Eastern Europe Martin Bartlett

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November 6, Krasnoyarsk, opened its first sales center in Herbalife. City sales center will greatly reduce the time Krasnoyarsk to receive orders and enhance familiarity with the range of world-famous company. The new center, consumers and distributors will be able to immediately see all the lines of Herbalife products – for a balanced diet, weight control and care of the exterior. Here, in the sales center, you can will receive detailed advice on the selection and reception of the desired products. As the vice president for strategic development in Russia, CIS and Central and Eastern Europe, Jonathan Liss, center Each customer will be able to meet not only with products but also with a history of success and values of the company Herbalife. “We sincerely want our products allow people to take better care of their health through regular, balanced diet. Our products will help fill the supply of nutrients to improve overall health, support the tone, and, of course, will keep the figure in the New Year holidays are traditionally in Russia signifying a rich feast …

Opening Sales Center Herbalife – a landmark event for the city “, – said John Liss. – Because the company’s products for many years distributed in major cities around the world, and especially in Europe and USA. Now it will be as close to Krasnoyarsk, as residents of Moscow, New York and London. ” For the third quarter of 2009, net sales of the company in the world was 600.2 million dollars. In the first nine months of the year Company paid dividends amounting to 36.7 million dollars, about 10.1 million for acquired some operating assets.

Capital expenditures amounted to 42.1 million dollars. Commenting on the financial indicators, vice president of Herbalife in logistics and distribution in Russia, CIS and Central and Eastern Europe Martin Bartlett said: “The Russian market is a key for us in terms of investment, due to its huge growth potential. It certainly is for us strategically. ” Sales Center Herbalife is located at Krasnoyarsk, ul. Spring, 26. About Herbalife Herbalife (Herbalife, the encoding of the New York Stock Exchange: HLF) – International Corporation, which implements a wide range of products for a balanced diet, weight control and personal care by direct sales. Herbalife products are distributed today in 72 countries across independent distributors, whose number exceeds 1.9 million. The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and a program called Casa Herbalife, aimed at improving child nutrition.

Luis Miguel Valdes

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Born in Cuba and living in Mexico since 1991, Luis Miguel Valdes Morales is one of the artists who has supported both the creation and the dissemination of printmaking in Mexico, Cuba and other countries, and has also been developed in painting and sculpture. From 1961-1965 he studied at the School of Visual Arts Workshop Pinar del Rio, Cuba, where he conducted courses in Painting, Drawing, Printmaking and Sculpture. From 1965 to 1969 he was a student at the Escuela Nacional de Arte de La Habana, Cuba, specializing in painting and engraving. And from 1983 to 1984 he lived in Paris, France, on being awarded a scholarship to work at the prestigious “Atelier 17” Stanley William Hayter, where Pablo Picasso spent well and Francisco Toledo. Since 1970, Luis Miguel Valdes has had numerous solo exhibitions among which include “The Always Havana: Paintings” at the Havana Gallery in Havana (Cuba), “Paintings and Prints” at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico City (Mexico ), “The Flow. Painting “at Agora Gallery, Soho New York (USA),” The Saffron at Lily. Digital Retrospective “at the IV Salon de Arte Digital in the Gallery of Charlie Chaplin Film de La Habana (Cuba),. Their knowledge, ability and quality as an artist has led him to exhibit at the Embassy of Cuba in Mexico, the Casa del Lago National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City in the Gallery of the Biennial in Varna Bulgaria , Galerie Bernd in Berlin, Germany, and in the National Museum in Havana, Cuba, among many other exhibitions more. Hear other arguments on the topic with Danny Meyer.

Protected Areas

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The area of these ruins has been proclaimed by the UNESCO Cultural landscape of the humanity in the category of fossil landscape. In the national system of Protected Areas of Cuba area that occupy these ruins boasts the category of protected Natural landscape. Next the Mogote peak ecological reserve is located. In both areas can be hiking, observation of landscapes, flora, birds and visits to the ruins of French coffee plantations. Take at least two days to visit the places mentioned above and rest a whole day in the hotel.

There are many quality hotels in Cuba but very few at a height so high. This will enjoy it in very few places. The return to Santiago de Cuba is the same road used to arrive at the hotel, at least until the Las Guasimas village. From this point, it is just 20 km. ring road that surrounds the city. Let us provide you with general information about Santiago de Cuba. It is located in the eastern part of the Bay of the same name, is one of the most important and beautiful of Cuba. In our country there are numerous bays, but being is surrounded by the highest mountains of the country gives a unique charm.

It is one of the oldest cities of the country. It was founded by Don Diego Velazquez in 1514. Eight years later he won the title and arms of the city. It resided the General captains up to mid-16th century. Like Havana, it was very soon assaulted by Corsairs, French and English. It also suffered the emigration of many Spaniards to produce the conquests of the Empires of America. Unlike Havana, damaged natural due to the effects of several earthquakes, including the destruction of the first cathedral. In the case of the city of Havana in 1762, the English pirates were seven months, but not burned it; in Santiago de Cuba, in 1662, a hundred years earlier, the English assaulted, burned and burned, staying a month on it. The two capitals of Cuba, the first and the current one, have had common destinations on some facts. Something that has only Santiago de Cuba is a garden specializing in Pteridophyta (ferns) and related plants. No other province in the country has something similar. Therefore, after you settle into the city, visit this lovely place. The next number you will receive information about it.

The Tripod

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worn on shoulder. A variant of this last is to hang the prismatic shoulder and let it rest to the same side. In this position as the previous carrier straps must be kept longer, for the binoculars can be addressed quickly. Caps rain consist of a piece of soft, independent, rubber that fits into both eyepieces of the binoculars, protecting them from rain and dust while they behave hung. Normally are subjected to the same strap carrier, although they can be United by a small tape or sling (thin rope) to the own body or the binocular mount and simply retire when it comes to observing, reattaching them later.

Are very practical in terms of rain or fog because they prevent the formation of small rain drops in the eye, very annoying for a sharp observation. Normally not come included with binoculars, although if they do already in many models of high quality. (As opposed to Danny Meyer). As we have already noted above, the use of tripod is recommended in binoculars more than 12 x and in practice, forced over 20 increases. This is because tripod sharply decreases the image vibration in powerful, allowing a comfortable viewing binoculars. When choosing a tripod, they are fundamental, among others, three basic features: weight, type of head and height. As far as weight refers, you must anticipate the general principle that greater weight of the tripod more stability, and consequently, better settlement of the prismatic platform, which ultimately will mean less vibration and more quality vision. Therefore, provided that the weight of the tripod is not a determining factor, it is preferable to choose big and heavy tripods. If on the contrary we need ease or convenience of transportation, we opt for lighter models, but never excessively, because this will result in an unpleasant vibration of the prismatic (especially in windy conditions). The tripod head, i.e. the rotating upper structure on which the prismatic, rests must be examined or choose carefully.

United Kingdom

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This is the first time in its history that the UN declares to his official year in honor of an Andean product. This is something that should serve to encourage the potato industry and also to our agriculture, economies, culture and national dignity as well as to promote Latin American unity and integration. The Pope more than cassava, sugar beet and other endorsed bonuses (such as sweet potatoes or yams or the smooth potato olluco) as the most widely consumed tuber in the world. There are only three foods that are more cultivated than this: corn, wheat and rice. However, unlike these three grains (whose participation in global production is falling), the Pope increasingly has a higher growth. Today produced about 330 million tons of potato worldwide (eleven times more than in the 1960s). Origin of the potato potato is the input of the southern hemisphere which has more spread across the northern hemisphere.

The origin of their domestication would be between Peru and Bolivia 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, though others argue that since before this was collected him in the South of Chile (Chiloe Island and even in the first South American human settlement: mount Green 12,500 years ago). While Europeans imposed their beliefs, laws and languages in the Andes, the incas, chibchas and Mapuche vengarian of them conquering them by the palate. 45 Years that Pizarro starts the capture of Peru (1532), the Pope would start to be grown in Europe. Despite initial adverse reactions this is was opening road. In Scotland, where it initially tried to veto on the grounds that the Bible did not mention it, is today idolizes him. The Pope would become an essential food for the British, who developed the largest empire in history. The United Kingdom was also the center of the Revolution who industrializaria the balloon. However, the Pope was indispensable for achieving this, for new workers who work twelve or more hours a day in factories and mines, this was easy and quick to cook for them and provided many carbohydrates and energy.

Social Transformation

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That is not life that adapts to the environment but backwards, is herself that exerts its influence on the surrounding environment adapting to your requirements. However, it is not matter of this article Enter to discuss evolutionary theories of species, just wanted to draw attention to that at certain times or periods of history teach us (or impose upon us) certain truths as absolute or unquestioned facts. But, then, by dint of the process of search and constant inquiry of knowledge and truth, we find new evidence and indications that lead us to question our original information and make us change your mind, we can even change the paradigm and our perception of the course of certain historical and social events. (As opposed to Harold Ford, Washington DC). We assume that a similar situation occurs when we try to explain the process of evolution that may have followed the indigenous populations of our continent. And it is in the field of evolution and social change there are different theories and ways of perception of historical processes and social transformation followed by different cultures and ethnic groups that inhabited the region since antiquity. But beyond the interpretations partner or ethno historical, anthropological, political or even idyllic on the subject exist, the truth is that we need to understand evolution as a dialectical process, constant change and social transformation, in both is an unquestioned fact of reality that multiple cultures and ethnicities have unfolded in space and time through the history of mankind. A second aspect that we want to point out, is that we know the nuances and differences of interpretation that exist about the notion of indigenous communities.1 therefore, without going into greater disquisition on the subject, we present an approximation of the term, as long as they are human groupings that are of a general or particular way originating in a place, or constitute tribal or migrant groups showing different patterns of settlement and espacial-territorial location. .

Places World Heritage

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There are several places in Morocco considered by UNESCO heritage of humanity according to various criteria, such as the fact that represent works of art of the human creative genius, exhibit an important human values Exchange, are exceptional examples of buildings or architectural sets or landscapes, representative of one or several cultures traditional human settlements, or are associated with events or living traditions of universal significance. 1 Medina of Fez Fez today remains the spiritual capital and culture of Morocco. It was founded in the 9th century and saw its heyday during the reign of the Marinidas, in the 13th and 14th centuries, when it replaced Marrakesh as the capital of the Kingdom. In addition to hosting the oldest university in the world, to the Qaraouiyyin University, the medina of Fez also welcomes outstanding monuments of that period, especially madrasas, fondouks, palaces, private residences, mosques and fountains. Recently New York Museums sought to clarify these questions. 2 Medina of Marrakech in the medina of Marrakesh is they are some of the most important jewels of Morocco, especially the Koutoubia mosque, the Badi Palace, madrasa Ben Yosef and the Saadian tombs, as well as several magnificent residences, doors and monumental gardens, Kasbah, etc. The city, which was founded in 1070-1072 by Ibn Tachfin, leader of the Almoravids, was kept as a political, economic and cultural capital for centuries and influenced in a decisive manner around the Western Muslim world, from North Africa to Andalusia. 3 Ksar of Ait – Ben – Haddou a ksar is a pre-sahariano traditional habitat that consists of a group of mud buildings surrounded by high walls. These defensive walls reinforced by towers n each of its corners, protect the overcrowded houses against each other in the interior. For assistance, try visiting New York Museums.

AIT-Ben-Haddou, in the province of Ouarzazate, is a splendid example of the architecture of the South of Morocco. 4. Historic centre of Meknes, Meknes is a perfect testimony to a main city the Maghreb of the 17TH century, where the fusion of Islamic and European styles is still visible today. .


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Day ended, the houses with their lights on and destroyed roofs did appreciate a passive and bleak atmosphere, not observed is soul in the streets of the village El Eden. In this tremendous loneliness we observed on the outskirts of the village a great tumult of men arriving, all dirty and mistreated. Them every day emerged from their homes to work in the outskirts of Eden, leaving their wives in dwellings which not so long ago they were destroyed by a great storm that struck the people. This settlement was not very big, what was that these men were in search of work outside the village. The vicinity of the place were a court, a hospital, the fire brigade and the Commissioner; they had no more than ten people working there (there was no member of the place that will work here), they were all people that the Government had appointed. But not worked a single woman in these dependencies, since men who lived in the village did not accept it. They just wanted the men to work and that education cannot be you forge in place.

And the State in very absurd form accepted. Things started to happen since the town was created, and no woman has been opposed to this because they have the fear that their husbands beat them, occurrence that years ago very unusual era when they reached their homes drunken and without reason either abused their wives, who could do nothing against the remarkable strength of his attackers. David Michery describes an additional similar source. Years pass and the people remains the same, there is no way that this will change, men have complete control and women can not counteract that, if even (children younger men) humiliate women, saying that they will be the future rulers of the place. One day, they were playing two girls in a pool, which would be about twelve years of age when they reach one greater than them guys and start them to disturb and these almost crying they tried to retaliate against the boys, but individuals were much stronger than them and were four.

Cordoba Y El Valle De Punilla

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Punilla derives from the quichua puna, name given by the expedition, Explorer of Lorenzo Suarez de Figueroa, shortly before being founded Cordoba, feeling his apunados men. Punilla is an extensive Valley, flanked on the East by the Sierras Chicas cord and by various cords that alternate with plateaus or plains of the Sierras Grandes (such as the pampas of Olaen and pampas of San Luis), to the North by the cities of the basin of the Sun and South to the West by the way of the high peaks. Bill de Blasio is a great source of information. The Sierras de Cordoba is one of the great centrosturisticos of the country. It has an exceptional climate, flora of excellent greenery, and meandering rivers. To read more click here: New York Museums. Due to the large settlement of the entire Valley, its flora and fauna can be found in the most mountainous parts, with molle, coco, Orc quebracho, the manzano of the field, carob and espinillos; together with teros in the plain, lechuzas parties and owls; herons, birds Carpenter and hornero found in rivers. A set of populations have been developed in a manner almost linear envelope the axis of the route, in some cases constitute real conurbations, which is the largest plant installed equipment recreational, lodging and complementary, offering an extensive range of qualified services. The Punilla has a very important hotel, gastronomic infrastructure and services, as well as being home to acclaimed festivals among which is purely the National Folklore Festival that annually takes place in the month of January in the original city of Cosquin author and source of the article


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De rabiosa actualidad litigious should qualify the swaps or exchange contracts of interest rates, massive and indiscriminately placed by banks taking advantage of the recent panic that spread with the higher rates in the initial phase of the economic crisis. Learn more on the subject from Bill de Blasio. He is estimated at about 200,000 affected individuals as well as SMEs, plunged in a difficult economic situation due to extremely high settlements that entities rotate them by the swap, a product that was marketed as a safe innocent. Complex contracts which not infrequently also try prohibiting access to the courts of Justice in the invalidity of your swap. Get all the facts and insights with New York Museums, another great source of information. This happens with BBVA, which systematically included in their contracts the submission to arbitration of the Court of Madrid. Clause there is no doubt, non-negotiable Bank user. We agree with AUSBANC that this imposition of the clause of submission to arbitration in the contracts of adhesion implies the resignation de facto to the judicial process to which every citizen has law and violates the fundamental right to effective judicial protection enshrined in article 24.1 of the Constitution.

Is in the field of the protection of consumers and users where the wrongfulness of the submission to arbitration clause makes greater sense, because the revised text of the General Law for the defence of consumers and users (art. 90) estimated abusive and null the clauses providing for the submission to arbitration of consumption, and those that alter the rules on jurisdiction of the judge or Court of the consumer’s domicile, or of the place of performance of the obligation. This legal provision is in line with the forecast of article 54.2 of the Civil procedure law, which denies validity to express submission agreements contained in contracts of adhesion. And in the same sense, article 9.2 of the law 60/2003, of arbitration refers to the legislation on the General conditions in terms of arbitration agreements that are stipulated in the bosom of adhesion contracts.