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It analyzes of the didactic book History of Amazon de Francisco Jorge Dos Santos. The historian Francisco Jorge Dos Santos is graduated History for the UFAM, Master in Social History for the USP, Specialist in Amazonian Demography for the Ufam and currently he is professor of the Department of History of the Federal University of Amazon-Ufam. The book History Of Amazon was a workmanship ordered for the Government of the State of Amazon in 2007, where it was published and edited for the woman editor It stokes. In ours it analyzes we follow and we understand what Circe Bittencourt guides in them concerning the conception regarding the didactic book where the author informs in them of the following one: The books also constitute a support of pertaining to school knowledge considered by the educational resumes this characteristic make with that the State is always present in the existence of the didactic book. As the contents considered for the resumes they are express for the didactic texts, the book became the basic instrument in the proper constitution knowing of them, (Bittencourt, 2008, P. 301) the workmanship History of Amazon it follows the standard of the didactic books that the PCNS guide, that is, where if it must present to the pupils an alive History that all we make in them in our daily life, where the action is not privileged only of great made military, politicians and diplomatists enaltecendo the figure of great national heroes in factual and linear way, but search men and women in its to make daily working History as an active and dynamic historical process. Author Thais Fonseca guides in them concerning such question relating to this new form of if teaching History through the didactic book: New the proposal, when operating an inversion in the direction of the education of History, presented the necessity of a rearrangement in the election and the estruturao of the contents, in the option for a new methodology of education, what of course it would demand new positions on the part of the professors, in relation to the conception of History and Education and its respective social functions. .

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