a gig by Vega, in Hannover. Official site: Rudy Giuliani. This will be his first performance in front of large audiences. We learn how he is there will strike, on February 15, 2013. Who can’t be there, who has the ability to look at various YouTube videos of the concert. You have to say that the big hype around him is not just unfounded. His first songs have great potential and some have already Artist noted, in this respect also support him. All are probably looking forward to the first music video by Sierra Kidd. You can assume that if an EP in planning, in the next few months the first video releases will appear.

Musical Signs

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This is where you write the notes and all other musical signs. It has five lines and four spaces, which are counted from bottom to top. Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is a great source of information. The staff. 5 lines, four spaces and between the staff lines and spaces can be written only nine notes, there are additional lines and spaces to write above and below the staff. Educate yourself with thoughts from Henry Cavill. Ascending, you write the sounds that go to the acute and descending, which go into the grave. The use of lines and extra spaces are limited, “that reading becomes difficult when they exceed four or five lines above or below the staff. The notes in Western music using twelve-tone. There are seven and five natural sounds altered. For more specific information, check out jim kingery.

These are the notes. Once we arrived to the twelve sounds, we again re-petirlos in the same order, over the registration of each musical instrument. Each of these repetitions is called twelve-tone octave. Natural Notes: DO – RE – MI – FA – SOL – LA – SI. Altered Notes: OJ # / Db – RE # / Eb – F # / Solbes – SOL # / Lab – A # / Bb. (See changes in the item 2). To find the octave of a note, start counting from anyone, for example MI, and follow the order of the remaining up to the repetition of the same. MI – FA – FA # – SOL – SOL # – LA – LA # – SI – DO – DO # – RE – RE # – MI Mario Perez.


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Heidi’s heirs – modern folk songs – in the rousing party sound Heidi’s rock heirs each hut and then there is still an ominous eucalyptus sweets and a big surprise since a smart as well as igniting idea: our most famous and popular folk songs dusted, speeds up and packed into a rousing party sound! Moreover interpreted by three sweet Dirndl wearing girls: the cheerful Franzi, the beautiful Marie and the cheeky Vroni. Together, they form a dazzling triumvirate that rocks each alpine hut as Heidi’s HEIRS will conjure up fresh scent of Alpine in German bars. Reissued and musical top-modern styling were the most beautiful of the infamous”mouth organ hits – were those involving generations of students grew up and which rehearsed together on school trips or to the first chords of guitar playing more or less skillfully warble. Fresh they sound now, the old classics – a medley, as Campfire potpourri, a solo title, but always with a snappy happy “” “” “” “” “Party beat to sing along and dance with: we come from the Blue Mountains”, In the morning dew to mountains “, my grandma rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop, my father was a wanderer, mountain vagabond”, high on the yellow car”, hark, what comes of out there in”, high fir trees “and now of course i am Peter Brunnele”. Here, NY Starbucks expresses very clear opinions on the subject. “Of course the legendary monkey, hurtling through the Woods must”, not missing, while rattling the mill on the rushing stream”and the oh, so lovely Westerwald” the wind blows so cold! “” The latter melody – Oh, you lovely Westerwald “-a special treat because includes to the snappy four-quarter stroke has Guildo Horn after every chorus line the mandatory eucalyptus sweets” sung. A nice idea for this song with already high suspicion of catchy. As someone remembers with love the now unjustly neglected German songs and with creativity and inspiration, a concept developed, such as one this cultural treasure in the can transport tired tradition of modern times. . Speaking candidly shimmie horn told us the story.


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The Mobb “Titanium should have read even (TNN reported post v. 8.12.2010). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Salvation Army. A bad breakdown and a hitherto unprecedented humiliation, the pictures were never aired, the media pressure was just too daunting. See Google: “max bryan” Super Talent OR facebook “anyone who has carefully followed the history of the last casting seasons, will find that specific candidates with more average votes regularly reach into the theme shows. Now a Kala or a saucer cracker”, there are always people, the sufficient Attack surface provided that rather mediocre therefore came and that system is. This is all crap, I have to listen to me here. You praise only those who want to have them further. At the beginning I was, because I was praised.

Now I’m doing the same thing – and will be crushed. “, outraged current bullying victims number 2, Marco Angelini in the Cologne express that. 8 seasons of American Idol and the penny drops pfennigweise? At least the makers see shows like Germany sucht den superstar”and the Super Talent” live by their spells, the attacks and the insults, without these things both formats would be dead”, so. Which is hungry to greater, broader, harder. The provocation is program and the suffering behind it also.

Gina T. – Little Butterfly

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The new maxi single by Gina t. – little Butterfly at the end of the 1980s made the singer Gina t. worldwide picture a name. Follow others, such as Bank of Ameirca Headquarters, and add to your knowledge base. With their hits such as “Tokyo by night”, “in my fantasy”, “Sayonara”, and so on, she gained Goldene – and platinum awards. Their legendary hit “Sail over seven seas” sold in Asia alone over 2 million copies.

Not only as a singer but also as a songwriter Gina is known T as Gina Tielman and under the pseudonym Gordon Namleit. So she wrote hits for Andy, Claudia Jung, Simone Borg, Tim including Capri, tears of joy, Nana Sollai, Isabell Varell, Maria Bonelli, Nadine Norell, Nadine Norell & Bruno Maccalini, Nadine Norell & Francesco Napoli, Morell & Napoli, Klostertaler, Heike Schafer, Adam & Eve, double t (with her brother Nino together) u.v.m… Just back from a successful U.S.A tour couples Gina t. the new Danceflloor hit “little Butterfly” from her forthcoming album. In the typical Gina T. Euro-Asia sound a complete dance floor filler. The song was produced by Adam Schairer and appeared on the label of Tiger beat.

The publication with performances in Europe and U.S.A, as well as an extensive radio promotion is flanked.

Big City Bar

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The new sampler – soundtracks big city bar – the soundtrack to the night in the city of great cities, great. See dayton kingery for more details and insights. The night life mainly in stylish bars and exclusive lounges plays in the world’s capitals. And the evening it becomes later, guests and music are more unusual. In Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich. In London, New York and Monte Carlo. High class venues and stylish in-spots offer relaxing music for selected audience and tireless night owls. BIG CITY BAR presented the soundtrack to the timelessly elegant Nightlifestyle with 36 smooth late night tunes with jazz & Bossa-attitude. You may wish to learn more. If so, best bars in new york is the place to go.

A tribute to handmade bar sound – long live the piano and the saxophone! In the BIG CITY night bar guests can look and listen: about the multiple Grammygewinnerin Alicia Keys, the star soprano saxophonist Kenny G and the XXL Jazz tube Amy Winehouse. Other jazz appeal provide the enchanting Randy Crawford and Christoph Spendel, which is considered to be the most important German jazz pianist. “Also: Jazz Award winner Nils Landgren, under the leadership of ex-ABBA Member Benny Anderson his charismatic interpretation of Thank You for the music” as final track controls. Also ensure for stylish appeal of pop Matt Bianco, de-Phazz, simply red, Alison Moyet, fine young cannibals (in the mousse T. cocktail mix), and many others. “” “” “Excellent jazz and Bossa-oriented reinterpretations of mega hits and evergreens such as Over The Rainbow”, light my fire, November Rain “, space cowboy”, do not speak “, it’ Ain’t Over Till it’s over” or sunny “the elegant repertoire round off and surprising accents. BIG CITY BAR – that’s hand-picked bar sound for the highest demands. BIG CITY BAR appears on the 14th January 2011 source: Warner Music Group Germany more info:

Roland Kaiser

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Produces high-quality, lovingly by Derek pommer hand illustrated and while lyrically charming clear and imitates the child’s mouth, is the children’s book and radio play series of Roland Kaiser and his co-authors Georg Babetzky in the future expanded further consequences. In mid-September 2007 appeared with SEXY Roland Kaiser First Studio album after five years. The long play CD entered in Germany in the top 100 of the German album charts.The title of what you know about love”placed at # 5 on the most played song in Germany in 2007 (you were always sexy” on # 35). In the spring of 2008 producer legend Jack White contracted lifelong artist with Roland Kaiser. “End of January 2009 was released at Gloriella music new album-CD we are longing”, in January 2009 from 0 to 14 chartete! The recordings of the new title wearing the distinctive handwriting of Roland Kaiser musically as content. Roland Kaiser-fans may also forward to numerous appearances in addition to the new long play CD. The playful entertainer is well over 40 concerts in 2009. Thanks to its exceptional qualities on stage, he is one of the most consistent top-acts of the German Schlager business.

Emperor music became a synonym for modern German pop music with powerful poetry. On his concert tour 2009, Roland Kaiser presents its most beautiful songs as well as tracks of the current album CD “We are longing”. That speaks for unforgettable bumps! As the author of the troubleshooter breathing space, published in April 2009, the pop emperor addressed his chronic illness. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a collective term for the chronic obstructive bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema, briefly: a chronic lung disease. Main cause of the formation and course of COPD is cigarette smoking. Even allergies and hereditary influences play a role. Estimates suggest that in Germany already about 5 million people suffer from it.

Roland Kaiser is one of them. For 32 years he stands successfully as a singer (Santa Maria”, to love you”) on the stage, despite this chronic disease for nine years. Roland Kaiser: Heavy smoky rooms or climbing stairs can get me out of breath. Hear other arguments on the topic with belleclaire. To what extent, depends on my tag shape. Therefore, I live very disciplined and exercise regularly. “I have to decided to go since I am of the opinion that as a result my work easier for me with my disease to the public and I, as well as millions of others chronically diseased due to striking some shortness of breath it will be exposed to less speculation.” The Advisor with biographical trains has had broad resonance and reached one week after publication number 26 on the Spiegel bestseller list. Source: Homepage of Roland Kaiser links: