Shopping Center Japan

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In the District of Ueno”you will find the great Zoo in Tokyo. There are also several museums and other cultural institutions in this district. Start day tour: 1 Shinjuku: the Shopping Center, you have to see. This description of the tour starts at the absolute highlight, that you should not miss. Shinjuku, one of the city’s shopping malls. “Tokyo Tokyo Shinjuku metropolis of Japan already on the S subway station Shinjuku” you look down on the streets of houses by the up masses of people pushing. Countless shops, mostly selling technology products, advertise loudly to everyone who walks in the store.

“Also, you will find many second hand technology stores”. “The technology lovers Tokyo understand this already 6 months old notebooks as second hand goods”. Japan Tokyo Shinjuku advertising is capital of Japan of Tokyo Shinjuku part just at night an unforgettable experience. The illuminated advertising Board get to the part, to expire the rank to Times Square in New York. 2.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government building: architecture that will impress you. Not far from Shinjuku, one of the most impressive skyscrapers of Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan is Government Building. This building is also a University and a larger area of the city administration in addition to many companies. You should not be surprised Tokyo Metropolitan Government building Tokyo in the surrounding park of wild fighting people. The real estate prices in Tokyo are immensely high, so that some workers, have built up their sleeping in one of the many parks in Tokyo during the week in the city. 3. Imperial Palace: experience Japanese history. Another highlight in Tokyo is the Imperial Palace. Parts of the Palace can be visited mostly on two days a week. Imperial Palace Tokyo Tokyo Japan of 4. Hamarikyuteien: A typical Japanese garden after a day in full S-Bahns and on crowded sidewalks we advise you to visit one of the famous Japanese Gardens at the end of the day, to refuel something silent. Tokyo Japan Hamarikyuteien Japanese garden Japanese garden holds Hamarikyuteien with not only lots of nature for you ready. In an original reproduction of a Japanese Teahouse, you can take a cup of original tea to himself. But watch your head, because the traditional Japanese houses are built more for smaller Asian and not for great Europeans. Tokyo Tokyo Japan Hamarikyuteien tea house in this tea House ends our trip override over Tokyo, the capital of Asia. The Combipix team hopes to have brought you to this metropolis closer. We would be pleased to welcome you to our website and say up to a reunion: Sayonara. Your Combipix team the images and maps of the Agency Combipix are copyrighted. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals.

Fantastic Mediterranean Hotels With

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Authentic places to stay – authentic aims to stay the Iberian Peninsula overwhelmed in its variety of landscapes, historical places and cultures. From the mountains in Catalonia, the seclusion of the Alentejo to the monumental sights in Andalusia. Same diversity present a wide variety of hotels and accommodations. But finding those that take one of your breath if you saw it in the distance or just comes through the door, it is not so easy. We at Secretplaces have made it our mission, to locate these treasures for the discerning traveller and present you with an independent guide to the best hotels in Spain and Portugal. Accommodations from which you not only recovered, but certainly to a cultural experience enriched will return.

Secretplaces users share our passion far the consorts to discover fascinating destinations independently. So different their wishes may also be a romantic weekend in together, they have a historical village, family holiday on the beach or a gastronomic journey of discovery – the curiosity about new cultures and ways of life. Why of Secretplaces? LL exclusive selection: over three years toured the Secretplaces team, led by Michael Bendixen and Beatriz Stucky, Spain, Portugal and Italy in search of the most enchanting accommodation. Until today besuchten1400 hotels, were given by the predicate to be only 300 something special enough to be included in our selection. Each hotel convinced, either through excellent service, tasteful decor, atmosphere, unique architecture or wonderful location. The offer is as varied as our customers and includes romantic country Guest House, historical residences, luxury mansions, elegant city hotel, and simply beautiful coast hotels. LL Advisory: Secretplaces helps you to find the ideal accommodation. Maybe plan a gastronomic tour, want to migrate and are looking for an idyllic mountain hotel, or would just like to enjoy beautiful landscapes? Tell us your wishes – we then find the perfect hotel in the most beautiful place.

LL knowledge: Secretplaces offer not only detailed information and photos presented hotels, but also valuable information on local history, culture and leisure – clearly sorted by region and hotel. LL excellent concept: ease of use, impressive graphics, and an incomparable service: Secretplaces Festival in Cannes, the New York convinced the experts some of the internationally most important awards, such as the international advertisement Festival and the Montreux Golden awards. ll the Secretplaces team Michael Bendixen and Beatriz para STUCKY in the year 2000 secret of places formed, their goal was a new kind of travel guide, hotels and one to create accommodations in Portugal and Spain -, which is made by people who love travel, culture and good food.

Football Weltmesterschaft

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World Cup 2010 in South Africa with excitement: even during vacation! It’s time, now can we share in the excitement for World Cup 2010 in South Africa! Football are real emotions, passion and sense of community. From 11 June to 11 July 2010 we live football! World Cup will take place July in June, but you must not forgo vacation, just because you want to see the games be sure! A special experience can be to watch that football game at the hostel, and you will be certainly not alone! Berlin, Germany the German summer continues and never was so great faith in the German team! Pfefferbett Hostel Berlin invites you to watch all matches of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa on a big screen on the terrace and in the lobby. Including crickets and cool drinks. Or how about with Tentstation, campsite in the middle of Berlin? Tentstation is located in the countryside and is just five minutes walk from the main train station. From 11.6., World Cup 2010 is here on the big screen shown! Comes to football and barbecue, drinks will be provided! Istanbul, Turkey also in Istanbul is with shown! And Sultan Hostel in Istanbul with its mission to provide a comfortable, stylish and comfortable accommodation in Istanbul, responds to all requests of our guests. The huge screen is always on for World Cup be: you must only hurry you to get free space! London, England to be there in London: even if the mood here now heat is! England is considered to be one of the Favorites of this year at World Cup. Hostel London cools in Builder you: with fresh drinks, Maxi screen, and other fans from around the world! Rome, Italy in Rome, capital of football – World Champion 2006, is one of the most important events World Cup course 2010, and no Italian remains as indifferent. M & j hostel waiting eagerly World Cup 2010: the coolest Hostel in Rome has worried big screen and cold drinks! QingDao, China China is also shown and celebrated: in Qingdao Kaiyue International Youth Hostel World Cup 2010 displays all games on big screen! Track New York, United States during American football games will you you don’t get bored in Big Apple.

Hostelling International Hostel New York in New York has a huge TV screen with a large terrace and BBQ area, which can accommodate over 100 people. Vienna, Austria summer in Vienna means barbecues, beer, fun and football. Best place to see World Cup 2010 the Wombats are base and Wombats the so. Discover the spirit of the Wombats, you will all see World Cup games on the big screen! Stockholm, Sweden are in the North and visited Stockholm? Even if Sweden 2010 does not participate in the World Cup, Sweden are big fans of football, so believes you will find a TV in every bar. Bay City BackPackers Hostel Stockholm, in its cafe you can eat well, hang out in the backyard and see all the games on big screen.

Her Flight To New York

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Trip to New York: immerse yourself in another world it must be not always a holiday on the beach, also city breaks are very interesting and exciting. A dream of many is to someday meet the cosmopolitan city of New York. New York is the setting of many films and TV series, which incredibly well arrive at many German viewers. Including the series Seinfeld or even King of Queens. These two TV series are not only very funny, you get to know the humor of the New Yorker. New York is a very diverse city. Whether you now to monuments or cultural life is interested: the Big Apple has to offer something for everyone. New York, however, is not a city that it should plunge blindly.

A vacation that is reasonably scheduled prior to departure, has hand and foot and they wasted no time. Who would like to book a flight to New York, should look around on the Web. Here you can find cheap deals and also in terms of accommodation everything the heart desires. A vacation is shorter, more planning is behind it, especially if it has to take a flight to New York. It is the largest city in the United States and one of the largest cities around the world! Who wanders around here haphazardly, missed a lot! Of course the Internet not only offers the possibilities to book a cheap flight to New York or a great accommodation, all sorts of information and insider tips are revealed. Who has never been in this fabulous city, has of course other destinations, as someone who there have been before and can focus somewhat. Even if you are coming from Berlin, actually also no coffee, you will be surprised what dimensions arise here! New York has about 8 million inhabitants Berlin has 3.4 million in comparison and is one of the most colossal trade courts and the world’s most important economies.

Brussels Airlines Has For The First Time United States Flights

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From Brussels to New York the Belgian airline a link between Europe and North America recorded for the first time in its young history Brussels Airlines. From the middle of next year, it should be once daily from Brussels to New York and back. The Internet portal reported that already in November 2011 announced projects. Ten years after its founding the Belgian airline expanded Brussels Airlines its network a major gap: the United States. Starting June 1, 2012, the machines of the airline from Brussels.

Target is the New York JFK airport. Daily flight time from the Belgian capital is 10:20 o’clock, arriving in New York at 12:35 local time. The trip starts at 17:15 P.m. local time from the JFK airport, the machine arrives in Brussels at 6:25. The entire route from 3.660 kilometers will be flown on the way in 8:15 hours. For the way back, the used Airbus A330 due to the Jet stream need”only 7:15 hours. In Brussels the passengers benefit from T-zone will be”.

There are all long-haul flights of the airline handled. There are several attractive connections at two positions. Brussels Airlines announced in addition to the new route between Brussels and New York, to expand the number of its targets in Africa. The airline is known for its African range. In the meantime served 20 destinations on the southern continent. More information: news.

To Play It Safe In New York City

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According to the FBI report, New York City is the safest city in the United States the recently released FBI report crime in the United States indicates that New York City no longer the image applies to the dangerous city again: New York City for the second time in a row in last place in the crime rate is in the list of the 25 largest U.S. cities making it the safest big city in the United States. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly announced yesterday that the number of violent crimes is 2009 decreased 5.1% compared to the prior year. 2008, a decline has been observed already by four percent. Also for the year 2010, a positive trend can be observed, because in the first eight months of the year decreased the crime cases to another 1.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

Commissioner Kelly is proud in the light of the developments: the results show the dedication and hard work of the police officers of New York City, and the commitment of the Mayor, the inhabitants and to visitors to our city year year offer a secure environment”. Also compared to the 266 captured U.S. cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, New York City cut off superbly. Safer than 247 other cities is the Big Apple, which is in the rank scale between Garden Grove and Sunnyvale, California. No other city is classified with more than 262,000 residents safer than New York City. Over 45 million visitors did appreciate that in 2009 and spent their holiday in the metropolis.

New York City is this year on the way to a new attendance record with 23.5 million visitors from January to June 2010. Editor’s Note: NYC & company is the official marketing and Tourism Organization of the city New York City. She is responsible for the development of tourism, the economic development of the five city districts and taking care of the positive image of the city around the world. NYC & company operates the NYC information center on the 7th Avenue (52 / 53 Street) and the official NYC website.

Routes Through New York City

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Every fourth visitor of the German speaking countries participate in a guided tour. The range of unusual tours grows. From the 565.000 German visitors who 2009 spent her vacation in New York City, every fourth took part in a guided city tour. Given this development, more and more new tours offered, go beyond a conventional city tour: sightseeing on foot, the jogging step, by bike, bus, boat or helicopter. In addition to exceptional locomotion York underworld is growing as the selection of theme-based tours as culinary excursions by diverse cultures, exciting scavenger hunts or bizarre trips into the hearse, or by the new.

See tours-and-attractions are over 100 to choose from: dead Apple Tours offers tours in the hearse, accompanied by two black-clad undertaker. During the two-hour tour of downtown New York visitors explore locations of mysterious deaths and known learning the dark side Familiar sights. “The tours start from Monday to Sunday each at 10 am and 2: 00 at the Empire State Building and through Soho, where former US President James Monroe spent his last days, passing the hangman’s Elm”, where alleged traitor, suspended during the war of independence through Little Italy, past Topkins Park, where once a butcher mischief bloody drive, and in places, where actor Heath Ledger, Sex pistols bassist SID vicious, author Hermann Melville and many more well-known New Yorkers found their death. Tickets are available for $45 (about 37 euros). At least as entertaining is the NYC mob tour: is at the heart the New York underworld, smuggler, shady bookmakers, organised crime, fraud and mysterious deaths here. During the tour in minibus, visitors discover exciting stories about the activities of mafia and Cosa Nostra, as well as numerous other (Street) gangs. After two hours between Meyer Lansky, Vito Corleone, Joe Gallo, Al Capone, big Pussy, can redeem their tickets as gift vouchers available in restaurants and shops in Little Italy the participants and try Cafe for example, Danny DeVito limoncello tiramisu in the world-famous ChCha.

New York City

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Thousands of lights, fancy decorations, colorful parades and many shows make from November 25 for Christmas in NYC in NYC, Santa Claus comes already on November 25: be feeding on the last car marked Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade traditionally the beginning of the festive season ( Then, it attracts numerous tourists to shop, Marvel and celebrations in the city again. Current information around NYC at Christmas time can be even under annualevents. A highlight is undoubtedly the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center: more than 30,000 multicolored lights and a bit of Swarovski crystals adorn the 30 meters high and eight-ton tree until early January. To the traditional tree lighting ceremony on November 30 at 7: 00 thousands of visitors are expected as each year already in the early afternoon at the Rockefeller Plaza ( For families, there is a special attraction in the New York Botanical Garden: from 20th November to 9 January toy trains through a park from over 100 replicas known go here New York City attractions. All reconstructed buildings are handmade from natural materials such as orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pinecones and bark ( Art lovers can at the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side from 21 November until 30 January the exhibition the Hanukkah project: Daniel Libeskind visit.

For them, Star Architect Daniel Libeskind has an installation made of particularly beautiful and intricately designed Hanukkah lamps of the Museum collection created ( The gingerbread extravaganza in the chic Parker Meridien Hotel can visitors from 1 December until 9 January admiring the extravagant gingerbread artworks of various New York bakers. For a dollar, you can vote on the best gingerbread design object and takes part in a raffle at the same time. The revenue from this Christmas event come to city harvest, a charitable organization good ( In Staten Iceland, the so-called candlelight tours take place on the weekend of the 11th and 18th December.

Radio City Music Hall

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New year’s Eve in New York City for shopping, going out and getting to know the Big Apple. New York is not only a popular shopping destination, but also a top-class holiday destination. In particular for new year’s Eve, when the winter sale starts, contact bargain hunters on a plane in the United States. But also for post owls, New York is very attractive with countless restaurants, bars and nightclubs. No wonder New York epithet the city that never sleeps the.” No matter whether you travel to shopping, to celebrate or for cultural delights – New York is always an experience, but not just for new year’s Eve. What attractions the city offers the visitor now in detail? If you arrive by boat, she sees from afar the statue of liberty. Designed by Frederic Bartholdi, the statue was a gift from France to the United States as a sign of the friendship of the two States.

On the observation deck, you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area of New York. Bridges there are many but only a Brooklyn Bridge. Built in 1883 is one of the landmarks of New York. The link between Manhattan and Brooklyn is worth a visit especially in the evening hours if the lighting transforms the East River into a sea of glitter. One of the landmarks of Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. The high-rise building has a spectacular views over the whole city from the observation level on the 70th floor. Other attractions of the tower are the Radio City Music Hall and the NBC Studios. The Central Park is the by far most famous Park in the city of New York.

City residents love to relax from the stressful city life with tennis, basketball, jogging, soccer or skating. The Park also features some remarkable sculptures. You can buy wonderfully in Grand Central station. The station, which serves also as a film set, is home to many restaurants and shops. In addition to these attractions New York City has of course many, many other attractions, such as the natural history museum, Staten Iceland, Broadway or Ellis Iceland. New York is always a journey worth why not as versatile new year’s Eve travel?

New York City New Year

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Times Square, Central Park and the Hudson River to a proper start in the new year invite hundreds of thousands watch him on Times Square and more than a billion people of the televisions from the ball drop in New York City, the annual spectacle of superlatives. Because the new year does not begin before the famous new year’s Eve Ball at the flag pole fell down and thus heralds the 1st January. With a size of over three and a half meters and weighing more than five tons, the ball in times square, is in itself a tourist attraction. Thanks to the integrated technology, the character can create a range of more than 16 million dynamic colors in addition to over 2,500 Waterford crystals bring the necessary glamour in the most exciting night of the year. But in addition to the main attraction, New York City offers numerous events in the five boroughs. The new year’s Eve wishing wall invites all visitors to hold their personal wishes for the year 2011 on paper. Directly at the times square information center, the wall fills each Year rapidly with hopes from all over the world.

For those who have not the possibility to visit the wall, there is the possibility to express their wishes online. The Emerald Nuts midnight run offers sports fans the opportunity to welcome the new year at a run. Results in the race with a distance of six and a half kilometres through Central Park. Previously, Fireworks – and laser shows, as well as a costume parade through the Central Park Bandshell bring the necessary mood of celebration. For more information see. Already at 20: 00 the first chords of the new sound in Avery Fisher Hall on December 31 York Philharmonic. Alan Gilbert will conduct among Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker at the Polonaise from Eugene Onegin, and the Piano Concerto No..

1 long star pianist Lang will be solidarity among the best. Tickets for the concert can be purchased on. And also to water, visitors can welcome the new year news York. Circle line sightseeing cruises is host for a ride along the city’s illuminated skyline. The Excursion lasts from 22 to 1 h and approximately 103 euros. Midnight champagne, a DJ and a bar provide the perfect new year’s Eve mood. Information and tickets at. Learn more about new year’s Eve in New York City under holidays. Learn more about New York City can be found german and in German at.