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Search capabilities in the online shop has been improved and simplified the article search. The search in the online shop of the SKV technology has been improved since the 01.05.2013 for customers. The operation has been simplified. Why was the finding to articles? Customers have SKV pointed out technology, that the search for articles in the online shop was cumbersome and complicated. Then was the online shop under the domain redesigned end of April 2013 completion date 01.05.2013 completely. SKV technology already reported and thus is the first step to his “one step to conversion” strategy implemented and redesigned the customer-friendly service in finding articles.

What has been redesigned? The shopping experience at SKV technology or the online shop is completely new. Customers can choose the desired side channel blowers directly on the home page of tiles. The tiles include the basic attributes of the compressor and the client looks in the proposed “One step to conversion” with a click immediately and directly from his machine. In the Subsequently the customer completes his SKV with the connection parameters. Here, the machine always in the currently configured variant is represented as image with all selected attributes. This facilitates the customer to keep track during configuration.

In the design of the article search SKV relies on information technology its customers and thus carries out fundamental business principles. The best guide is the critical customer. The SKV technology is a specialist dealer who focuses on the exclusive trade with side channel compressors and acts for summer 2012 in the German-speaking market. Together with its suppliers SKV reached a market share of 10% and the technology after a nine year existence. The most important drive of the team by SKV technique was and remains the satisfaction of its customers. Customers save time and clarity in the selection of the side channel blowers. What is implemented in the future in the SKV technology online shop? SKV technology – equipment request to customers in the next few days an advanced forms search To find. This search function combines two strategies. On the one hand you should choose customers from the existing machinery of side channel blowers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David E Shaw and gain more knowledge.. On the other hand, customers will receive the opportunity to convey desired parameter to the team of the online shops and urging SKV so technology for the delivery of an offer. SKV technology – Configurator directly after the implementation of the device request be the technician of SKV technology team to implement the programming of a new configurator. Currently run several tests and SKV technology plans to release mid May. Goal is technology online shop again to increase customer satisfaction with the shopping experience in the SKV. SKV will report back technology.

No Undercut At The Expense Of Quality: New Order Placement Portal

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Tags: sets new standards in the area of procurement Koblenz – with the slogan just find best recently launched the portal developed by ONM the boolo GmbH from funds. boolo is one of the first interactive and direct intermediary order platforms for residential and business customers in Germany. While boolo focuses on the placement of qualified customer inquiries on regional provider. boolo at least three quotes picks up the commonly used in the economic process of enquiry – per request and transmits it in a simplified form on the Internet. Idea here but not necessarily is the achievement of the lowest price, but maintaining the right solution for the customer problem.

In diverse categories, the customer has the possibility, even without expert knowledge to formulate, without having to search even after the optimal solution meaningful requests within a few minutes to the most diverse areas. The request is communicated directly to up to five providers. I.e. in contrast to the request not to the General view and sole price levy published previous job placement portals. From point of view, the provider is boolo particularly attractive because consulting and service expertise stand in the foreground and not the supposedly best price. boolo gone in August with over 60 categories at the start. Regionally, the focus is first on the left lower Rhine.

Companies that register till 31.09.2010 as providers, can enjoy of a 50% introductory discount. The new portal is a complete in-house development based on the Zend Framework. Were also employed PHP 5.2.5 + and MySQL and PHPIDS. ONM is responsible in addition to the pure implementation of both parts of the design for the logo and screen design. A private front became the individual administration of the entire platform by the end customer and backend developed. The form builder allows an individual putting together extensive forms without any prior knowledge. Also payment interface and user administrations were exclusively for boolo developed and integrated. Of course, communication should not be missing 2.0: extensive contact possibilities, tell-a-friend feature, Facebook integration, and AddThis integration make this possible. Make yourself a picture: more info to open new media, see contact person: Mrs Brigitte Krampen responsibility: Marketing/PR With New Lifestyle Area

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Tags: offers now an attractive lifestyle area with special single travel and single events the partner search to is still varied in the future. To promote the personal exchanges in the community, Austria’s most popular Partnersuchportal offers more and more interactive and service-oriented services. So the page was expanded recently area a lifestyle, which creates the possibility with special activities to meet virtual acquaintances in real life. sends its users in the future on holiday single travel and single events in collaboration with ex package travel. Here, New York Museums expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The tour operator organizes customized dream vacations on singles and ensures the appropriate programme with excursions, parties, as well as coaching to the topic contact and flirting.

Thanks to the cooperation, members receive discounts when booking of single trips from Who goes rather to the native Austria on the search for love, finds dates of to regular single events on Organizer is Clubu31, a long-time partner of the single market. Registered users benefit from discounted access for various events. A further category of the new lifestyle is categories fashion, film & music film and music range which boasts regular Raffles of concert tickets and theater tickets. The current competition sends two people to the single European concert by Bon Jovi to London. Is rounded off the varied lifestyle offering by a fashion range.

At the time, female users from an attractive range of shoes and bags can choose. “We are happy to have found us with Clubu31 and ex package travel two reliable partners. In addition to the matchmaking service, also in the future will operate increasingly in the area of the community-building. Our users must look forward to additional enhancements and new features”, commented CEO of Magdalena Franzl, who wants to win a dream vacation for two persons in Croatia, registered the best for free on and automatically takes part in the competition. About with over 600,000 registered users, is Austria’s most popular address for the serious search for love on the net. Different search functions, flirt SMS, flirt and chat rooms make the online dating easy, efficient and enjoyable. The platform is marketed by Aboutmedia and is part of the largest marketing network in Austria. include this,,, and travel is operator of the Ondate Internet service GmbH, Vienna. More information: OnDate Internet service GmbH Ochid Hofgasse 26 / 5 1060 Vienna Magdalena Franzl, Managing Director Tel: 0676 440 12 83 E-Mail: Web:

New Mood Barometer

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The new mood barometer in the net realized an ambitious attempt to capture the global mood about the Twitter API with the portal undertakes the beeNetworks GmbH The well-known communication service Twitter is used. The concept of first the main: carries out no opinion polls and also no market research. The user submits his current mood simply by he assigns a numeric value between-10 and + 10 to you. “Can vote the user either directly on the portal or also by the fact that he a Twitter message the addition #mt x” adds to x for the corresponding numerical value is, for example, #mt 7 “pretty bad mood. A global average as well as an evaluation by countries and regions are published.

Not asked for a justification for the current mood. However a short text can be added to option, which is visible in the timeline on Twitter. These texts allow it, for example, through a statistical analysis of included keywords, to determine possible causes of general mood change. What statements allow these data? Given the nature of the data collection, it goes without saying that only statistical statements are possible. Whether the mood of each participant, for example, because of dismal news, or because of an upcoming dental appointment is clouded, can usually not be determined.

In sufficiently large participation particularly abrupt changes of mood values allow interesting conclusions. In this case, random events in the private sphere of the participants through the education of average are statistically no longer affect the outcome of many voting results. A knowledge which uses the classic opinion research for a long time. Already by survey of approximately 1000 representative selected people an opinion of the German population can be very reliable because of special factors, to determine the in the Individual cases affect the forming of opinion, is in the median largely cancel each other. Therefore a mood elevated by would have for example interesting conclusions allowed last year, how the general mood as a result of the global financial crisis has changed and in which countries these changes have clearly failed. Moodtweety added the public opinion research Moodtweety no alternative to the conventional opinion research represents, but a complement. Sufficiently large participation determined mood images can provide a valuable service the pollsters in controlling your results. Many topics can be by means of classical public opinion research insufficiently examined, since the answers of the interviewees are influenced by a social expectation. For example, consider the terrible natural disaster in Haiti. The perception of this catastrophe in non-affected countries such as Germany’s run hardly any serious measure. On targeted Questions will answer almost 100 percent of respondents that they were of course very concerned. They do not say the truth, because the vast majority of respondents are very much affected at the moment in which they specifically addressed on the suffering of these people. It remains unclear to what extent the individual respondents had felt actually affected, without to have been asked about. Also known as unsolvable problem of public opinion polls: How important is a topic people, if nobody ask, how important it is? A mood elevated without specific reason can help answer such questions in the statistical sense, without however to allow conclusions on the individual respondents. written by Sebastian Constapel from Schortens

Andreas Baloushi

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The proud owner of an IKEA cabinet may feel a bit like, when he would have built these in homework even though he has put together only pre-built components as well as for Web-to-print.” Products, which are suitable for the individual design via Web-to-print, are for example (photo) books, CD covers, T-Shirts, mugs, stationery, keychains, curtains, wallpapers and more. Playground for creative ideas with a high entertainment factor is the stimulus that makes Web-to-print for the customer, not only in the individual and homemade”results. In part, also the motto applies to Web-to-print: the journey is the reward. Eventually the customers within a Web-to-print Portal without any time limits can romp creative. To any time of day or night, as well as from anywhere they can Your heart’s try and tinkering, without tying up any employees. To introduce an own Web-to-print portal, offers the chance that Internet users can control this due to its high entertainment value a company. Many of those visitors who initially not intended to make a purchase, actually are weak at the end in the face of the product itself so lovingly crafted by them and order it then but”, Andreas Baloushi white. Conclusion: Relief for the company, fun and makers pride for the customers of using direct marketing, the first part is dealing with the companies on three species benefit from Web-to-print: the corporate stationery design is much less prone to errors with Web-to-print, so that any employee can be created.

The worry whether all the current templates use the various printed materials, is thanks to Web-to-print of the past. For companies, which in many cases products personalize to individual customer requirements, arises a noticeable relief of employees through the use of an own Web-to-print portal. The big advantage is that customers through such a portal will operate virtually even as in the handling of print jobs the largest potential for rationalization is often on the customer side. Companies that hardly possibilities, offered its customers to adapt their products to their individual preferences, is able to develop with the help of an own Web-to-print portal brand new buyer groups. For a corporate Web-to-print portal also speaks, that this can be implemented in different ways so that comply with the necessary investments within limits. It can be used in form of software as a service (SaS), realized as a white-label solution, or of course also redesigned from the ground up.

About GBZM: GBZM developed as IT service provider tailor-made and modular solutions to customer relationships effectively to manage and use. Our services include customer relationship management, customer loyalty systems, payment processing, software development, data quality management, and consulting. Our clients are companies, clubs and associations of almost of all sizes and industries who want to make more out of their personalized customer information. Press contact: Bianca Pagel Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 3596 663 80 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 3596 663 77 GBZM marketing and billing systems GmbH, Holstenhofweg 47 b 22043 Hamburg visit you the GBZM blog! Introduced

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An expert in advertising and photo gifts MEGA is a reliable partner for promotional items, promotional products, as well as photo gifts for over 12 years. The MEGA-PRINT company is headquartered in the Saxon capital of Dresden. A motivated group of anagchierten staff has been always been his regular customers and new customers with problem-solving their tasks in the field of advertising and promotional advice and assistance to the page. Our operation specializes in printing of promotional materials and offers a comprehensive range of advertising materials for a large group of cud remote. The products offered by us are refined only in the company’s printing according to customer requirements.

Thus we achieve a high degree of quality and can respond to customer wishes without having to take significant time losses straight and in the short term. In our newly designed website which offer in March 2012 at the start went, we in addition to the classic promotional items also pen of the company Senator on. Convince those high-quality pens on the basis of their quality and durability. As advertising partners of the company Senator is it possible our customers fair prices in the area offer printable writing instruments. Lighters of different generators complete our wide product range and can be printed from 100 units to your promotional printing, text or lettering. We place special value on a perfect customer service, technical support and an attractive price/performance ratio. All promotional items offered by us are to a large part in our depot, rapid processing and quick job processing is therefore guaranteed. We do not solely provide advertising and giveaway items individuals to commercial customers, however, and clubs among our long-term customers.

Who is on the lookout for customizable photo gifts, will find a suitable product also with us. In our range of photo gifts can be found next to the well-known photo articles, such as photo mugs and photo puzzle, special printable Gift items. So, we have for example a large product range to printable bags or even photo beer mugs in our range. Photo gifts can be made immediately on our website with our designer. There is the possibility of own motives upload, add text and change. Through the use of the designer, our customers can create customized photo gifts on the fly itself. We refine photo article a well-established printing process, where a best representation of all of the customer of provided photos, designs or artwork is guaranteed has exclusively in a digital sublimation printing,. With high-quality products which are unique to label, we the buyers can serve. You can personalize not only high quality ballpoint pens made of metal through the use of a CO2 laser machine. Even flashlights, tools, knives and for example car Kennzeichehalter can be engraved from a piece with a unique laser engraving or labeled. To our customers and especially as easy as possible to make our private customers shopping in our shop, customers can access several payment options many. The payment method is “Purchase on invoice”, we can offer our customers unique in this day and age of the onlinshoppings. Let some of the many ideas and possibilities in our online shop inspire and create your individual and promotional giveaway items or photo gifts. We are pleased about a visit to our Web site or your personal contact by email or telephone. Steffen Nowack

Newest Twitter Rumor: Now Apple As A Buyer

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(Online article) – the rumors kitchen to the popular online short message service Twitter heats up further. New York (AP) – now was in two technology blogs iPhone and Mac maker Apple as a potential buyer. Internet services TechCrunch and Gawker reported on Tuesday, citing informed people of a possible purchase price at $700 million in cash. On Twitter, users can send short messages 140 characters at a wide circle of readers – so called micro-blogging. The service is currently considered one of the “hottest” Internet startups and is growing rapidly: from less than 10 million users at the beginning of the year to currently estimated at around 25 million. But the problem is that Twitter makes no money, because there is no business model. However, the short message service was repeatedly touted as a takeover candidate. According to earlier information, Twitter had brushed off the online network Facebook that 500 had offered millions of dollars some time ago. Early April had a TechCrunch report on the interest of the search engine giant Google on Twitter stir caused, which was however rejected by other sources.

Internet: Sale – Information – Products

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Try an analysis and forecast on the basis of the concept of information and practical examples. Developments on the Internet 1 definitions of terms under Internet is here to the General technical structure (domains, addresses, store pages, Internet – forms, Web pages) be understood. Information identifies the classical term, whose Einheit (Yes or no) is a bit simplified here. Digitisation means the transformation of work, text or art object into a form that can be processed, reproduced or duplicated by means of conventional information technology (PC, Smartphone, Tablet PC). Examples: Music and picture files, press articles, tutorials, video files. A file is the result of the digitization process, which ultimately consists of a defined sequence of information units and is usually marked with a type. (Text file, music file, executable, etc.).

Example: the image file of the photo of the Orchid in the article image material products are here objects or works, the is not in digital form get sample (cars, food, tableware, electrical appliances): the flower pot with Orchid, see photography cover 2 development and information offered on the Internet at the beginning of the Internet served primarily the exchange of information and the receipt of information. The first offers in this new medium were also predominantly text, later images, then multimedia files and software. It was the dissemination of information in the foreground, which had a commercial or sentimental value in practical life. Improving the speed and density of data, image files, later the music files and videos captured the content offerings on the Internet. Noted, that it is already for these digitized products (E.g., the recording of a piece of music and save as a file) a separate, protected under circumstances product, which includes an additional value (advantage, entertainment) for the consumer in addition to the pure information. Very soon developed into so-called Internet shops whose Requests information and eventually sales of various products was and is.