Liberating National Alliance

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Peter Fagundes Ernest ' ' In the day of my marriage no chofer of rent car he wanted to take my fianc for church. They were all Communists. We were as soon as we called the staff the Liberating National Alliance. (Similarly see: James). I had that to obtain an automobile loaned for my fianc, I and my friends of the integralismo was p' '. The environment was this politician of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim in October of 1935, according to story moved of the integralista former-controller Nelson Silvan. But, why a simple marriage despertou as much animosity? The reason of the refusal of the calls to chofer of square (current taxistas) was that one would be the first marriage in the city that would follow the integralistas ritualsticas norms. In other words, the fianc would marry of green shirt, one of the most expensive symbols of Ao Brazilian Integralista (AIB). You may want to visit Fabrizio Freda to increase your knowledge. Although the misfortunes, it and its fianc had arrived in time for the ceremony.

As in many other places of the country, also in the south of the Espirito Santo the local frame politics finished reflecting the situation of ideological disputes that they had marked the world-wide panorama in the decades of 1920 and 1930. In this scene, mainly from 1935, two fronts politics would carry out most strike of them in Brazil: ao Brazilian Integralista (AIB) and Aliana Nacional Libertadora (ANL). Established in 1932, in the city of So Paulo, for the journalist and writer Salty Pliny, the AIB, in a short space of time, it started to be an organization of national matrix and to enter filiados militant thousands of in almost all the states of the country. Its militant ones carried through ' ' paradas' ' civic parades using green shirts. Already Aliana Nacional Libertadora (ANL) was organized in the initial months of 1935 from the junction of innumerable unions and federacies of workers which if had added some organizations politics of the left and democratic matrix.

Industrial Revolution

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Care with the tiger! We are not speaking of the immense wild felino. More information is housed here: real estate developer. This tiger is another one here. But as fierce ' ' bichano' ' , nobody wants to be close to it In century XIX, the cities were dirty. Since the I Industrial Revolution, the disordered growth of the urban centers brought a series of problems for the people who in them lived. Most serious, with certainty, it was the hygiene lack. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK addresses the importance of the matter here. Without a system of sewer, still inexistent, the dejections were played in any way, having provoked upheavals even for a passer-by who had bad luck to pass in the wrong place and the wrong hour.

Thus he was the daily one of Cariocas, soteropolitanos and recifenses. The bad one I smell was habitual. Remaining portion of apodrecida food, vsceras of animals and ' ' waters servidas' ' (excrements mixed to piss) easily they were found in streets, alleys and strips of land. Another common destination was the rivers and fens. The thing was so disordered that of the windows of the sobrados ones, the penicos were emptied being able to make right somebody and to thus to give a bath it of excrementos.

Of this form that the domestic garbage was played it are: hurled in any place. Who possua some disaffection, was the watch of the enemy and to thus it made dirty it all launching the dejections on its head. The problem was so serious that the City council of Recife lowered a decree, in 1831, saying I hurl that it of ' ' waters servidas' ' it could only happen at night, but without before the person not to cry out for three followed times: ' ' Water goes! ' '. The infractor was subject to pay a fine and still to indemnify the victim who is ' ' banhada' ' involuntarily.

Brazilian Music

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Ancestral of the Brazilian musicalidade the aboriginal peoples who inhabited the Brazilian territory before the arrival of the Europeans had understood a great variety of tribes and nations, of material culture and also sufficiently diversified spiritual, although to have common points how much to the life style (FAUSTO, 1997). In the vast cultural universe we find aboriginal music Brazilian, with its melodiosos sounds, of proper and native characteristics, that associates to it I sing and the dance if he becomes importantssima in the socialization of the tribes. John vornholt is open to suggestions. ' ' Before more nothing, she will be necessary to understand that aboriginal music is, basically, a social phenomenon, coletivizado in such a way in its production as in its listening. Valley to say, in aboriginal music all simultaneously participate as producing and fruidores of music (…). Aboriginal music almost always combines to a collective event or an important social function for all the community? as a party, one I sing of work, an incitation to the war, a ritual of ticket, a encantamento, an exercise of collective memory, a mitolgica dramatizao. (…) It must still be added that the powerful social dimension of aboriginal music not necessarily has to take the form of a collective manifestation.

I also sing it emitted individually has its place, but she is necessary to understand that this I sing always takes care of to a well marked social function: it can be the conducting wire of an used encantamento to cure illnesses, or to evoke rain, in the benefit of all the community, or can be the song that if opens for the register of the collective memory, or for the dramatizao of a myth through whose reproduction the entire community looks a form of autoconhecimento' '. (Jose D? Barros installation). In this direction, with the arrival of the Europeans to the Brazilian territory, many of the tribes who existed to the time of Peter Alvares Cabral, they had disappeared and/or they had been absorbed by the society of the colonizadores, or still, verwhelmed for the violence the one that had been submitted during last the five centuries, such as, death for illnesses and hunger later that its lands had been taken and its destroyed ways of survival.


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Sensitivity and respect for the nature inherited of the aboriginal tribes, allowed the Amazonian people to develop the extrativista activity, that is, the nature is perfect and supplies to the human being everything what it needs. Since the artesanato, the feeding, music, passing for the clothes. A related curious fact to the artesanato is the resistance and the valuation as for its preservation and maintenance; it has a concern of the craftsman in not leaving to lose the essence of the work, although all the external influence, as it is the case of the globalization. Still today the artesanato of miriti (palm very found in the region of (…), call of cut system and burns, characterized for the use of an area, for one the two years, followed per some years of pousio. approximately exists 380,000 familiar agriculturists, of which the half if concentrates in the state of Par, where the majority of the agricultural population lives of agriculture and the cattle one, (…) (SCHMITZ, 2007), although the government not to attempt against for the annual agricultural production, in the two last recent given decades (…) shows the importance of this activity in the Amaznia, (…) (SCHMITZ, 2007). Ours two last factors of Amazonian cultural representation are music and the clothes. The first one of European and black influence giving origin lundu (that also she influenced the Carioca samba, and she is of African black origin), carimb and the Syrian. In the question clothes, we also repair the referring black influence to the colors of fabrics and the inspirations in the nature. 4 the question politics: The legal Amaznia the interest of world-wide powers on the Amazonian forest and its biodiversity,> interest of long date awakes; Brazil very withholds a vast extension of border being difficult to assume the control completely, neighboring countries makes constant incursions our forest, alleging that the same one represents a patrimony of the humanity, therefore, all has the right to explore it as its interests.

Light Heavenly Gods

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Most of the moon with a period of 36 days, and Little Moon – 9 days. Zlata system of the sun is in the Halls Race to the Terms of Svarog (Slavic-Aryan sign of the zodiac). The System Zlato Sun, Ingard Earth, there is biological life, similar to life on Midgard-earth. This the land is ancestral home of many Slavic-Aryan birth. Midgard-Earth was at the intersection space of eight routes that linked the inhabited earth (planet) in the different worlds of Light (Star engines), home Only representatives of the Great Race (White) or Rasichi (our ancestors).

In early times, representatives of the White Humanity, the first settled and obzhili Midgard-earth. Many years ago there was a great Assa – The Great War of Light Heavenly Gods of World Govern the dark forces that have come out of hell. Great Assa between Light and Darkness covered the Worlds Reveal, Navi and the Government. This battle of Light and Darkness occur at regular intervals “on the expiration of Svarog Ninety-Nine and the circle Circles of Life “, ie after 40176 years. In one battle, flying chariot Sky – Vaitmar – collapsed and forced landed on the Midgard-earth. Vaitmar – large celestial vehicles can carry in her womb to 144 Wightman – low flying chariots. Vaitmar down to the mainland, which was named the star travelers Da’Arias, Gift of the Gods (The gift of Aryans)..

Villages Burial

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Today we know more than two dozens of fortified centers associated with cemeteries and hundreds of small unfortified Villages. There was conjecture that the ancestors of the Indo-Iranian peoples – Aria – lived in ancient times, somewhere in Europe, maybe in the steppes between Danube and the Volga or even east – up to the Urals, where they are in the distant past and moved to the east and south. Harold Ford Jr may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This theory is required. In 1968, Bredinskom area of the Chelyabinsk region, Urals archaeologists have found fortified settlement, a large mound and several burial sites dating from approximately XXII-XVII centuries. bc.

e This archaeological monument of Early Bronze Age was named Sintashta by the same name on the bank of the river where it was found. Were identified the following 24 trapezoidal adobe dwellings of approx. 100 square meters. m. each, and metallurgical furnaces.

Found in the tombs were discovered male burial, accompanied by the burial of horses. On the clay ceramic ornament found in the form of a . It was found many bronze knives, daggers, shilev, needles, kits flint. Among the findings – the stone mace, brass visloobushnye axes, socketed spears, and large a series of bony plate Psalm. On one of the sites was found chariots dating from the bones of a horse in 2026 bc. er. that says that the media Sintashta culture used first surviving chariots in history. The most generally accepted view that the settlement belonged to an earlier Iranian or even Indo-Iranian ethnic group.

Federal University Book

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It analyzes of the didactic book History of Amazon de Francisco Jorge Dos Santos. The historian Francisco Jorge Dos Santos is graduated History for the UFAM, Master in Social History for the USP, Specialist in Amazonian Demography for the Ufam and currently he is professor of the Department of History of the Federal University of Amazon-Ufam. The book History Of Amazon was a workmanship ordered for the Government of the State of Amazon in 2007, where it was published and edited for the woman editor It stokes. In ours it analyzes we follow and we understand what Circe Bittencourt guides in them concerning the conception regarding the didactic book where the author informs in them of the following one: The books also constitute a support of pertaining to school knowledge considered by the educational resumes this characteristic make with that the State is always present in the existence of the didactic book. As the contents considered for the resumes they are express for the didactic texts, the book became the basic instrument in the proper constitution knowing of them, (Bittencourt, 2008, P. 301) the workmanship History of Amazon it follows the standard of the didactic books that the PCNS guide, that is, where if it must present to the pupils an alive History that all we make in them in our daily life, where the action is not privileged only of great made military, politicians and diplomatists enaltecendo the figure of great national heroes in factual and linear way, but search men and women in its to make daily working History as an active and dynamic historical process. Author Thais Fonseca guides in them concerning such question relating to this new form of if teaching History through the didactic book: New the proposal, when operating an inversion in the direction of the education of History, presented the necessity of a rearrangement in the election and the estruturao of the contents, in the option for a new methodology of education, what of course it would demand new positions on the part of the professors, in relation to the conception of History and Education and its respective social functions. .

New York One

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Six days later a commemoration it supplies, occurred a great fire in the plant of the Triangle Shirtwaist that had killed 146 workers, the majority dressmakers. The fact occurred due to pssimas conditions of security of the building. This left-hand side arsonist was considered the worse one of the history of New York s At last, with much claw, force and determination, had obtained to show to the world that beyond good wives, mothers, owners of house, can be excellent professionals in the work market. Studious, scientists and psychologists have admitted that in determined functions of she commands, the woman are better that the man, time that it dedicated, is organized, knows to hear/to advise employees, uses the emotion (heart) and the reason in the important decisions of the company. Another point that deserves prominence is the fact of the woman to be multidirected unidirecionado executes an activity for time. However this does not want to say that the woman reached the apex, still exists localities that the preconception against the woman is exteriorizado strong. in my opinion the International day of the woman, would have to be one day of battle/fight for more conquests. The media would have to divulge the preconceptions suffered for the woman and to acquire knowledge the population to the anti-preconception, such spreading would help to minimize the injustices the one that the women are submitted. Unhappyly this day one day of commerce became, where the media uses to advantage to profit, to vender the merchandises of the supply and to fatten courage, understanding, sensitivity, love, affection, beauty, gratitude At last for being WARLIKE WOMAN and not to give up to follow ahead in the walked one of the life!