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It analyzes of the didactic book History of Amazon de Francisco Jorge Dos Santos. The historian Francisco Jorge Dos Santos is graduated History for the UFAM, Master in Social History for the USP, Specialist in Amazonian Demography for the Ufam and currently he is professor of the Department of History of the Federal University of Amazon-Ufam. The book History Of Amazon was a workmanship ordered for the Government of the State of Amazon in 2007, where it was published and edited for the woman editor It stokes. In ours it analyzes we follow and we understand what Circe Bittencourt guides in them concerning the conception regarding the didactic book where the author informs in them of the following one: The books also constitute a support of pertaining to school knowledge considered by the educational resumes this characteristic make with that the State is always present in the existence of the didactic book. As the contents considered for the resumes they are express for the didactic texts, the book became the basic instrument in the proper constitution knowing of them, (Bittencourt, 2008, P. 301) the workmanship History of Amazon it follows the standard of the didactic books that the PCNS guide, that is, where if it must present to the pupils an alive History that all we make in them in our daily life, where the action is not privileged only of great made military, politicians and diplomatists enaltecendo the figure of great national heroes in factual and linear way, but search men and women in its to make daily working History as an active and dynamic historical process. Author Thais Fonseca guides in them concerning such question relating to this new form of if teaching History through the didactic book: New the proposal, when operating an inversion in the direction of the education of History, presented the necessity of a rearrangement in the election and the estruturao of the contents, in the option for a new methodology of education, what of course it would demand new positions on the part of the professors, in relation to the conception of History and Education and its respective social functions. .

The City

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If it does not know to certain the which age the type of government adopted in this region, therefore can be perceived the absence of an only center politician in the city, beyond the absence also of kings and ancestries. One gives credit that the city has been governed for priests who nailed the idea of a utopian state, governed for deuses, as instrument of domination with the intention to control the man power and the commerce of the region. Many had been factors, that agreed, poderam to contribute for the collapse of the teotihuacana society, the population more grew each time to the measure that the difficulties to keep the supplying of this population also grew, had an extreme exploration of the population for the ruling class and the fights for the power enter the different etnias also became gifts, beyond the dissatisfaction of the population with ' ' deuses governantes' ' that they did not obtain to contain the crises. A great revolt occurred for return of year 600 d.C where the unsatisfied population with the conditions of life and the exaggerated explorations, they had caused to an immense fire in the city, destroying altars and images of deuses. Fact that sped up the process of decay of the city and for consequncia of the teotihuacana culture. By return of year 700 d.C the city was abandoned and destroyed, if it does not know to the certainty what it provoked such phenomenon, but some factors added to already mentioned are of basic importance for the agreement of the decline of this culture, are they natural events and also of matrix politician. Add to your understanding with Restaurateur. To little rain it could have caused a collapse in the agricultural production and the constant possibility of attack on the part of come peoples of the north that admired with so great beauty and sophistication of the city they would have decided to dominate it. Ahead of what it was displayed, importance of Teotihuacan for the agreement of the pre-Columbian peoples can be perceived the notable, where for return of century III d.C already became possible to find a society organized so well, beyond a culture of extreme relevance, capable to influence peoples and to help to understand the context inserted description in the region of the Mesoamrica.. . For more information see this site: Restaurateur.

Fortune Magazine

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The Fortune Magazine removed its annual list from the richest people of the world. Bill Gates de Microsoft still is first in the list, five members of the Walton family are including within the list of wealthiest of the world. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NYC Marathon. How important it is to learn of the last words of the founder of Walmart, Mr. Sam Walton, that in his I milk of death pronounced his last words. It had given his life by his business, nevertheless, had a cost.

Almost never he shared time with his wife, his children, nor with his grandsons. One did not allow moments for sharing, to embrace a grandson, to play, to laugh and to enjoy meetings its dear beings. Its final words: " I ruined it! ". It had trillions but according to its own recognition when doing the balance of its life simply failed. Einstein commented: " You do not deal with convertirte in a success man, it tries, in time, to get to be a person with valores". And that, even for Einstein, was not relative – but an absolute truth that absorbed surely it of its judaica inheritance. King Salomon in Kohelet (Eclesiasts) warns to us: " There is a serious one badly that I have seen under the sun: the wealth kept by its owner in his perjuicio" , since the money is a test the human being and those are not many that leave windy the same.The Jafez Jaim compares to that runs behind the money with a minister of the king who was customary a to eat best manjares, to take the drinks most important and to delight with the best pleasures of the world. He did not deprive myself don’t mention it and their crew members made their will completely. Feeling made the omnipotent it rebel himself against the king, who decided to give a punishment which serves as a public example him: they hung it in a high tower inclined towards the abyss that appeared on its feet.

Paolo Rossi

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The air-tight studies if base on the private and inicitico character of science, in mentioned search of the golden and originary lost wisdom in the darknesses of a distant past. In this prism, the vision of world and history is understood by the unit and continuity in the conception of mago. NY Restaurateur insists that this is the case. In this form to conceive the world and the man, the occult truth is only destined for few elect ones to the sacred mysteries. Of this form, the direct communication between master and disciple mark the magician-air-tight tradition and obscure and enigmatic its faceta. The trend the spoon the unit that? in the deep one? it is underlying ace differences, the conciliation of the distinctions in ampler unit, the final pacification in the Um-Todo: these are some between the basic characteristics of the vision magician-renascentista of the world.

Each object of the world is repleto of occult simpatias bind that it to All: the substance is impregnated of the holy ghost; the stars are living animals the holy ghosts; world is the image of God; the man is the image of the world. Mago is that one that it knows to penetrate inside of this infinitely complex reality. As we saw, with the analysis of Paolo Rossi, all this air-tight picture and spiritual will be refused gradually by new science, in way that knowing will be dealt with contrary form: he is something that must be public and legible for all. The man moved with the magnifying of practical air-tight and the emergency of the modern rationality, by means of a transposition of the man of the social and mental pictures of medievo. That is, the human being was not plus a mere contemplador spectator/of the divine wonders; the man became ‘ the operator’, that he searched to extract forces of the divine and natural order. It was thanks to the magic and the cabala that the man learned to be ‘ the operator’.

New York One

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Six days later a commemoration it supplies, occurred a great fire in the plant of the Triangle Shirtwaist that had killed 146 workers, the majority dressmakers. The fact occurred due to pssimas conditions of security of the building. This left-hand side arsonist was considered the worse one of the history of New York s At last, with much claw, force and determination, had obtained to show to the world that beyond good wives, mothers, owners of house, can be excellent professionals in the work market. Studious, scientists and psychologists have admitted that in determined functions of she commands, the woman are better that the man, time that it dedicated, is organized, knows to hear/to advise employees, uses the emotion (heart) and the reason in the important decisions of the company. Another point that deserves prominence is the fact of the woman to be multidirected unidirecionado executes an activity for time. However this does not want to say that the woman reached the apex, still exists localities that the preconception against the woman is exteriorizado strong. in my opinion the International day of the woman, would have to be one day of battle/fight for more conquests. The media would have to divulge the preconceptions suffered for the woman and to acquire knowledge the population to the anti-preconception, such spreading would help to minimize the injustices the one that the women are submitted. Unhappyly this day one day of commerce became, where the media uses to advantage to profit, to vender the merchandises of the supply and to fatten courage, understanding, sensitivity, love, affection, beauty, gratitude At last for being WARLIKE WOMAN and not to give up to follow ahead in the walked one of the life!