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Search capabilities in the online shop has been improved and simplified the article search. The search in the online shop of the SKV technology has been improved since the 01.05.2013 for customers. The operation has been simplified. Why was the finding to articles? Customers have SKV pointed out technology, that the search for articles in the online shop was cumbersome and complicated. Then was the online shop under the domain redesigned end of April 2013 completion date 01.05.2013 completely. SKV technology already reported and thus is the first step to his “one step to conversion” strategy implemented and redesigned the customer-friendly service in finding articles.

What has been redesigned? The shopping experience at SKV technology or the online shop is completely new. Customers can choose the desired side channel blowers directly on the home page of tiles. The tiles include the basic attributes of the compressor and the client looks in the proposed “One step to conversion” with a click immediately and directly from his machine. In the Subsequently the customer completes his SKV with the connection parameters. Here, the machine always in the currently configured variant is represented as image with all selected attributes. This facilitates the customer to keep track during configuration.

In the design of the article search SKV relies on information technology its customers and thus carries out fundamental business principles. The best guide is the critical customer. The SKV technology is a specialist dealer who focuses on the exclusive trade with side channel compressors and acts for summer 2012 in the German-speaking market. Together with its suppliers SKV reached a market share of 10% and the technology after a nine year existence. The most important drive of the team by SKV technique was and remains the satisfaction of its customers. Customers save time and clarity in the selection of the side channel blowers. What is implemented in the future in the SKV technology online shop? SKV technology – equipment request to customers in the next few days an advanced forms search To find. This search function combines two strategies. On the one hand you should choose customers from the existing machinery of side channel blowers. On the other hand, customers will receive the opportunity to convey desired parameter to the team of the online shops and urging SKV so technology for the delivery of an offer. SKV technology – Configurator directly after the implementation of the device request be the technician of SKV technology team to implement the programming of a new configurator. Currently run several tests and SKV technology plans to release mid May. Goal is technology online shop again to increase customer satisfaction with the shopping experience in the SKV. SKV will report back technology.

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