Exhibition Picasso

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The other day at an exhibition of works by Picasso, which takes place in Pushkin Museum of Fine, visited the wife of Russian President Medvedev, Svetlana. Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin spent the grand opening exposure within its walls, and the guest of honor greatly increased public interest in this event. I would very happy to attend the event, if she lived in Moscow. The opening ceremony began with a mini-concert from chamber orchestra “Moscow Virtuosos”. After the speech, the Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev and Minister of Culture and Communication of France Frederic Mitterrand uttered words of welcome, inviting all guests to start examination of exposure. For Svetlana Medvedeva was allocated a personal guide. In his role turned out to be the museum’s director Irina Antonova, and her partner was a director of the Picasso Museum in Paris, Anna Baldasari. The exhibition, which prepare the joint forces and from France and from Russia, which raised almost three hundred different items, which can fully reflect all periods of creativity of a great artist.

A wonderful gift to all Picasso’s lovers, do not you think? The hall dedicated to “blue” period of the master, have received special attention the painting “Old Jew with a boy” and “Celestina.” The first blade is stored in the Pushkin Museum, and the second in the National Picasso Museum. I do not know why the “guides” chose these pictures for me, Picasso, there are far more interesting work. Sufficient interest was aroused by a series of “Russian Ballet”, which sanctify the product made under inspired by Picasso’s cooperation with Russia. NYC Mayor often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is worth noting that this is a very interesting period in the life of the master, so I advise to always look at it. The exhibition “Pikssao.

Moscow “held under the patronage Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Danny Meyer insists that this is the case. This joint project is timed to the Year of France in Russia. Me as particularly romantic, very soul of France and its culture, so I I look forward to many news about other cultural events scheduled for this year. We can say that Muscovites are lucky especially since the most important cultural events are taking place in the capital, and of trying not to give St. Petersburg. Residents of smaller cities have to be content with little. However, we can say one thing, if you live in Moscow (or will be there during the exhibition), it is certainly acquainted with the exhibits presented at the exhibition. Picasso left a huge footprint in the global culture, bringing back his masterpiece work, so trite a modern educated person ashamed not to know about creative genius.

New York City

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Gate Well, dear fans, what terrible and mysterious, it's your finest hour. Team talented director Joe Dante finally finished a long and painstaking work on his new picture 'Gate'. The film is, it would seem convoluted, but that he and interesting. Young parent family, in the face of my mother and two sons, Denis, pretty, seventeen years old and still very little seven-year Lucas, left rough and noisy New York City from financial considerations, and move to a small provincial town Bensonvil. Young boys and Denis Lucas, who are accustomed to a fun and eventful life, such movement was necessary not to their liking.

In addition to new home mom children account for a lot more work and time favorite sons is not so much. For Denis in this hole a joy, it turns out their young neighbor young Julie is even nothing, and perhaps you can spend more of his time to conquer her young heart. Despite all of this is the life of the boys, in general, sleeping and not varied. What would you least like to entertain himself and his new girlfriend, Julie and Danny Lucas tasted everything vicinity of their homes. They sniffed and explored every nook and corner of the quarter.

But then, one day, the guys in the basement of his house will come across a very interesting and understandable phenomenon. They just stay in the basement, something like the hatch. Children, without hesitation, to open up this most curious well, without knowing that they opened the gates to the underworld. And then it all started. They are quiet and pacified life, which was previously moment turns into a brutal struggle with their own fears.

Draw Graffiti Art

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His appearance art paint the walls and other surfaces required a teenager named Demetrios. In the late '60s he began to show no street walls and subway stations in the creative alias TAKI. Slightly later to write the guy a nickname gained his street number – 183. When unusual signs began to appear around Manhattan, they saw other teens and began to withdraw their names. And since everyone wanted to stand out from the total weight, then the walls began to appear whole compositions, some were more like works of art. So there was graffiti – a new direction of creativity Hip-Hop culture.

Now, let's find out how learn how to draw graffiti and what it takes. Other leaders such as Rudy Giuliani offer similar insights. Before running into the courtyard and spray paint spray in a radius of ten meters, should prepare a so-called "sketch". This is a sketch of what you intend to portray wall. Draw a sketch of a beautiful and flavorful – not so simple as it may seem at first glance. Especially, if you make only the first steps in graffiti.

When the design is ready, he transferred to the wall. Interestingly, the often sketch itself may be different from the picture on the wall. Many writers (this is referred to those who draw graffiti) generally ignore the sketches, but the newcomers still would have been better to begin with sketching. Later, when you "Nabete" hand, you can begin to implement their creative ideas without drafts. Draw sketches can be pencils, just in the course are gel or ballpoint pens, markers, crayons, etc. It is preferable in this If thick paper, the size of which is dependent on your final idea. No need to hurry while drawing, it is better to take the first pencil and apply light strokes, so you can adjust something. Then outline the handle anything that drew an eraser and erase the pencil strokes.

Dubai Tourist Paradise

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Dubai developed several impressive buildings, with a view to capturing the luxury tourism, we all know that it has done so. Thanks to its incredible buildings, which are unusual, Dubai has been placed as the first luxury tourist destination worldwide. A clear example of these buildings are:-El Burj Khalifa Emirates Towers Rise Tower Palm Jumeirah Pero aside from these buildings globally known, Dubai boasts a natural resource, such as its beaches of crystalline water, which have an almost perfect temperature, are ideal to practice swimming, diving and windsurfing. An example of these beaches is Jumeira Beach, which is a public beach. People seeking a cultural tourism, also can find it in Dubai.

There are several interesting and enriching sites as: Dubai National Museum and Dubai Community Theatre & Arts. Center. The inhabitants of Dubai are mobilizing in buses, they travel more than 190 routes, but obviously for a tourist this is a little difficult, as well, they may hiring taxis of online form, is not by others tell you that this will leave you a tad expensive. Although it does appear incredible, hotels at affordable prices can be found in Dubai, for more information on Dubai hotels.

Radiohead Leader Secretly Performed At Glastonbury

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The leader of the British band Radiohead Thom Yorke made a secret, unannounced concerts in the biggest European music festival "Glastonbury". As we reported New Musical Express, New York, along with guitarist Johnny Greenwood Radiohead evening 25 June made for one of the secondary sites open-Air, The Park Stage. Participation Tom Glastonbury founder Michael advertise Eavis, with a speech called Radiohead 'in the most unexpected surprise weekend. " List of compositions by Thom Yorke Glastonbury looks like this: 1. The Eraser 2.

Harrowdown Hill 3. Black Swan 4. Cymbal Rush 5. Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 6. Pyramid Song 7.

Idioteque 8. Karma Police 9. Street Spirit (Fade Out) If you do not spit, as the song goes, you can read the translated lyrics radiohead. It is also worth noting that at the moment, Glastonbury is already closed. The last day of the Festival dates back to June 27. This year the festival celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Headlining the open-Air was Stevie Wonder and Muse. Also participated in the festival Gorillaz, who were joined by The Clash members Mick Jones, founder of The Velvet Underground Lou Reed and Paul Simonon and. PS I had my way, I'd have went to this festival. Firstly, because I do not see life without alternative music. Secondly, because there is not going so far away. Third, because there are collected the best alternative music group soveremennyy, one of which alone is worth the Muse. In general, all spoke in favor of that, that next year there going to be necessary. Not only me, but all fans of alternative music, good tickets are too expensive. But you get the most out of new experiences, good humor and incredible drive. This can only be obtained at Glastonbury.

The First Kings Of Athens

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Kekrop founder capital of Attica and Athens, the first king of the city was Kekrop, poluchelovek – Semi-Serpent, born of the earth. Kekrop founded Athens in the time for the right of patronage over the whole of Attica sea god Poseidon argued and goddess Athena, the former favorite daughter of Zeus. To resolve this dispute Olympian gods led by Zeus, gathered at the Athens Acropolis. Zeus also urged the court to Kekropa as the first king of Athens. The gods decided to give power over the country to who will bring the country's most valuable gift.

Poseidon struck his trident into the rock, gave the Athenians the source of the salt sea water. Athena, plunged into the land of his spear, and gave the Athenians had grown on the spot hit the fertile olive. Then Kekrop said: "The bright gods of Olympus, noise everywhere salty sea water, but there is nowhere olives, giving the rich fruit …" The Gods – Olympians also considered a more valuable gift to Athens and sentenced her to win. Since then, the city has become named Athens in honor of the beloved daughter of Zeus. Kekrop founded in Athens in honor of the first sanctuary of Athena, protector of the city, and her father Zeus. He also developed the first set of Athenian law and made all state.

Erihtony The receiver was Kekropa Erihtony, son of god of fire and patron of blacksmiths Hephaestus. When Erihtony was born, Athena took him under his wing, and he grew up in her sanctuary. Guarded by his daughter Kekropa. Athena strictly forbade them to lift the lid from the basket in which lay the future king of Athens, they were not supposed to see a mysterious child. Athena once excused myself from his sanctuary on the Acropolis, to bring a mountain of Pallas, whom she decided to put at the Acropolis to protect it. Kekropa daughter, burning with curiosity, decided to take the appropriate occasion and opened the basket. Athena terribly angry. She threw the mountain (hill faces), and hastened to his sanctuary. The daughters were punished Kekropa. Disobedience Athena Corrupts the daughters Kekropa madness, and they crashed to death by throwing himself off a cliff Acropolis. Erihtony matured, became the ruler of Athens. They were established Panafineyskie games in honor of Athena, and he was the first vpryag horses to the chariot, and brought the chariot race in Athens. Erechtheus Erechtheus was a descendant of Erihtoniya. Its share has fallen hard war with the city of Eleusis, who came to the aid Thracians. This war was a failure to Erehteya. Enemies pressed him more and more until Erechtheus not back down to the actual Athens. Finally Erechtheus decided to ask the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, and ask him what he needs to victory. Delphic Pythia gave a terrible answer to Erehteya. She said that he could win, sacrificing his beloved daughter to the gods. The young daughter of the king Htoniya learned response Pythia, today announced that it is willing to sacrifice themselves for family Athens. Soon after Htoniya was sacrificed, there was a battle in which the Athenians were victorious. However, Erechtheus died. Poseidon decided to support the enemies of Athens in this war, and during the battle hit its Erehteya trident. Also killed all the children Erehteya but one of his daughters, which continued to his family. In Athens, there was a temple dedicated to the first kings. It was erected on the Acropolis, and was called Erechteion. The temple also served as usypalnetsey first kings.