Light Heavenly Gods

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Most of the moon with a period of 36 days, and Little Moon – 9 days. Zlata system of the sun is in the Halls Race to the Terms of Svarog (Slavic-Aryan sign of the zodiac). The System Zlato Sun, Ingard Earth, there is biological life, similar to life on Midgard-earth. This the land is ancestral home of many Slavic-Aryan birth. Midgard-Earth was at the intersection space of eight routes that linked the inhabited earth (planet) in the different worlds of Light (Star engines), home Only representatives of the Great Race (White) or Rasichi (our ancestors).

In early times, representatives of the White Humanity, the first settled and obzhili Midgard-earth. Many years ago there was a great Assa – The Great War of Light Heavenly Gods of World Govern the dark forces that have come out of hell. Great Assa between Light and Darkness covered the Worlds Reveal, Navi and the Government. This battle of Light and Darkness occur at regular intervals “on the expiration of Svarog Ninety-Nine and the circle Circles of Life “, ie after 40176 years. In one battle, flying chariot Sky – Vaitmar – collapsed and forced landed on the Midgard-earth. Vaitmar – large celestial vehicles can carry in her womb to 144 Wightman – low flying chariots. Vaitmar down to the mainland, which was named the star travelers Da’Arias, Gift of the Gods (The gift of Aryans)..

New York City

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Gate Well, dear fans, what terrible and mysterious, it's your finest hour. Team talented director Joe Dante finally finished a long and painstaking work on his new picture 'Gate'. The film is, it would seem convoluted, but that he and interesting. Young parent family, in the face of my mother and two sons, Denis, pretty, seventeen years old and still very little seven-year Lucas, left rough and noisy New York City from financial considerations, and move to a small provincial town Bensonvil. Young boys and Denis Lucas, who are accustomed to a fun and eventful life, such movement was necessary not to their liking.

In addition to new home mom children account for a lot more work and time favorite sons is not so much. For Denis in this hole a joy, it turns out their young neighbor young Julie is even nothing, and perhaps you can spend more of his time to conquer her young heart. Despite all of this is the life of the boys, in general, sleeping and not varied. What would you least like to entertain himself and his new girlfriend, Julie and Danny Lucas tasted everything vicinity of their homes. They sniffed and explored every nook and corner of the quarter.

But then, one day, the guys in the basement of his house will come across a very interesting and understandable phenomenon. They just stay in the basement, something like the hatch. Children, without hesitation, to open up this most curious well, without knowing that they opened the gates to the underworld. And then it all started. They are quiet and pacified life, which was previously moment turns into a brutal struggle with their own fears.

Dubai Tourist Paradise

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Dubai developed several impressive buildings, with a view to capturing the luxury tourism, we all know that it has done so. Thanks to its incredible buildings, which are unusual, Dubai has been placed as the first luxury tourist destination worldwide. A clear example of these buildings are:-El Burj Khalifa Emirates Towers Rise Tower Palm Jumeirah Pero aside from these buildings globally known, Dubai boasts a natural resource, such as its beaches of crystalline water, which have an almost perfect temperature, are ideal to practice swimming, diving and windsurfing. An example of these beaches is Jumeira Beach, which is a public beach. People seeking a cultural tourism, also can find it in Dubai.

There are several interesting and enriching sites as: Dubai National Museum and Dubai Community Theatre & Arts. Center. The inhabitants of Dubai are mobilizing in buses, they travel more than 190 routes, but obviously for a tourist this is a little difficult, as well, they may hiring taxis of online form, is not by others tell you that this will leave you a tad expensive. Although it does appear incredible, hotels at affordable prices can be found in Dubai, for more information on Dubai hotels.

Radiohead Leader Secretly Performed At Glastonbury

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The leader of the British band Radiohead Thom Yorke made a secret, unannounced concerts in the biggest European music festival "Glastonbury". As we reported New Musical Express, New York, along with guitarist Johnny Greenwood Radiohead evening 25 June made for one of the secondary sites open-Air, The Park Stage. Participation Tom Glastonbury founder Michael advertise Eavis, with a speech called Radiohead 'in the most unexpected surprise weekend. " List of compositions by Thom Yorke Glastonbury looks like this: 1. The Eraser 2.

Harrowdown Hill 3. Black Swan 4. Cymbal Rush 5. Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 6. Pyramid Song 7.

Idioteque 8. Karma Police 9. Street Spirit (Fade Out) If you do not spit, as the song goes, you can read the translated lyrics radiohead. It is also worth noting that at the moment, Glastonbury is already closed. The last day of the Festival dates back to June 27. This year the festival celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Headlining the open-Air was Stevie Wonder and Muse. Also participated in the festival Gorillaz, who were joined by The Clash members Mick Jones, founder of The Velvet Underground Lou Reed and Paul Simonon and. PS I had my way, I'd have went to this festival. Firstly, because I do not see life without alternative music. Secondly, because there is not going so far away. Third, because there are collected the best alternative music group soveremennyy, one of which alone is worth the Muse. In general, all spoke in favor of that, that next year there going to be necessary. Not only me, but all fans of alternative music, good tickets are too expensive. But you get the most out of new experiences, good humor and incredible drive. This can only be obtained at Glastonbury.