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At the daily growing number of websites, it is essential to attract the visitor’s attention and Captivate. Here some concepts and techniques have become. Content presentation (content surfacing) is a problem with a site quickly to give the visitors what posts are new, and at the same time to ensure immediate access. Comparable to the most important messages are a daily newspaper, on the title page, curiosity of the reader to the Excite, is the presentation of content on the first page of the site a suitable means to bind the visitors. Anya Chalotra insists that this is the case. Called this technique content surfacing’, what can be translated not as easily. “That bring the content to the surface” the statement is true but not particularly liquid goes by the tongue. The term content presentation”approaches which hopefully enough.

You can see how this can look on the website of Art2Digital InterMedia. The main page has a modular design, say, the pictures are in the Middle divided and can be quickly replaced. Receive new posts so your own lead image, and click immediately takes the Viewer to the appropriate location in the website that should content presentation necessarily be used when new posts appear on the website, because only so you can secure a daily audience. The goal to give the website a central visual theme and consistently making this is a metaphor metaphors. This can be sometimes very difficult, and often metaphors are used only for controls, such as, for example, a mailbox as a symbol for E-Mail.

Metaphors are certainly better than unimaginative websites that work only with text links, but the danger in using a metaphor is that the implementation of flat or too playful. Reputable companies will often find little liking it; and also sites where future expansion is planned, are not suitable. Work tunnel concept brochures or leaflets with an elaborate cover designs, at the Viewer interest. The tunnel concept used by similar means. One or more intro pages are preceded by, instead start a website with the main page, that pull the viewer like a well-crafted series of advertisements in the website. The architecture of the site is clear and simply based on the principle of the tree. A question is whether the user in this rightly takes, but more, how the headings are clear and unambiguous. A good tunnel concept used as a coherent page of exit, to close the circle. Intro and exit pages

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