Berlin Gets More Space

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‘Self – storage’ opens third location in Berlin Reinickendorf Berlin with its 3.4 million inhabitants is the largest city of in Germany. Many people need but also much Habitat. According to a study by the Austrian Gallup Institute have an average of 30 percent of the urbanites to little space in your own four walls, or in the company. Now more 1000 storage compartments are available with the third site in the Ma 11 in Reinickendorf. End of 2009, mid will open four more self-storage facilities in Friedrichshain, Berlin, Mariendorf and Zehlendorf self ( More than 7,000 storage rooms are the main city then in Berlin at the disposal. Francois-Henri Pinault insists that this is the case. Who knows not the following scenarios, which complicate everyday? For the tenth time, the plastic bowl from the crowded kitchen shelf is, the wardrobe bursting at the seams with winter and summer stuff and the apartment is built with far too many furniture.

But where with bowls, pots, clothes or Chests of drawers, which are too good to throw away or where the heart is? Many objects have a history of their own, and probably no one wants to wear the impractical and too large, but beautiful Dresser of the bulky waste favourite Granny because he does not fit in the apartment. Nobody wants to probably have to throw also functionally intact items like the old TV, which was replaced a flat screen, the fridge has become too small or the car radio, which no longer fit for the new car, only for space reasons on the bulky waste. And the basement is often to advance, also out of the question: the rooms are often difficult to access, wet and dirty. With the offering of self – storage”must not be thrown away, what you actually want to keep. The Berlin can do things that more find no place at home, and quickly accommodate at self and so at the same time again more Habitat and quality of life in your own four walls. Ten minutes is a dry and clean compartments hired in sizes from 1 to 50 square meters from 31 euros for four weeks.

The storage rooms are locked with an extra lock. Customers with a numerical code to get access to the premises, cameras monitor the entire site and a private security service looks after the rights from 22:00. The principle selfstorage”, even to german store”, is born in America already and give. In Germany, the topic is still at an early stage of development. In the United States, there are today almost 45.000 Selfstorage locations, which tore a warehouse on approximately 6,600 people. In Germany, there is a warehouse on 1.6 million inhabitants, for a total of about 50 Selfstorage locations throughout Germany. Because of the huge potential force numerous self storage provider in the market. Self – storage”, largest provider in the German-speaking world, is expanding in most. Meanwhile, SelfStorage counts 22 operative warehouse locations in Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland. 13 more plants are currently under construction or in planning.

Toxic Giant Toads Move

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For years scientists in search of are so far inconclusive according to a suitable agent, to stop the invasion of the voracious AGA toads in Australia. They say they attacking everything that moves, and eat everything that runs them on the way and fits in her mouth. Even the own young are called, not sure also Toad before the insatiable appetite of a mature sugar cane Toad (Bufo marinus). After 110 specimens of this species of Toad from Venezuela in 1935 were suspended in the Australian province of Queensland against the beetles in sugar cane plantations, they spread inexorably across the fifth continent. With a speed of up to 40 kilometres in the year, the heavy heavy and up to 25 cm large amphibians conquered only across Queensland, large parts of new South Wales and finally the Northern Territory, where they started to use to the Kakadu National Park, declared by UNESCO a world heritage. The 120 miles East located by Darwin over 19 000 square kilometre National Park is a unique area of immense biological and cultural value. Bill de Blasio: the source for more info. He is continuously inhabited by the aborigines of Australia for over 40 000 years and is not only a Habitat for numerous rare or only there, endemic flora and fauna, but also an ideal environment of Toad with its many flood areas and ponds.

The National Park is one of the very few areas worldwide, declared by UNESCO due to its extraordinary cultural as well as due to their natural meaning to the world cultural heritage. You may want to visit Mustafa Suleyman, London UK to increase your knowledge. All this takes little the voracious and adaptable amphibian, because Australia is proving to be true toads paradise. They here in ten times higher density occur as in their home in Venezuela and instead to make here about vexing beetle they decimate native animal species as rare marsupials and insects, frogs or lizards. Equipped with two venom glands attached to the shoulders, with content that is lethal to many animals and cause intense even when the human pain and can cause temporary blindness, if he gets in the eyes, they have virtually no natural predators. Even crocodiles get ravenous amphibians in sight.

Recently, biologists warned that the stock of freshwater crocodiles in the Northern of territory already have halved and threatens to die out. The reptiles die because they eat the poisonous frogs. For years, scientists in the search are after an appropriate means to stop the invasion. The search for a gene that funneled a whose metamorphosis before reaching the stage of replicable stops about a virus in the genetic material of the toads remained so far inconclusive. Also plans to import a virus from Venezuela, which affects tadpoles and adult frogs, there had again been dropped. The virus had destroyed with the native fauna of the frog. May doubted whether, with “commercially available” means, such as collection and kill the affliction to be, Mr. A single AGA females can lay up to 35 000 eggs in any any small puddle. Ulrich Karlowski

Binge Eating

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Food provides the nutrients needed to perform our daily work, but also can become an addiction in some people, resulting overweight and other disorders, both physical and psychological and emotional. Obesity has multiple causes: metabolic disorders, heredity, sedentary lifestyle, and food addiction. Everyone, at some point in our lives, we felt a strong urge to eat certain food, sweet or salty. This, in a way, is normal, an occasional craving does not hurt. But addiction to food is different. It is an exaggerated attachment to food, sometimes consuming huge amounts compared to those needed by a person. This is called binge eating disorder, and is closely related to obesity. It occurs mainly derived from certain emotions such as frustration or anxiety.

The person, not knowing how to handle what you are feeling, solve their problems by overeating, binge giving almost always food-friendly him or her. The result is the product of a boost overweight not claimed by the body, and that is not due to the appetite, but the psychological mechanisms that are acting as defense mechanisms. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A defense mechanism is what people usually do in situations that threaten their emotional well-being, in order to reorganize and adapt to the new situation. When we do not have the emotional tools appropriate for solving our problems and deal with adverse situations in a healthy way of life, we turn to certain things that make us feel better: alcohol, drugs, sex, sleep, and of course, food. All this makes us a bit away from reality and feel they have control of the situation, although this is incorrect.

Absolute Bright Spot: Five In One Fell Swoop

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Innovation forged J.v.G Thoma GmbH presents new LED flasher for module manufacturing Freystadt/Oberpfalz the better beats good: this is the philosophy of engineer Hans Thoma, Managing Director of J.v.G Thoma GmbH. That’s why the company has developed also his previous Hochleistungsflasher, despite good performance. And now relies on the strength of LEDs. With the new flasher each module not only once is tested, but just five paces. From this, an average value is formed, which in turn ensures that the results are more precise.

And that means that the later everything much more can be connected for the interpretation. Faster than Lightning: from zero to five in 0.1 seconds the most amazing fact: the LED version takes less time for the determination of these five readings as a normal flasher for only one value. A comprehensible reason: The LED light Burns constantly. In contrast, a conventional flasher, it takes about 20 seconds, until the Capacitor is for the next Flash of light”reloaded. A production-ready performance when comes the new development on the market? Now! Because J.v.G. is this series already. Interested manufacturers and wholesalers can so immediately go”and benefit from the new technology.

His performance demonstrated the new flasher already daughter Jura watt in use at the J.v.G. J.v.G. on the PV SEC by the 25.09 28.09.2012 in Frankfurt as well as the new LED flasher introduces other interesting news about the manufacturing of solar modules on the PV-SEC J.v.G.. The booth is located in Hall 3.0/H12. The photovoltaic solar energy Conference and exhibition one of the most important platforms for the industry around the world is. Both in the area of science-to-science business-to-business and science-to-industry. J.v.G. Thoma GmbH, the J.v.G Thoma GmbH with headquarters in Freystadt in der Oberpfalz holds numerous patents. She has developed an excellent market position thanks to its innovative strength. Current developments include the mentioned desert modules and high-performance, flexible CIGS modules. J.v.G. Thoma is active worldwide and supports customers in all phases of the construction of turnkey PV production equipment. The range of services also includes consulting. Around the PV SEC, there is more information on the current exhibition site: contact: j. v. G. Thoma GmbH Moningerberg 1a 92342 Freystadt email: Tel. 0049 / (0) 9179 / 94 60-680

Council People

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The concept of doing business has changed dramatically since the beginning of the Internet. To begin with, the costs they are reduced to a minimum, potential customers has increased, and opportunities are now better than ever for people who want to leave their traditional work and start working on your own from your computer. Information and resources available free offer is incredible. So much so that many people blame the saturation of information as the main reason for not advancing. It is disturbing to know that. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Both Council and information resources are ready and available people consumes too much and comes to paralyze is trying to decide which direction to go. In the history of the business, this is one of the best times to start. Unfortunately and that precisely because now more than ever there are more lies, distorted information and false experts.

So it is time to ask yourself: what is the word most important in this business? The single word that has to be always present whenever you’re working on your computer? Money? Productivity? Profit? Surely each one of us has different answers but all of them are going after the most important word in this business: credibility if you are not authentic and reliable your audience soon stop listening to you, your customers will not buy (and pay you) and you lose one of the best coins that you have. Even in the vastness of the Internet lack of credibility stands out and can be detected quickly. If you create a product or service you must create it based on your passion and something that you have real experience. Anyone can say that he is an expert in any technique but unless they used this technique with great results, the words mean nothing and the technique is useless. Anyone can say that he works at home but to work at home all you need to do is not go to the Office, quit your job and turn on your computer.

Of course, the real test is whether you can work at home creating a thriving business and keep it for a long time. If it is not, your adventure for working at home will have a very short duration. Unfortunately, in an industry like this, full of people who talk too, worth being alert and be careful in whom we trust and above all seek people with real credibility. It must not fall into the game of many experts that promise you that make you rich in a few days and very easily. Many of them charge thousands of dollars to teach people how to do business when they themselves have not none, beware of the false promises of quick profits lasting gains are much better. More important still: earn your credibility and keep it always, that it is present in everything that you do. It is the asset more precious that you and your business have.

The Wonderful Wok

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Want to enjoy the tantalizing taste of Asian food at home? Invest in a wok! Frying is one of the easiest ways to create a delicious and healthy dinner in minutes. Learn to prepare meals for the Asian way: light on meat, heavy on vegetables and well cooked at high heat to retain vitamins and flavors. Some basics is all you need to cook! Purchase your wok. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars in the state of the art kitchen. A standard, stainless steel wok, purchased for less than $ 50, will serve its purpose well. The heavier the wok, the better will retain heat. Read additional details here: Chris Evans.

This is important because you have to cook at a high temperature to avoid stewing or steaming the ingredients. Season your wok. Before using your wok for the first time, you must season it. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK usually is spot on. Seasoning the wok is a way to "break" to ensure even heat distribution during frying, and helps lock in the flavors of food, whether it's cooking. When remove your wok from its packaging, you may notice a greasy film on the surface.

Wipe the film away and wash your wok in warm water and soap. To season your wok, put in the oven at medium-high heat for several minutes. Add a drop or two of oil, and stir to coat surface evenly. Remove from the stove to cool a bit, and then use a paper towel to clean the oil residue. You may want to season your wok once more before you start cooking with it.

BAC Berlin Atlantic

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Life Trust Fund of BAC – investor firm Nittel supervised clients close favorable comparisons with the BBBank from Heidelberg/Munich, In December 2011 the BBBank volunteered for March 8, 2012 – for all its customers, which it had recommended for life of the Berlin House of emission BAC Berlin Atlantic capital trust fund to the drawing of a participation in the. The funds are in extreme difficulties. Completely flat, the Bank offered the acquisition of shareholdings against payment a comparison by 75%. Previously had at Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law for life insurance fund responsible lawyer Michael Minderjahn for his clients some lawsuits filed to enforce damages for faulty investment advice. Details can be found by clicking James or emailing the administrator. These could be completed now compare, which were consistently less than the original offer of the Bank.

Above the comparison rate left unspecified but, because some procedures still in limbo. Mahmud has those investors that the still not to the adoption of the Offer the Bank Act could, pointed out that the settlement offered by the Bank is not without problems. And later still for investors, some questions of detail could become a problem. Also investors from a specialized lawyer should check, whether they can take not even more responsible in the liability of the Bank. This is possible with some of the BAC Fund basically depending on including, but not only from the date of the drawing. These claims can claim even such investors, who have already completed the comparison with the BBBank.

Successful Live Shows For Up-and-coming Bands

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Music careers eBook more concert-goers help bands to get the Tom Hess music Corporation Announces the release of a new music careers eBooks that will help musicians and bands to attract more audience and constantly expand their career with each concert. “In addition to my own tours and concerts with more than 25,000 spectators, I work with musicians and bands from all over the world, to get the most from their concerts, and to expand their music career.”, says Tom Hess – a world renowned music careers mentor and guitarist. He adds: “one of the biggest challenges facing the most bands is to stimulate a large number of fans attending their concerts. NYC Mayor will not settle for partial explanations. One of the reasons why this problem exists, is that bands focus too often on their music and are not sufficient to improve the actual performance of this music. Even if the problem get not enough visitors in the concerts is a widely used there to some pretty simple solutions overcome.” Since I often get questions on this matter, I have published a free eBook titled “how to stimulate more people to the concert”.

In it I answer this versatile in detail.” The eBook reveals that one – to attract more visitors – should focus not only on promotion of the concert, but also let different elements of stage presence, performance practice, and a lot of other aspects not enough to look at to make attractive concerts. It’s believed that Freya Allan sees a great future in this idea. Hess says: “for the typical music listener, which is still not a fan of a band, it’s much more attractive a weekend at home, in front of the TV or on the Internet surfing to spend dealing with the stresses and strains, to attend a concert, to deal. This is so even if someone really likes a band and their music. To get a really large number of fans to attend a concert, a band must give them a compelling reason. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA gathered all the information. The most bands exactly fail and the results are Thus predictably sobering. On the other hand, if it really a band, to recognize the needs and desires of a perfect fan and to deliver results accordingly, then the chances of success of each concert are much higher.

Motorists By German TV Motor Magazines Not Completely Delighted

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“Top gear are in the English area” and best motoring “members up in the course. So far, TV engine magazine show the favorite lists of many motorists from the English-speaking. But also in Germany, there is now a small and qualitatively satisfying selection. The members report the car community which magazines are recommended, autoki from their own experiences. “” The German formats can be found besides Dmotor “on DMax the RTL II show grip”. “But the members of the autoki are quite critical: misrepresentation of displacement and pointless road tests lead to loss of respect immediately, as in the case of grip”. The program was”bearable in the best case, the car fans agree.

The magazine that informs according to own statements about what is happening between the front and rear axle”, is seen by many Members yet. “” “The DSF broadcast Motorvision” Gets the most votes in addition to grip. The car magazine flickers many years over the German screens and quickly became a classic car fans. Here can read further about the best TV engine Magazine: questions/engine Magazine Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. . (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: press (at), autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin via autoki in the autumn 2006 of three car enthusiastic friends in Berlin founded. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK may find this interesting as well. reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.

Nordic Track

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Exercises are generally used in water with support and without support (even adjusting the depth to accommodate the percentage of body weight with which you work, in pools of adjustable water depth), exercises like the stairmaster stairs and work on Nordic Track. At this stage we begin to work specifically the muscles needed for our particular sport injury. In this section, we look at the overall strength recovery and correct any potential imbalances that could even aggravate the initial injury, maintaining or improving overall aerobic endurance. Should be paid attention to deficits in strength and flexibility of the kinetic chains used in the particular sport and to evaluate the possibility of anatomical defects that affect the incidence of overloading certain anatomical areas: hindfoot valgus or bucks … PHASE III In the final phase, we will progressively resume sport specific activity.

At first, only work alternate days and must have identified errors in the previous training that caused the injury, not to fall on them (including the frequency of training, specific charge, surface …) in this field have appeared recently number of developments worth pointing out: three studies have compared the speed of recovery in patients undergoing a regime "conventional" versus an "accelerated" using a pneumatic splint (splitting the pressure and stress for her and not only for the tibia) for athletes with stress factors of 1 / 3 middle and distal tibia. It seeks to maintain the general level of doing, career and water cycling. A related site: Mustafa Suleyman, London UK mentions similar findings. The time elapsed since the start of treatment until he could begin light physical activity was much lower in the group treated with the splint in spite of being supported on the floor: 7 days versus 21 days in the control group.