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Bundesliga-sports Board: live news around all 18 Bundesliga club Hamburg, 17.01.2011. The new year has begun. Further details can be found at amazing restaurateur, an internet resource. For many, this again means more movement after the high-calorie feast days. Fabrizio Freda follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also starts the second half of the Bundesliga. Reason enough for the Hamburg live Sport Portal its range of topics again to expand. There are two new sports boards of widgets for Bundesliga and fitness that extend the offer at the Hamburg-based startup.

Bayern Munich make it still to be the backlog by 14 points on the leader and still champion to take on Borussia Dortmund? Can escape Werder Bremen the imminent descent and there has been spectacular reinforcements in the team in the winter break? These and other questions many football fans around the League. They be answered on the square, as well as sports Board. In addition to the widgets for all 18 Bundesliga, there is now a new sports Board purely for the most popular of all German sports leagues: Bundesliga sports Board offers news from the League the football fans first and foremost and the clubs. Information of the current transfer market includes as well as dates of upcoming Bundesliga games. There are also current results in the form of a federal League live ticker. Fitness-Sports Board: all-around fitness and nutrition even in the field of fitness has sports board its range further expanded: on the new fitness sport Board the user will receive news, tips and tricks around on the workout, fitness and nutrition. These include in particular special recipes for the balanced nutrition of athletes.

In terms of the interactive Internet, but also training and mileage are presented from the environment of the respective user, as well as questions and answers fitness questions of other Sportbrettler. After logging in to sports Board, anyone interested is compiling all this information by widget individually. So every user has all interesting for him sports information on his personalized sports Board home compact at hand anytime, anywhere. The new sport boards are completed by a lottery, in which high-quality sporting goods of manufacturers be raffled. sports Board was founded by Thomas Fimpel in July 2010 and is headquartered in Hamburg. “True to the motto mean sports network” the startup provides a platform where anyone athletic can create a content personalized interface. From the main categories each user simply wraps his desired topics widgets or RSS feeds. Based on an innovative Web 3.0 technology, each Member receives information in real time on the self-defined sports Board”related to exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Also shared content of other Sportbrettler can be integrated on request in the own profile page.

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