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At the daily growing number of websites, it is essential to attract the visitor’s attention and Captivate. Here some concepts and techniques have become. Content presentation (content surfacing) is a problem with a site quickly to give the visitors what posts are new, and at the same time to ensure immediate access. Comparable to the most important messages are a daily newspaper, on the title page, curiosity of the reader to the Excite, is the presentation of content on the first page of the site a suitable means to bind the visitors. Anya Chalotra insists that this is the case. Called this technique content surfacing’, what can be translated not as easily. “That bring the content to the surface” the statement is true but not particularly liquid goes by the tongue. The term content presentation”approaches which hopefully enough.

You can see how this can look on the website of Art2Digital InterMedia. The main page has a modular design, say, the pictures are in the Middle divided and can be quickly replaced. Receive new posts so your own lead image, and click immediately takes the Viewer to the appropriate location in the website that should content presentation necessarily be used when new posts appear on the website, because only so you can secure a daily audience. The goal to give the website a central visual theme and consistently making this is a metaphor metaphors. This can be sometimes very difficult, and often metaphors are used only for controls, such as, for example, a mailbox as a symbol for E-Mail.

Metaphors are certainly better than unimaginative websites that work only with text links, but the danger in using a metaphor is that the implementation of flat or too playful. Reputable companies will often find little liking it; and also sites where future expansion is planned, are not suitable. Work tunnel concept brochures or leaflets with an elaborate cover designs, at the Viewer interest. The tunnel concept used by similar means. One or more intro pages are preceded by, instead start a website with the main page, that pull the viewer like a well-crafted series of advertisements in the website. The architecture of the site is clear and simply based on the principle of the tree. A question is whether the user in this rightly takes, but more, how the headings are clear and unambiguous. A good tunnel concept used as a coherent page of exit, to close the circle. Intro and exit pages

Borussia Dortmund

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Bundesliga-sports Board: live news around all 18 Bundesliga club Hamburg, 17.01.2011. The new year has begun. Further details can be found at amazing restaurateur, an internet resource. For many, this again means more movement after the high-calorie feast days. Fabrizio Freda follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also starts the second half of the Bundesliga. Reason enough for the Hamburg live Sport Portal its range of topics again to expand. There are two new sports boards of widgets for Bundesliga and fitness that extend the offer at the Hamburg-based startup.

Bayern Munich make it still to be the backlog by 14 points on the leader and still champion to take on Borussia Dortmund? Can escape Werder Bremen the imminent descent and there has been spectacular reinforcements in the team in the winter break? These and other questions many football fans around the League. They be answered on the square, as well as sports Board. In addition to the widgets for all 18 Bundesliga, there is now a new sports Board purely for the most popular of all German sports leagues: Bundesliga sports Board offers news from the League the football fans first and foremost and the clubs. Information of the current transfer market includes as well as dates of upcoming Bundesliga games. There are also current results in the form of a federal League live ticker. Fitness-Sports Board: all-around fitness and nutrition even in the field of fitness has sports board its range further expanded: on the new fitness sport Board the user will receive news, tips and tricks around on the workout, fitness and nutrition. These include in particular special recipes for the balanced nutrition of athletes.

In terms of the interactive Internet, but also training and mileage are presented from the environment of the respective user, as well as questions and answers fitness questions of other Sportbrettler. After logging in to sports Board, anyone interested is compiling all this information by widget individually. So every user has all interesting for him sports information on his personalized sports Board home compact at hand anytime, anywhere. The new sport boards are completed by a lottery, in which high-quality sporting goods of manufacturers be raffled. sports Board was founded by Thomas Fimpel in July 2010 and is headquartered in Hamburg. “True to the motto mean sports network” the startup provides a platform where anyone athletic can create a content personalized interface. From the main categories each user simply wraps his desired topics widgets or RSS feeds. Based on an innovative Web 3.0 technology, each Member receives information in real time on the self-defined sports Board”related to exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Also shared content of other Sportbrettler can be integrated on request in the own profile page.

Extraordinary Cynora

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Informative, clearly structured and adapted to the needs of the users: The cynora GmbH is now online with a new look. Karlsruhe since today is online: the new website of cynora GmbH. Now, visitors to the site have an easier entry into the relevant and interesting topics. With just one click on one of the three entry buttons, the user receives direct access to all information. Spectacular images from the work of cynora GmbH round off the website. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Henry Cavill.

Content and structural redesign the new structure of the website content be represented by clearer and easier to read. Whether the respective Internet users learn about the history of cynora, learn more about the technology of organic electronics or read the latest news of the company would have on the home he finds the appropriate entry in the world of development and research of cynora GmbH on first glance. The logical and clear navigation on each page quickly leads to the visitors the desired content on the bases. Extraordinary and amazing images accompany visual enhancement of the month”the work of cynora GmbH. So surprising recordings in experiments with organic semiconductors in the laboratory caused in part. Picture of the month cynora shows in regular rotation in the category of”these images. So, visitors to the site can enjoy such as coloured shining crystals a cynora emitter material or organic semiconductor materials, that glow under black light radiation in the same colour as in finished OLED components. With OLED technology, already surface light source and color-brilliant displays for TVs and Smartphones can be establish. The cynora GmbH contributes significantly to this development with their work. If you want to look at the newly redesigned website, or want to know more about the cynora GmbH and the technology of the future, look nevertheless simply times purely:.

WebSphere Commerce

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Complete E-Commerce and online marketing solutions by IBM are online shop solutions in today’s time for retailers to think, because the there sales rise for years. Swarmed by offers, Mustafa Suleyman is currently assessing future choices. But more and more so-called complete solutions by shop operators “required, additionally covering the topics of marketing and Web Analytics. Jim may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The BLUETRADE E-commerce software & Marketing GmbH”based in Cologne and Dortmund has specialized in solutions for this reason individually designed E-Commerce, the focus is on IBM’s comprehensive product portfolio. The proprietary enterprise software WebSphere Commerce is a American software companies IBM famously”world’s very successful years and occupies the position of the market leader currently even in the segments of E-commerce. This shop solution with the ability multi-faceted business individually to implement measures large and small businesses.

A modern technical architecture ensure optimal scalability and high availability can here be achieved. Also extremely powerful modules for merchandising, catalog management and analysis are integrated. Also the IBM product line offers some interesting external extensions and additional software tools with direct interface WebSphere. Just the topics of Web Analytics, OnSite optimization and online marketing are closely linked in connection with online trading. CoreMetrics for this purpose “, developed a comprehensive tool which covers the entire service portfolio around the area of marketing optimization. Here are the features Web Analytics, bid management, ROI monitoring for social media and benchmarking in the foreground. With CoreMetrics’, companies can increase the value of every customer interaction and reach so sales and enhanced customer loyalty.

Also, Unica campaign comes from the comprehensive IBM family”, a special marketing software an integrated approach for online and offline marketing and cross channel marketing measures pursued. Therefore, marketing departments are extensive and channel-independent marketing strategies develop, execute, and analyze. In addition, recognizes this IBM product the best possible measurability and plays an important role in determining the best possible interaction with the target groups and customers. In conjunction with WebSphere Commerce, companies can easily control to international campaigns and manage. Interesting is that there is little service providers in Europe providing for these tools training or implementation work. It should be noted, that IBM WebSphere offers a variety of interesting Web solutions in General. BLUETRADE E-commerce software & Marketing GmbH has specialized as a service provider to the entire range of IBM WebSphere and offers this comprehensive advice. Of course, it is not only the technical implementation in focus, but also design and design in the front end and individual interface programming.

Flagbit Creates New Web Site

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Flagbit completes ffn development of TYPO3 website by radio, which is available online now. Karlsruhe. Since last Monday, March 09, 2009 radio presents ffn, Germany’s third-largest private radio station itself, with a new Web site on the Internet. The website has been implemented by the Flagbit GmbH & co. KG, one of the leading TYPO3 and Magento service providers in Germany. With the relaunch, especially the growing technical requirements were taken into account by higher numbers of users.

Flagbit has put in the implementation on the content management system TYPO3. This is suitable especially for the implementation of the Web site for the following reasons. If you would like to know more then you should visit trevor clark angelo gordon. TYPO3 is ideal especially because of the extensive possibilities to capture content editorially as well as the extensive functionalities, to create complex Web pages, from a technical standpoint. Due to the high technical challenge of 10 million page impressions per month (IVW tested) on the Web sites of radio ffn the caching mechanisms have been revised by TYPO3 and through intelligent Advanced solutions that automatically respond to changes in content. Special extensions of Flagbit thats backend much easier to use than the previous version and also the changes are visible immediately.

That the cache of TYPO3 delivers obsolete page content, problems no longer on \”, noticed Katrin Wulfert, online editor and webmaster radio ffn. With the new Web site, radio ffn also lays the foundations for future developments in the direction of rich media content\”such as music, video, sounds and games as well as interactive, user-generated content. The new Web site offers us the opportunity to present our listeners new content and to expand our editorial offerings into new areas. The new website allows us in a hitherto unknown way with our listeners to interact. \”, so Katrin Wulfert. In addition a high functional diversity within the Web page has been realized, such as automatically updating traffic news and a connection of TYPO3 to the Transmission control radio ffn.

Online-shop Tailor-made: Trigema Opts For Hubris

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New Web shop of Trigema based on hybris commerce suite of new Web shop of the T-Shirt and tennis apparel manufacturer Trigema fits like a glove. The German company has a very special shopping experience with Web 2.0 features and modern E-Commerce processes. For even more opinions, read materials from jim halpert. Trigema customers get now up-to-date and comprehensive product information and personalized mailings with attractive shopping vouchers. The heart of the new online shop is the PIM (product information management)-based E-commerce solution by hubris, which was implemented by the partner texcelerate solutions. Game, set and match: customers, see detailed descriptions of all collections, specials and articles.

To do this, all product information such as item number, size, and material specifications, available colors, be obtained delivery time and price from the Central product database by hubris and displayed. Images can be zoomed in and the individual design of T-Shirts, Polo shirts and sweatshirts completes the online product presentation. During their Online shopping customers also have the option to use selected articles on shopping lists, mail to friends, or directly to the shopping cart. Trevor clark angelo gordon gathered all the information. The easy navigation and logical structure for women’s, men’s, children’s sportswear and specials, as well as the full-text search by product or by article number also make the new virtual Trigema customer shopping experience a breeze. So everyone using rich-media applications and interactive product consultants, which also show a link to the matching jeans and casual pants, for example, to view of a red sweatshirts, finds a matching outfit. Our newly developed web shop offers customers what they expect from our high-quality products: top quality, made in Germany. We are sure to have made us a future-oriented investment,\”explain area Director of Trigema Jurgen Gassner and Hanns Bilz, the responsible E-commerce. The hybris Commerce Suite regulates the Trigema shop the entire website, the the textile company by means of integrated content management system maintains. She could be implemented seamlessly into the existing IT landscape and combines all advantages of standard software, such as fast operational readiness and comprehensive feature set, with a classic framework flexibility and extensibility.

German Websites

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Tags: was awarded as one of the best German-speaking Internet sites in Hamburg, 07.11.2009. presented is as one of the best 394 websites the Web address book for Germany”to the special theme of health and wellness”. For ten years, continuously five renowned editors select the best Internet addresses of millions of Web pages. A wide range of service, timeliness and originality of a page, a nationwide relevance and usability are met in the Internet leader only some of the criteria the SPANESS for inclusion. Obtained results entering a keyword in a search engine, for example on Google the search term of wellness”, over 100 million. Often the first links are not automatically the best.

The bots of the search engines scan everything that meets them and thereby make no substantive score. The result is that you must work through the long list of hits time consuming and often finds no satisfactory information. It works quite differently Web address book for Germany”. Since early October, the 13th edition in the trade is available. Here only the 6,000 best and most important addresses at a glance, presented from over 12 million German-speaking Web pages in total. “It again less than 400 addresses to the special theme of health and wellness”. All Internet pages are carefully researched, clearly arranged and editorially tested.

The Web address book is praised not only by Internet experts and media and recognized as standard, but is repeated every year on the bestseller lists of the German book trade. Nearly 70 percent of all Germans use the Internet. We put so much emphasis on a user-friendly operability, as well as an informative, clear and structured overview. With SPANESS, a portal for wellness oases and health tourism we have only online at the beginning of the year. Within such a short time with a such award to be considered a great compliment as well as a confirmation for us, our idea, and that is related philosophy”, says Tanja Klindworth, one of two managing directors of SPANESS.


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Search capabilities in the online shop has been improved and simplified the article search. The search in the online shop of the SKV technology has been improved since the 01.05.2013 for customers. The operation has been simplified. Why was the finding to articles? Customers have SKV pointed out technology, that the search for articles in the online shop was cumbersome and complicated. Then was the online shop under the domain redesigned end of April 2013 completion date 01.05.2013 completely. SKV technology already reported and thus is the first step to his “one step to conversion” strategy implemented and redesigned the customer-friendly service in finding articles.

What has been redesigned? The shopping experience at SKV technology or the online shop is completely new. Customers can choose the desired side channel blowers directly on the home page of tiles. The tiles include the basic attributes of the compressor and the client looks in the proposed “One step to conversion” with a click immediately and directly from his machine. In the Subsequently the customer completes his SKV with the connection parameters. Here, the machine always in the currently configured variant is represented as image with all selected attributes. This facilitates the customer to keep track during configuration.

In the design of the article search SKV relies on information technology its customers and thus carries out fundamental business principles. The best guide is the critical customer. The SKV technology is a specialist dealer who focuses on the exclusive trade with side channel compressors and acts for summer 2012 in the German-speaking market. Together with its suppliers SKV reached a market share of 10% and the technology after a nine year existence. The most important drive of the team by SKV technique was and remains the satisfaction of its customers. Customers save time and clarity in the selection of the side channel blowers. What is implemented in the future in the SKV technology online shop? SKV technology – equipment request to customers in the next few days an advanced forms search To find. This search function combines two strategies. On the one hand you should choose customers from the existing machinery of side channel blowers. On the other hand, customers will receive the opportunity to convey desired parameter to the team of the online shops and urging SKV so technology for the delivery of an offer. SKV technology – Configurator directly after the implementation of the device request be the technician of SKV technology team to implement the programming of a new configurator. Currently run several tests and SKV technology plans to release mid May. Goal is technology online shop again to increase customer satisfaction with the shopping experience in the SKV. SKV will report back technology.

No Undercut At The Expense Of Quality: New Order Placement Portal

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Tags: sets new standards in the area of procurement Koblenz – with the slogan just find best recently launched the portal developed by ONM the boolo GmbH from funds. boolo is one of the first interactive and direct intermediary order platforms for residential and business customers in Germany. While boolo focuses on the placement of qualified customer inquiries on regional provider. boolo at least three quotes picks up the commonly used in the economic process of enquiry – per request and transmits it in a simplified form on the Internet. Idea here but not necessarily is the achievement of the lowest price, but maintaining the right solution for the customer problem.

In diverse categories, the customer has the possibility, even without expert knowledge to formulate, without having to search even after the optimal solution meaningful requests within a few minutes to the most diverse areas. The request is communicated directly to up to five providers. I.e. in contrast to the request not to the General view and sole price levy published previous job placement portals. From point of view, the provider is boolo particularly attractive because consulting and service expertise stand in the foreground and not the supposedly best price. boolo gone in August with over 60 categories at the start. Regionally, the focus is first on the left lower Rhine.

Companies that register till 31.09.2010 as providers, can enjoy of a 50% introductory discount. The new portal is a complete in-house development based on the Zend Framework. Were also employed PHP 5.2.5 + and MySQL and PHPIDS. ONM is responsible in addition to the pure implementation of both parts of the design for the logo and screen design. A private front became the individual administration of the entire platform by the end customer and backend developed. The form builder allows an individual putting together extensive forms without any prior knowledge. Also payment interface and user administrations were exclusively for boolo developed and integrated. Of course, communication should not be missing 2.0: extensive contact possibilities, tell-a-friend feature, Facebook integration, and AddThis integration make this possible. Make yourself a picture: more info to open new media, see contact person: Mrs Brigitte Krampen responsibility: Marketing/PR With New Lifestyle Area

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Tags: offers now an attractive lifestyle area with special single travel and single events the partner search to is still varied in the future. To promote the personal exchanges in the community, Austria’s most popular Partnersuchportal offers more and more interactive and service-oriented services. So the page was expanded recently area a lifestyle, which creates the possibility with special activities to meet virtual acquaintances in real life. sends its users in the future on holiday single travel and single events in collaboration with ex package travel. Here, New York Museums expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The tour operator organizes customized dream vacations on singles and ensures the appropriate programme with excursions, parties, as well as coaching to the topic contact and flirting.

Thanks to the cooperation, members receive discounts when booking of single trips from Who goes rather to the native Austria on the search for love, finds dates of to regular single events on Organizer is Clubu31, a long-time partner of the single market. Registered users benefit from discounted access for various events. A further category of the new lifestyle is categories fashion, film & music film and music range which boasts regular Raffles of concert tickets and theater tickets. The current competition sends two people to the single European concert by Bon Jovi to London. Is rounded off the varied lifestyle offering by a fashion range.

At the time, female users from an attractive range of shoes and bags can choose. “We are happy to have found us with Clubu31 and ex package travel two reliable partners. In addition to the matchmaking service, also in the future will operate increasingly in the area of the community-building. Our users must look forward to additional enhancements and new features”, commented CEO of Magdalena Franzl, who wants to win a dream vacation for two persons in Croatia, registered the best for free on and automatically takes part in the competition. About with over 600,000 registered users, is Austria’s most popular address for the serious search for love on the net. Different search functions, flirt SMS, flirt and chat rooms make the online dating easy, efficient and enjoyable. The platform is marketed by Aboutmedia and is part of the largest marketing network in Austria. include this,,, and travel is operator of the Ondate Internet service GmbH, Vienna. More information: OnDate Internet service GmbH Ochid Hofgasse 26 / 5 1060 Vienna Magdalena Franzl, Managing Director Tel: 0676 440 12 83 E-Mail: Web: