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u0085. Connect with other leaders such as Donald Trump here. Shell plc is a great source of information. or how permanent Unterforderung in the job can change a life. New release: In the midpoint of the side, their fate in a touching and startling fact report, supplemented by numerous information on the topic of Boreout is “Boreout – the power woman to the wallflower”. Quite a bit has been written about Boreout and yet hardly anyone knows. Maybe you trust also just not to talk about himself, because Boreout like with work-rotten will be equated? Or missing in the general observation of this phenomenon the individual fate with its numerous facets, to teach the reader the topic? What is that for a disease that does not officially, but has similar symptoms as a Burnout? Damage the company and can drive people into depression, evokes the debates and shame, because it brings the prejudice of laziness with? How developed a Boreout? Anna Bochenthien (39) has written down their experience of the last eight years of work. The result is an E-book with an honest Presentation of the development of a disease that required the dismissal of healing. The pressure of recent years – also private in the Office how – their most intimate feelings and views about the Unterforderung through her job and the boss; the fear to tell someone and become as lazy proscribed; everything is reflected the impact on the family and friends – in their narrative.

You will raise also for changes but very numerous signs and inconsistencies when taking a closer look. Determine how much a chef can go wrong and how much it it has in hand, to ask a motivated staff and to encourage or to discourage. Missing information or conflicting statements by executives are only a part of it. It is important to examine corporate structures, where there are bore outfordernde structures and to modify these. The report is excellent as a concrete case study for recruiters, managers, trainers, doctors, psychologists and of course affected and their relatives. The E-book and the new website aims to raise suggestions and tips to prevent a disease through proper staffing and leadership skills and to build up a network a maximum of persons for signs and symptoms of Boreouts. This happens among others by newsletter with stories of those affected, news about literature and research on the subject. Seminars and workshops on request complete the topic. Susann Behling


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After 15 years, all smoking damage to the vessels are eliminated! On the occasion of world no tobacco day many people again, wonder whether they should not better stop smoking. That’s a good thing. Because who stop smoking today can assume that his risk for heart attack and stroke to the level of an Nichtrauchers will fall only after 15 years. Hear other arguments on the topic with jim. A long time that it takes to eliminate any negative consequences of Vice. Of course, it’s not like that before anything happens. The acute risk of a heart attack begins to decrease after a few smoke-free days, the pulmonary values improve after a few months and the risk of stroke decreases after a few years. Often we are asked whether you can not speed up the regeneration process. Mustafa Suleyman is likely to agree. To Dr.

Gerhard Klages, biologist from Wiesbaden: There is now fairly simple methods to reduce some of the negative consequences of smoking and to speed up the recovery of damaged tissue. So researchers have now found that the serious acute Inflammation in the lungs of smokers are caused by an imbalance of the antagonist of oxidants (free radicals) and antioxidants (vitamins C and E). In smokers, these antioxidant vitamins are much faster than in non-smokers consumed. If so, intake of antioxidant vitamins to the oxidative imbalance is corrected, then it should also succeed, to mitigate the negative effects of smoking. The researchers were able to show that now. Managed by the simultaneous intake of vitamin C plus vitamin to mitigate the inflammatory processes in the lungs of smokers. Other leaders such as Bill de Blasio offer similar insights. Moreover, other researchers were able to show that also with this particular combination of vitamins C and the elasticity of arteries maltreated by smoking again can be improved. There are so good chances that smokers can do good health based on modern research.

You can protect some lung and blood vessels with the right combination of vitamin C and vitamin and support the repair process.” Recommended for is CorVitum the product. It is based on studies of prevention of atherosclerosis and to reduce the negative effects of smoking. For only 33 cents a day can smokers and ex-smokers with CorVitum (PZN 0243079) do something good for their lungs, and vessels, and thus the negative consequences of smoking a bit better to remove. All Navitum Pharma products are available in pharmacies and selected health centres. Due to the unique composition of these products by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Each pharmacy as each health centre can order free shipping without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma for the customers and patients. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax. More information, including direct orders are available at. Source: Silva Bezerra F et al. nutrition. 2006;22(11-12):1192-201.; Salonen RM, circulation. 2003 Feb 25;107(7):947-53.; Plantinga Y. et al. Am J Hypertens.

Why Are Knee Problems So Rapidly?

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Polarize and judgment is no longer adequate. The knee will force people to bow before their true size. There are enough books that perfectly describe the mental spiritual background of knee ailments. In addition we can take a look at the current collective shift in consciousness, which is most people. Where is the man now? What has he been through already? What lies ahead? We have seen dependencies, oppression and exemptions.

Over a very long period of history, people have lived through all variants of “Crime and punishment”. Now the knowledge is that it the conclusions should be drawn, bring us out from this mill. The old consciousness is based on assigning blame and justification. Who is still in it, comes to borders. The knee allow flexibility in going forward, so also in striving forward. If the knee pain, is bowing to the torment. Jim ohara will not settle for partial explanations. But therein lies the note of our soul. Convictions and rigid reviews, where the People hold, to insist new holistic approach can be difficult.

The development, which is pending, would result in people to respect themselves, to accept and to detach themselves from blame. This automatically leads to tolerance compared to the whole, and to understanding of any individuality at all levels of human and earthly being. This rises to its true size man and recognizes as the creator of his individual reality, which is a part of the whole. Polarize, judgment and insistence in the hamster wheel turn always same rounds, until it becomes the roller coaster ride. The details in life are so important, look for the whole thing has now become so important. The knee forcing to bowing before, to true love and respect. Who stays in the persistence, gets quickly over the hip, which then prevents a going forward in ease and shows that important steps in life are not been perceived the next clue. Our seminars Take Academy for holistic awareness into a new dimension, to look through the comprehensive and to recognize one’s own life situation. Combine a little vacation with a quantum leap in your consciousness! Welcome to! Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist

Philipp Weishaupt

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What the Regensburg Spine Center is different from other gyms and therapy institutions, is the holistic medical scientific approach: at the beginning of a more than two-hour bio-mechanical function analysis, which creates a high-precision muscular profile of the spine stands for each patient. Connect with other leaders such as jim king here. There, the vulnerabilities are then exactly clear. This enables much more accurate target training and accelerates the success”, says Philipp Weishaupt. Building on the analysis sets the Regensburg back model, which is unique nationwide in its combination on three pillars: self-management of patients by reviewing and correction of own behaviour, physiotherapy and medical training therapy for the spine. The success proves the privately-run Institute right: back experts with their scientifically-based training method could improve the existing back – and neck complaints of patients in over 90 percent of patients, showed a study among more than 1,000 patients. In the professional world has attracted large attention this largest survey among back patients.

We were able to demonstrate that nearly 70 percent of patients with complaints in the neck area and 50 percent of patients with discomfort in the lumbar area three months have become virtually free of symptoms with the Regensburg back model”, says Philipp Weishaupt. He hopes to encourage other back facilities in Germany for their work. Many consider too little”the interplay of the individual components, says the Director of the Institute. “For it is the self management of the key to a pain-free life: it might be economically useful, it is possible for one to bind to, but our goal, dismiss the patient knowing the activity patients.” Philipp Weishaupt and his team need to new customers not to worry: from up to 200 kilometres ridden arriving from the back pain, to draw new hope in the RFZ. More information: Regensburg city marketing

Panic Attacks

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Panic attacks can be described as a vicious circle. There are a number of symptoms that indicate a panic attack. One distinguishes between physical and mental symptoms. Often, it is noticeable after heavy load. Physically, it comes to sweating, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and hyperventilation.

Mentally it is accompanied by a sense of the fear of death, the environment seems a suddenly foreign and standing in the truest sense of the word next to it. The causes can be quite different. She can occur when one sees no way out literally. The death of a loved one raises a completely off track, the partners broke up or the Chief has placed a notice on the table. All this can lead to the known symptoms, the body responds to the stress situation and affected parties to review this as a life-threatening situation. The consumption of drugs such as LSD and cannabis is also known to trigger panic reactions. Physical illness such as a lack of Vitamin B1, malfunctioning thyroid or liver disease can have anxiety as accompaniment.

The lives of those affected from the ground up change the fear of fear can the unique occurrence of a panic attack. One minute on the other, they’re scared, to experience that feeling again. They avoid places and situations that they bring fear and panic in conjunction from now on. The thoughts on the subject, they have experienced something, what they could not control. But exactly this feeling of permanent fear the next panic attack has been programmed. Threatens to choke one excitement Tachyarrhythmia, clammy hands, and a lump in the throat, constant control, whether heartbeat and breathing normal are, whether that was not just maybe a feeling of dizziness or whether one feels pain anywhere that throws the body, what you want to avoid:. Each small change is perceived as threatening and overrated.

Red Ribbon

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It goes back to an American tradition to provide a tree, with a fabric loop to a loved one show that you think of him. During the Viet Nam war, many US citizens wore a yellow loop as a sign of remembrance of the victims. “In the 1980s the New York continued to develop then painter Frank C. Moore the loop motif and created the Red Ribbon”: the signal colour red stands for love, as well as passion. Additional information is available at travel writing. Initially, the Red Ribbon, especially in the art scene and among homosexuals was spread. Until she prevailed in the 1990s all over the world, as it was worn by famous movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and celebrities such as Lady Diana publicly on the lapel.

“Now more and more prominent at public events relate to the message of the Red loop: as Boris Becker, Wolfgang Joop, Markus Kafka or Desiree Nick in prevention campaigns wear red”. We also set a mark with the AIDS ribbon on our condom packs”, said Carola Halbfas, Marketing Manager at Ansell. From the proceeds of every condom package and sold we flows automatically a part of the deutsche AIDS Stiftung, with the “work together exclusively, and not only once a year on the World AIDS Day.” About Ansell of Ansell is a global market leader in the field of protection products. Ansell confirmed its leading position on the market for condoms, as well as on the markets for gloves made of natural latex and synthetic polymer with branches in America, Europe and Asia and more than 11,000 employees. Learn more about this with connecticut. In February 2008, the Ansell GmbH in Munich merged with the condomi health international GmbH.

Resulting Ansell GmbH, branch office Cologne, focuses its activities on the German condom market Ansell limited, and distributes the condom varieties ES2 (extra sensitive) as exclusive partner of the German AIDS Foundation ER2 (tear) and EF2 (easy-fit) brand LifeStyles. The German AIDS Foundation helps more information see and of the German AIDS Foundation HIV-positive since 1987 and people in physical distress diseased from AIDS. Today, the Foundation received more than 60,000 requests from needy People and helped victims in need individually and through project funding with over 30 million euros. Since the year 2000 the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung supports also help projects in addition to their involvement in Germany worldwide. The funding focuses in southern Africa affected by HIV and AIDS. With their aid the German AIDS Foundation has become the largest AIDS charity in Germany, providing material and psychological support sufferers. See 1 epidemiological information in short of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), as at end 2008.

Holistic Retirement

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Ensure holistic for your age, so life WINS not only quantity but also quality! Many of us invest a large part of their life energy in making money. You live to work, instead of having to work to life, even if most of us like to say the opposite. A large part of the earned money flows meaningfully in retirement. It is often forgotten that a conscious and healthy way of life is a just as important though perhaps even more important provision for a comfortable and healthy life in the age at an early age. What does a good financial provision if we our forces can enjoy the pension not in full awareness, or they maybe don’t experience? The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said: in terms of the life force we are up to the thirty-sixth year with which to compare, who live by their interest: what is issued today, tomorrow is here.

But from that point on the reindeer, is our analog which begins attacking its capital.” However, we now know that we physically slowly but surely reduce age already from 25: vision decreases, blood pressure rises, diminish the activity of kidney and heart strength. Children, suffering from lack of exercise and/or unhealthy food ways Antipositas, often suffer from high blood pressure, joint and back disorders. Investigations have now shown that many disorders of health associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Too little exercise and sleep, unhealthy diet, excessive demands and stress promote diseases such as myocardial infarction, diabetes, cancer, and joint diseases. The speech of diseases of civilization is here. A pension should be for this reason from a financial as well as from a health component. The so-called ‘ holistic retirement covers all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas, but also the outside we are social Relationships, work, leisure and the environment in which we live and work.

Every day, appreciate and invest in your health, you also invest in your age. A holistic retirement is becoming an increasingly urgent in view of the demographic development and the always maroder growing health system. We can make sure that increase not only the quantity of our years of life, but also the quality. But regardless of the pension a healthy way of life leads in particular to a better mood in the here and now. “Mantak Chia, the inventor of the system of ‘ healing Tao (also known as ‘ the healing Tao ) and founder and Director of the ‘ healing Tao Center in New York, writes in his book ‘ Tao yoga of healing : If you invest daily 30-60 minutes for your health, so I can tell you from experience that they get back up to four hours and your performance grows.” An investment in the health causes a revitalization of all areas of life and an increase in the Quality of life, what back then in turn affects health. A positive escalating spiral sets in motion. Invest movement, relaxation and plenty of sleep so in addition to your financial interest in a healthy diet, sufficient. Be careful to your thought. Pay attention to beneficial external influences such as nice people who are sympathetic to one, a beautiful living environment, motivational books and ideas. Ask the question again and again: what good for me? What not good for me? Training in habits are in the course of time, which do well not only in the now, but provide a better life in the age.

Farewell To The Fertility?

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Holistic treatment is where body or soul “How many children do you want?”, say no practice already? “or”Oh, you want no children probably?”traumatic issues for couples who try in vain to get pregnant. Involuntary childlessness is still a marginal issue in our society. And yet the number of those affected is rising. The reasons are manifold. Many of these reasons, conventional medicine comes to their limits. Anke p. is seven months pregnant, and this is still a minor miracle for her. She and her husband had almost given up hope on a child.

To final and desperate were the statements of doctors. Too long, she had already unsuccessfully taken the medical way and apparently exhausted. At some point, you with your strength and your nerves at the end “, she says thoughtfully. If not before the money runs out.”an unmet fertility can many causes have”, explains Alfredo Dumitrescu. The usual Orthodox Fertilization measures are often atop the female body, without a thorough research of the cause.

In addition to irregular ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes or a disease of the uterus, blockages in the body itself or blockages on the mental level often prevent a pregnancy. Go unnoticed. “The doctor from Hennef serves many women who wish a child eagerly, and for several stations have undergone in his practice for holistic medicine. The causes are the unexplained cases Dumitrescu, mainly in three areas. Not infrequently, charge or inhibit heavy metals such as mercury or amalgam the hormonal balance. In a first step, checks he special tests, which loads and examines the hormonal factors and the function of the thyroid gland. In a second step, it regulates metabolism and the immune system. Especially the immune system of the mucosa can be slowed down, here to support the implantation of a fertilized egg. Also Toxoplasmosis can be a burden an impediment to Dumitrescu’s experience, even if it is not assigned to adhere.