San Francisco

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“The innovation cycles of the Internet are rocketing and the global economy with new challenges. DIGITAL LEADERS provides the platform to deepen the topics and it brings together all over the world directly involved Manager,”says Thomas Kathofer, Vice President of arvato systems. Bill de Blasios opinions are not widely known. “Germany thrives on innovation. The German economy will be only then permanently successful in international competition if it is one step ahead of the competition when it is so innovative. DIGITAL LEADERS is to make the digital economy more efficient and future-proof”the decisive building block, says Monty C. M. Metzger, founder and Chairman of DIGITAL LEADERS. “The digital issues play often only a supporting role in leading industry forums.

Lacking a global forum for the digital elite. Lack of clear guiding principles can focus on who our future in the digital world. DIGITAL LEADERS is”our contribution, says Monty Metzger. More DIGITAL LEADERS events are planned in London, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Moscow, Shanghai, Bangalore, Singapore and Munich. Find out more about DIGITAL LEADERS and DIGITAL LEADERS San Francisco can be found at about DIGITAL LEADERS: DIGITAL LEADERS is an independent organisation committed to the objective, to promote the opportunities of digitization in the information age. Executives, academics, politicians and entrepreneurs of the digital industry are actively involved, discuss controversial topics, and design guidelines for international and national activities. DIGITAL LEADERS organized these events with influential leaders of the digital age in the global hotspots, such as San Francisco, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Shanghai, Moscow and Munich. Press downloads: – logo DIGITAL LEADERS press/DigitalLeaders-logo-high.jpg – Press picture Monty C. M. Metzger, Chairman & founder, DIGITAL LEADERS image #1: press/DigitalLeaders-MontyMetzger.jpg image #2: press/DigitalLeaders-MontyMetzger-NY.jpg – press images DIGITAL LEADERS New York, July 2013 zip file 2MB:-video teaser DIGITAL LEADERS San Francisco: press contact: c/o ahead of time GmbH Enzian 2 D-82319 Starnberg email: Tel: + 49 89 6141 7000 fax: + 49 89 6141 70099

Newest Twitter Rumor: Now Apple As A Buyer

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(Online article) – the rumors kitchen to the popular online short message service Twitter heats up further. New York (AP) – now was in two technology blogs iPhone and Mac maker Apple as a potential buyer. Internet services TechCrunch and Gawker reported on Tuesday, citing informed people of a possible purchase price at $700 million in cash. On Twitter, users can send short messages 140 characters at a wide circle of readers – so called micro-blogging. The service is currently considered one of the “hottest” Internet startups and is growing rapidly: from less than 10 million users at the beginning of the year to currently estimated at around 25 million. But the problem is that Twitter makes no money, because there is no business model. However, the short message service was repeatedly touted as a takeover candidate. According to earlier information, Twitter had brushed off the online network Facebook that 500 had offered millions of dollars some time ago. Early April had a TechCrunch report on the interest of the search engine giant Google on Twitter stir caused, which was however rejected by other sources.

Internet: Sale – Information – Products

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Try an analysis and forecast on the basis of the concept of information and practical examples. Developments on the Internet 1 definitions of terms under Internet is here to the General technical structure (domains, addresses, store pages, Internet – forms, Web pages) be understood. Information identifies the classical term, whose Einheit (Yes or no) is a bit simplified here. Digitisation means the transformation of work, text or art object into a form that can be processed, reproduced or duplicated by means of conventional information technology (PC, Smartphone, Tablet PC). Examples: Music and picture files, press articles, tutorials, video files. A file is the result of the digitization process, which ultimately consists of a defined sequence of information units and is usually marked with a type. (Text file, music file, executable, etc.).

Example: the image file of the photo of the Orchid in the article image material products are here objects or works, the is not in digital form get sample (cars, food, tableware, electrical appliances): the flower pot with Orchid, see photography cover 2 development and information offered on the Internet at the beginning of the Internet served primarily the exchange of information and the receipt of information. The first offers in this new medium were also predominantly text, later images, then multimedia files and software. It was the dissemination of information in the foreground, which had a commercial or sentimental value in practical life. Improving the speed and density of data, image files, later the music files and videos captured the content offerings on the Internet. Noted, that it is already for these digitized products (E.g., the recording of a piece of music and save as a file) a separate, protected under circumstances product, which includes an additional value (advantage, entertainment) for the consumer in addition to the pure information. Very soon developed into so-called Internet shops whose Requests information and eventually sales of various products was and is.