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The Mobb “Titanium should have read even (TNN reported post v. 8.12.2010). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Salvation Army. A bad breakdown and a hitherto unprecedented humiliation, the pictures were never aired, the media pressure was just too daunting. See Google: “max bryan” Super Talent OR facebook “anyone who has carefully followed the history of the last casting seasons, will find that specific candidates with more average votes regularly reach into the theme shows. Now a Kala or a saucer cracker”, there are always people, the sufficient Attack surface provided that rather mediocre therefore came and that system is. This is all crap, I have to listen to me here. You praise only those who want to have them further. At the beginning I was, because I was praised.

Now I’m doing the same thing – and will be crushed. “, outraged current bullying victims number 2, Marco Angelini in the Cologne express that. 8 seasons of American Idol and the penny drops pfennigweise? At least the makers see shows like Germany sucht den superstar”and the Super Talent” live by their spells, the attacks and the insults, without these things both formats would be dead”, so. Which is hungry to greater, broader, harder. The provocation is program and the suffering behind it also.

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