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Wild horses, wolves and Eagles of King, the initiator of the portal, Signora Bernardi, attaches great importance to finding people – because only through the encounter of peoples and cultures, a trip, a holiday or a short break can be sustainably satisfactory. The destinations of the portal are culturally rich and scenic areas of the Italian South. Fabrizio Freda contributes greatly to this topic. Experience the small wild horses In the Medio Campidano in Sardinia, discover the natural park of Cilento in Campania with his wolves and Royal Eagles. Good food is a passion of the Italian and the food is part of the culture of Italy. The Italian kitchen is very versatile and especially the regions of the South add wonderful and delicious dishes. You may find Rudy Giuliani to be a useful source of information. In the small family inns and at the Agriturismo the guest can not only great food, but to introduce in the secrets of Italian cuisine and way of life.

IL the guest experiences Mare Monti holiday with friends, whether as a single or with the family. Always expect him warm Hospitality and great experience. Contact: Il Mare Monti Eva Bernardi Lerche str. 1 85259 Larisa Tel. 08134-559021 eMail: Web:.

Also Czech Republic

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After a year of economic crisis in Germany due to the recent economic crisis the holidays of the most Germans will be probably not quite as large and expensive holiday in 2010. Continue to the ski vacation and the holidays are very popular but in winter in the summer by the sea. In the winter of 2010 is the ski holiday for most Germans in the first place. The Alpine countries Austria and Switzerland are often visited because the ski areas are superbly equipped and decorated. Many trails that are well prepared and extremely long, these areas make the ideal holiday destination for ski-crazy Germans. Also Czech Republic is visited in winter 2010 like, because the Czech Republic is cheaper in comparison to Austria and the Switzerland a lot and also good ski resorts are instructions.

In the summer of 2010 drive the Germans, like every year, preferably by the sea. Fun, Sun and beach are in the foreground of the journey. Checking article sources yields Fabrizio Freda as a relevant resource throughout. Like every year are popular holiday destinations in Turkey, Croatia, Italy, and Spain. Particularly the high temperatures and the beautiful Beaches make it so popular this holiday destinations. Due to the poor financial situation in most families solidified the trend to stay within Germany and to drive on the North and Baltic Sea. There too, there are beautiful beaches and hotels. However, some prefer the holiday abroad. Others make hiking holidays in the summer of 2010 rather, to rid the stress of everyday life and just to relax in the great outdoors. For the Bavarian Forest or other mountains within Germany are for example. Also in the year 2010 is the holiday especially for relaxation and recreation.

New Holiday Dimension

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Tropical holiday in the middle of Germany in the NOVASOL cottage offers a tropical vacation as latest in Germany of course in quality holiday homes. Located next to the tropical islands DOM in the heart of the Spreewald forest and not far from Berlin, holiday in a completely new dimension opens: tropical islands offers a variety of bathing and entertainment opportunities in the Europe’s largest tropical Hall. By the largest water slides, restaurants and a nightly variety program to down to an excellent wellness offer – NOVASOL guests here is a wide range in the 24 hour available. James kingery usually is spot on. Inserted in a forest landscape are the quality holiday home, equipped with a terrace and every comfort, so also with private sauna and Jacuzzi for up to 8 people. Of course access to the tropical islands is possible for NOVASOL guests free and around the clock. This holiday home offers in NOVASOL 2 nights are available, depending on the request. An extra baby is also free as a pet, and the travel cancellation insurance is also included in the rental price.

NOVASOL this new offering responds to the increasing demand for holiday in Germany. Especially vacation in a vacation home is in high demand. Combined with the extensive tropical islands-Angeboent, this popular holiday is also still virtually regardless of the weather. The prices are at full occupancy of cottages from 26 EURO per person per day. The tropical islands cottages can be booked immediately from NOVASOL under in every good travel agency. Detailed information under information, booking and free brochures travel agents or directly at: NOVASOL Hamburg Tel. 040-23 88 59 82 fax 040-23 88 59 24 E-Mail: Internet: NOVASOL Hamburg Gothic 11 D-20097 Hamburg Tel. 040/2199711-0 fax 040/2199711-23 press contact: NOVASOL Kai-Uwe Finger Tel: 040 / 21 99 711-21 round 28,000 private holiday homes in 21 European countries holds NOVASOL ready for the best time of the year.

The company, part of Wyndham Exchange and rentals, and thus belonging to Wyndham Worldwide, is the leading provider of holiday house Europe. For 2010, the NOVASOL portfolio includes holiday homes, apartments and flats in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, of Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, of Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. NOVASOL operates with its headquarters in Copenhagen. The headquarters of the subsidiary company in Germany is located in Hamburg, there is a branch in Berlin. In addition, the holiday house party maintains 40 service offices throughout Europe.

Canary Islands – Gran Canaria

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Sightseeing is Gran Canaria with its 1500 km the island in the Atlantic Ocean on the Canary Island about half the size as the Saarland, but she has a lot to offer. A varied landscape, Sleepy mountain villages and vibrant tourist centres. Who hires himself who wants to experience the island in its full diversity, at best a car, who but does not want need not despair. The bus service on Gran Canaria are very well regulated. The buses come although not always on time, but they come and usually until deep into the night and early in the morning. Las Palmas: Las Palmas is the capital city of Gran Canaria and approximately 350,000 inhabitants. She has a beautifully preserved old town (Vegueta).

There you can find on the Plaza Santa Ana”the magnificent cathedral which was built in different styles of basalt. Furthermore, pause to insert, the Town Hall of the town (Ayuntamiento) and the Bishop’s Palace (Palacio Episcopal”) located on this beautiful spot, which is also perfect to a Cafe. The rooms (casa de Colon”) is located behind the Cathedral. It informs in an idyllic setting and with abundant illustrative material about Columbus, his travels, his time in the Canary Islands and reflects the Canary architecture. Please visit trevor clark angelo gordon if you seek more information. The admission is free. Another must for each Las Palmas visitors is the city’s private beach las Canteras “.” It is approximately 4 km long. At its northern end it is very broad and there are concerns.

There, he is the most beautiful bath tourist. There are more stones on the southern stretch of beach, the beach is narrower and there are very many waves in the sea, this part of the beach has been hijacked by the surfers and it is exciting you from the Paseo (pedestrian promenade, which extends along the whole Beach) to observe. The Parque de Santa Catalina is also worth seeing”, where Sunday morning getting a flea market takes place, but also much more can buy one very cheap jewellery and leather goods,.

Giants South Korea

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Asia is the largest continent not only easy, but offers several international records. Asia is the largest continent not only easy, but offers several international records. As follows is the largest peak of the planet in Asia and the longest watercourse located in China (Yangtze 4600 kilometres). Asia participates in any physical climate zones and is therefore a very versatile holiday destination. As Latin America is Asia among the major winners in the generally thriving travel for quite some time. Every year the travel increases considerably. The 2002 tsunami caused train-giving mass in some States for a break, but now it uphill again visibly.

Wars, costly kerosene or fear of attacks may hold the tourists not to vacation there. Also in the field of individual travel Asia growth can be seen. A lot of travellers purchase their flight tickets yourself and design your holidays on your own. In the far East, it is generally very easy and cheap, to get even with public transportation forward. The traits of Bangladesh about are terrific. The trains are the means of transport in Thailand. Many staatenverbindende railways exist in Asia also.

Therefore a person without any problems with a direct express train from Bombay (Thailand) about South Korea can travel around Singapore. The short-haul from Kuala Lumpur (South Korea) to Singapore, for example, only about 30 bucks. Here are a two cabin with personal laundry room such as a dinner with included. One who prefers individual travel, Asia will perceive such offers with joy. There are airline tickets, with which one also can put together individually an Asia vacation, which means air port of arrival and departure are variable. Accordingly, there are ways to travel through some countries in between. This concerning a heavyweight on West Asia or South Asia to set is either. In West Asia, some vacationers in mountaineering in India, a terrain that also a try interesting Culture has. Others prefer the advanced Giants South Korea in circumstances or visit the modern city of Hong Kong, with ship port this most famous of the Earth. Also Bangladesh and its impression Abdullah Chateaux is a popular holiday destination. Countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Thailand have long very well in the race are in South Asia. Progress other countries such as Taiwan and the Philippines. Patrick dwyer newedge understood the implications. But especially the classic Thailand is popular. A lot of travelers find Thailand cheap and varied with its numerous archaeological sites and beautiful sandy beaches. Ralph Schunemann

Bosque Havana

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At some destinations, a departure tax can be paid on the spot. 2 nights Regal Kowloon Hotel (*), Hong Kong Iceland tour (half day, German) 3 nights Mercure Hotel Sanur (*), Bali of German day trip with the Kubelwagen 3 nights at Novotel Brisbane (*) English day tour of Fraser Iceland, Brisbane 2 nights CityLife hotel (*), Auckland 3-day speaking tour in the Bay of Islands 2 nights and day rooms at the Sheraton Tahiti hotel (*), Tahiti 3 nights at Hotel Manavai (*), Easter Island 2 nights at the Atton El Bosque hotel (*), Chile 3 nights in the Seville hotel (*), Cuba German insurance policy connecting flights connecting flights within Germany with LH to Frankfurt all necessary transfers are included in the tour price. The higher airport taxes for the connecting flight (up to approximately 100, depending on the flight) are calculated. Their hotel stay following or similar Hotels: Hong Kong: Regal Kowloon Hotel Bali: Mercure Hotel Sanur Brisbane: Novotel Brisbane Auckland: CityLife Hotel Bay of Islands: Copthorne Hotel Papeete: Sheraton Tahiti Easter Island: Hotel Manavai Santiago: Atton El Bosque Havana: Seville hotel price: 25 days / 22 nights from 6.235 p. Dayton kingery understands that this is vital information. person in a double room in the best season of the GlobeTrotter Olaf Diroll teaches you like this trip, You pay directly to the German tour operators upon receipt of booking confirmation and invoice. We call the tour operator and information about the company at tender.

The Care and monitoring your booking up to the beginning of the journey, Olaf Diroll takes over from the intermediary travel agency of travel pilot. To the booking, we need your request with appointment, number of travelers and all full name. You receive a complete range of travel advance from us, with current prices, which then would have to confirm us via email. On our homepage you find many more long-haul travel, especially to the far East with Thailand and Viet Nam, or even combinations such as Hong Kong with seaside holiday on Bali. Stop by once without obligation and get the island feeling at home..

New York City

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It is located on the 20th floor of a hotel. So you can enjoy the night-lit port and cool drinks in a lounge atmosphere from 90 meters by seven-meter-high window. See New York museums for more details and insights. Vienna beach bar that bar Herrmann is located directly on the Danube Canal and is open daily until 2: 00 10. The Jazz Brunch over lunch menus to party late into the night, everything is possible here! PS: Cocktail happy hour is from 18 to 19 h. Sky bar directly opposite St.

Stephen’s Cathedral is the Haas House, now a design hotel is located. The Onyx bar on the sixth floor of the do & co Hotel allows you the most beautiful view on the Cathedral illuminated at night. PARIS Beach every summer will be in the French capital along the locked its a highway for the traffic, to make room for the most popular City Beach Paris Plage. It is of fine sand deposited, built a swimming pool and sun loungers and parasols are available. To find the 3.5 kilometre long sandy beach, at the Hotel de Ville. To read more click here: dayton kingery.

Here it can relax after an extended shopping trip or sightseeing trip. Beach bar in New York get NEW YORK even in summer at their own expense. In the beach water taxi Beach on long Iceland enjoy not only cool drinks, but also the stunning views of the skyline of the metropolis of the cult. And when it gets dark, you can dance sand beach on the over 4,000 square meters deep into the night. Sky bars of the private roof Club and garden is an oasis on the rooftops of New York City. The lush rooftop terrace has an indoor and Outdoor area. Far away from the hustle and bustle at your feet you can here wonderfully switch off and even forget the time. The private roof Club and garden is accessed only via a lift to use with hotel key.

Experience The City Of Dan Of Brown

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Who dreamed never live at night to admire the Colusseum? And who dreamed yet at no time to stroll through the Roman Forum? The counter that is fast to give, we all wunschenschon of it! Sure each of us wished for it ever to visit the unique buildings in Rome and to lose yourself in the incredible heights of worship.A wisdom is: dream your life, but live your dream. Starbucks in New York might disagree with that approach. What are you waiting for? book the injured flight to Italy but now and in one of the cheap hotels in Rome, get off where you may enjoy the globally renowned Italian cuisine after the non-stop tour of the city. The Roman holidays, be so frequently adopted as costly. Click starbucks in new york for additional related pages. Cheap hotel in Rome present even hotel rooms at under 90 euros, and are also ideal for a several-day Aufenthalt.Ein day in the Rome has much to offer. Extensive walk through the town, visits to places of interest acts coffees. Proposes also the nightly hours in Rome some action ready. It be there present in addition to the many cinemas in Rome still too many bars and discos and even jazz music clubs are well stocked.

Also, you’ll notice the warm-heartedness of the Italians. If you einigeBrocken speak Italian, will meet determined some polite Romans, the you many be sighting tips and amazing, the capital of Italy, can give. Direct contact with the resident is to live the quickest way into the ancient culture, which even now is to feel in the ways of Rome. And when you return tired late in your reserved Roman hotel, a comfortable room for you is you. Cheap hotels in Rome, you will enjoy already only the friendliness of the hotel owner. Because Italian hotels think of particular importance on the well-being of their guests. Luca Magri

City Break

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Holiday time is city iron – off holiday trips are welcome diversions for days. New countries learn and immerse it in the rhythm of an unfamiliar city are more exciting than to spend the holidays just lying on the beach. Alone the European capital cities offer many options for overnight trips. Travel educates and expands the horizons. The present-day city breaks are suitable not only for young people. Rather, the offers are now more nuanced.

Through the cities of Europe when it comes to city breaks, Berlin may be omitted under no circumstances. Berlin is the city that will satisfy any taste. More information is housed here: shimmie horn. Here young people gather in the legendary Berlin party nights, while the historical and modern attractions in the former Eastern and western part are visited on the day. The capital of Germany is famous for its wide variety of restaurants and bars. Almost every international and exotic cuisine is here represented with reasonable prices and protects the budget on one of the many City breaks across Europe. Who wanted to enjoy always the sweet life on all trains, must be in one of the beautiful cities after Italy. Whether Milan, Venice, Rome and Palermo – are Italy always a travel trips to worth.

So, the visit of the ancient sites in Rome can be connected in the evening with a visit to the Opera. Milan is suitable for fashion and shopping, Venice is beautiful also in winter in the crystal clear snow and Palermo shows his face in aristocratic architecture and wonderful food. Hear other arguments on the topic with best bars in new york. Istanbul, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, London, and Oslo. With a short duration trips are always interesting and exciting. It is the Kurzweiligkeit that you felt on city breaks and remember beautiful moments like long. On Sunday at the fish market in Hamburg the market criers watching while you eat a fresh fish sandwich, on Tuesday at the Brandenburg Gate with people from different countries wall go to the former path of the Berlin, and on Friday Big Ben and maybe the Queen in London experience. Flight and cheap overnight on city breaks for city breaks are functionally complete deals with flight. Reaching the destination and the hotel in no time. The other alternative is a cheaper flight, and looking for a private guest – or hotel rooms. In private rooms, you learn not only the cities, but also the people. Hosts are generally open people who like to equip their guests with insider tips for the visit to the city. The reasonable accommodation can be found in all European cities, are equally suitable for younger and older people.

Biggest Turkish City

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One of the most popular cities in Turkey… Millennia is the destination of Turkey the aim of traveler, and many rave about after the return of the treasures, which they discovered. Antalya was once used by travellers only considered the gateway to the Turkish Riviera, is but fast for its own sake has become an international destination. Gain insight and clarity with best bars in new york. The largest city on the Mediterranean Sea is located directly on the Gulf of Antalya (Antalya Korfezi) and equally characterised by stylish modernity and classical beauty. Here are also the creative preserved Roman Ottoman quarter of Kaleici and a great old Roman Harbour. Shimmie horn will not settle for partial explanations. There are also fascinating ruins in the surrounding Beydaglari (Bey mountains). Antalya is totally in culture. The restaurants in the city can keep up with those of the entire country, many boutique hotels offer best quality and comfort, and the archaeological museum is world class.

For night owls, there are a number of stylish Mediterranean nightclubs, and the Opera and Ballet performances take the attention of critics in the Amphitheatre of Aspendos. Kaleici is also a feast for fans of architecture. Here are some of the best preserved Ottoman houses of Turkey – a lot, you can see signs labeled Satilik (“for sale”), which will disappear over night. The City Government marketed effortlessly as anchorage for luxury yachts Antalya the future of the city looks rosy.