Forex Indicators

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Indicators serve three broad functions: * warning * * confirm the predictions of light may act as a warning to learn the price movement of a little more closely. If the pulse (driving force) decreases, it may be a signal that can be expected to break the support line. Or, if formed more positive divergence (divergence), it can serve as a warning to watch for a sharp break resistance line. Indicators can be used to confirm other technical analysis tools. If there is a sharp change in prices on the price chart, corresponding to the intersection of the sliding average value could serve as a confirmation of this breakthrough. Or, if the market breaks the support line that corresponds to the graph display Low On-Balance-Volume (OBV), it can serve as confirmation of the weakness of the market. Further details can be found at Bill de Blasio, an internet resource.

Some investors and traders use indicators to predict the direction of changes in future prices. Indicator – there are a number of data points, which are obtained by applying the formula to the price data protection. Price data includes any combination open (open), the highest value (high), the lowest value (low) or closing (close) over time. Some indicators can only use closing prices in tovremya others include in their formula for the volume and open interest. We introduce the price data in a formula and perform calculations. For example, the average number of 3 final price – provides a single data point ((41 + 43 + 43) / 3 = 42.33). However, one data point does not provide much information and does not show that makes light. For analysis requires a number of data points over time.

Creating a time series of data points, the comparison can be made between present and past levels. For purposes of analysis, indicators are usually shown in graphically above or below the price chart (chart). Get more background information with materials from Fabrizio Freda. Shown in graphic form, the indicator mozhator can be compared with the corresponding price schedule. Sometimes the indicators are above the price chart for more accurate comparison. Earn 1% to 50% per month! Indicator offers a different perspective to analyze price movement. Some, such as moving averages, are derived from simple formulas and mechanics relatively simple to understand. Others, such as stochastics (Stochastics), have complex formulas and require more time to study, to fully understand and appreciate. Regardless of the complexity of the formulas, indicators can provide unique perspective in determining the strength and direction of price change. Simple Moving Average (Simple moving average) – an indicator that calculates the average price for a specified number of periods. If the fluctuations in price extremely volatile, then moving average helps to smooth the data. Moving averages filters out random noise and offers a smoother future price movement. Schedule of Veritas (VRTS) displays greater volatility, and analyst may have difficulty in determining the trend. Applying the 1 0-day simple moving average to the price schedule, random fluctuations are smoothed out to make it easier to identify the trend.

Flax Fields

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Residential Property

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Minister of Economy and Finance of Spain, Elena Salgado said that the "stock" of new housing, which lock the revival of the real estate sector, has ceased to grow in the first quarter of 2010 and throughout 2011 and did decrease by 20%. According to the Spanish government "reserve" of unsold new properties of objects at the end of 2009 amounted to 688,044 units, up 12.1% higher than in the preceding him in 2008. A forecast of the next in 2011, this figure drop to 550 000 houses. According to Elena Salgado, this stagnation "reserve" is connected with the demand, which is already "showing signs of revival," is rapidly approaching the total supply of new housing. Analyzing these data, the Minister of Economy and Finance said that further adjustments in housing prices to decrease should be expected. Nevertheless, Elena Salgado, has refused to discuss the statement as to whether prices real estate decline further, to match salaries, as stated by the Minister of Jose Blanco, who had predicted the problems associated with existing "stock" of real estate.

Minister of Economy and Finance noted that now the first time since 2006 there is a pause in the steady growth "stock" of residential property. Builders go on about reducing the "stock" company housing "Gulf Stream" and the site recalls that this stop increase in the existing "stock" of housing has already been predicted by developers who have repeatedly stated that the surplus real estate to increase this year will not be. According to the statistics that were presented representatives of the association of developers of Spain (APCE), reserves" of residential property in the first half even started to decline, from 686 143 sites at the end of 2009 to 685 195 sites in June this year – by 0.1%. In addition, the developers say, that must be borne in mind that this figure also includes those properties for which there is documentation of completion of works (repair, rehabilitation or reconstruction), which now has about 10% of the total. Source: Evrodomik

Elektrostal Property

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If a long time ago, the city was just as Elektrostal settlement, which was built from the barracks, now a property in Elektrostal modern and diverse due to the large number of new buildings that have comfortable apartments. Since urban development has been going a long period of time, it led to the formation of closer ties between the city and the villages nearby areas. A lot of food out on the market this city is from the nearby villages. In Elektrostal to date of the plan on building new homes. Build houses out of different materials. Apartments vozdvigayutsyaot one to five rooms, with apartments and is entirely completely safe for habitation. Not high prices for new homes, and moderate cost housing secondary stock – makes real estate in Elektrostal good acquisition, but also good for investors, given that the Electric furnace to Moscow only 40 km.

In addition, the city is located near the forest where there is a cottage community construction, as well as a large number of country houses. Very beautiful nature, not a great distance to capital, clean the area – all of this together is very appealing investment funds in suburban or residential property. Good infrastructure, well location, its environmental cleanliness make real estate market is very lucrative for investment. There is a real estate company called 'New House'. It is well known not only in the city of Elektrostal, but also far beyond. Real estate agency 'Nova House' provides qualifying services to commit any transactions that have a connection with real estate.

Rent an apartment in Elektrostal – this is not a problem when applying to a real estate agency. Absolutely any operation Real estate for sale or purchase of housing, rental apartments and office premises, hire of industrial or commercial premises – all this becomes much easier when you contact the real estate agency 'new house'. Now remove apartment in Elektrostal not a problem. The agency can also help by purchasing the land. So, if you want to buy real estate or just to invest, you should pay attention to the city of Elektrostal in which created an absolutely necessary condition for business expansion, which is associated with real estate. For ordinary people, all those advantages enjoyed by real estate Elektrostal, will buy an apartment in a very useful acquisition.

Needham Shares

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New York-based bookstore chain, probably will not be sold at a price below $ 20 a share, Wall Street Journal reported citing informed sources. Eight out of ten Companies with private capital, decide whether to hold a second round of bidding. Shares of Fuel Systems Solutions Inc. (FSYS US), declined in value by 6.7% to a value of $ 34.11. Analysts at Needham & Co downgraded the provider of alternative fuel systems. Shares of Geron Corp. (GERN US), fell by 15% to $ 5.19. The pharmaceutical company announced that it plans to sell 17.4 million shares at $ 5 each, through underwriting.

The Company expects gross proceeds – $ 87 million The price of shares of Pep Boys-Manny, Moe & Jack (PBY US), grew by 4.1% to $ 13.49. Network to supply spare parts and service reported that the company's earnings for the III quarter totaled $ 496.4 million, while analysts predicted a value of $ 488.6 million Equity Red Hat Inc. (RHT US), increased by 2.7% to value of $ 48.20. Analysts at Morgan Stanley raised the rating of the largest supplier of operating systems, Linux. Shares of Sprint Nextel Corp. (S US) grew by 2.2% to $ 4.26. The third-largest U.S. telecommunications company, persuaded the Court of Appeal revoke approval of a plan of bankruptcy Satellite Telecommunications Company DBSD North America Inc.

Shares of the provider of women's clothing Talbots Inc. (TLB US) fell 23% to $ 8.78. The company has cut profit forecasts this year, -78 cents a share, below previous expectations the amount of -92 cents per share.