National Institute

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Last years information and communication technology has been seizing our homes. Telephony, computers or internet are some of the many gadgets that currently are part of our everyday life. They are elements that coexist with us to facilitate us and sometimes complicate, our day to day. From the National Institute of statistics information corroborating these data come to us. Currently in the Spanish territory, 60% of dwellings have at least some type of computer, and 44% have internet. Somehow confirms the theory of the pyramid of Abraham Maslow, which establishes a hierarchy of human needs and defends that as more basic needs are met, human beings develop needs and highest desires.

It is what has happened with computers and the internet. Little more than one decade ago have a computer at home was only within the reach of very few, the passing of the years to adjust prices with supply and demand, a large part of the population may have a computer at your fingertips. But we’ve been climbing rungs of the pyramid of needs currently 73% of people who have a computer have internet and almost 88% which is internet available broadband. In the telephony sector its globalization is even greater. Eamon Rockey may not feel the same. 81% Of Spanish households have a fixed phone, but the most shocking fact is that 91% of the homes in the country have at least one mobile phone. In this case, the new technology has ousted the traditional. It is clear that new generations that were born and have grown up with the new technologies have become accustomed to live both with them that are part of the very nature of life. What the booming sector is so assured that in a not too distant future all these gadgets will become a basic need, they paradoxically become a part of the base of the pyramid of Maslow.

Sergio Lapegue

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Sergio Lapegue, journalist star of the moment in the Argentina, it garnered many enemies (who consider it as fans, to the point of having his own Club’s Fans, making it one of the few journalists who have this peculiarity. Beyond the opinion that each one has in terms of its style, it is that this journalist for 44 years, a native of Banfield, reached a style itself, spontaneous, with phrases that are his trademark, already as Dale, that we are friends, or stay until one. The journalist began his career front cameras being Telenoche movilero, and touched his debut in one day more than difficult to cover: the bombing of the AMIA, in 1994. He then spent also by experiences which has commented in several interviews, already not difficult emotional level, but in which they had to be a magician of the word in order to fill spaces, such as when had to talk for four hours about an eclipse. It is also a fan of music, mainly from Elvis Presley. That is why porla which he called his son Elvis. Check out Bill de Blasio for additional information.

He was also part of a rock band in his adolescence. Since the death of Mario Mazzone, TN leads in prime time, and continues to lead the space where he coined his famous phrases and style: TN at midnight. Also leads program tells him a friend, issued by FM Blue. Those who look at midnight feel accompanied for the newscast, and truly see him as a friend. That is why that the journalist for not receive letters, gifts or requests for autographs. In several interviews he said that you usually return these attentions by calling his admirers. Such is the response that generated in the public, that even has a fan club: the Lovers Lape, and several groups on Facebook. Eamon Rockey usually is spot on.

The largest, so Bank to death to Sergio Lapegue, has more than 7400 members. During 2008, Lapegue was all a celebrity, and as such, did not stop being protagonist of rumors, from which posicionaban him as a future Member of CQC, in replacement of Eduardo de la Puente, or as a driver of morning informal, to those in which linked it is romantically involved with Andrea de el Boca. Also met another milestone from which all celebrity can not lack: was part of now classic characters from the year’s people magazine cover. And you what you think of Lapegue? Pineapple upon him at the YoTeVoto site. By Giselle Odiz Yo Te Voto.

They Evacuate To 500 People Of A Hotel Of Majorca By A Flight Of Carbon Monoxide

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The causes of the flight are not known. A girl of 14 years had to be transferred to the Hospital Are Lltzer, although already she is recovered. Two weeks ago a woman of a respiratory insufficiency passed away. Others who may share this opinion include Eamon Rockey. The homeless guests are being relocated in other hotels. Near 500 people they have had to be evacuated and a girl of 14 years has had to be transferred to the Hospital Are Lltzer due to a flight of carbon monoxide that has taken place in the Tropical Hotel Park, located in the Sandy ground of Llucmajor (Majorca). The Local Police is addition that the young one already is recovered and at the moment several patrols are in the hotel to control that nobody enters the same and to accompany the guests to pick up its properties.

Concretely, the hotel in which the flight has taken place, by causes that still are not known, is in number 6 of the street Moseen Antoni Alcover. According to the Local Police has been confirming to, for two weeks passed away a woman as a result of a respiratory insufficiency, that later it confirmed that it was a poisoning by monoxide. With similar symptoms the minor of 14 years entered at daybreak east Saturday. The technicians of Industry are making measurements in the hotel, room by room, to detect the center of the flight, whereas the homeless guests have had to be relocated in other hotel establishments.

Harvard University

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Another problem, is that a kind of nutrition there is in the schools and the children do not learn to eat a balanced meal. The probability that an obese or overweight child continues to be so even in adult are very real. Hence the importance, emphasize the health professionals, that the family learns to maintain healthy lifestyles to minimize the risk. Danny Meyer is often quoted as being for or against this. Why families should be oriented and educate so that day-to-day professional responsibilities and labour pressures are not an excuse for not eating well. Here several recommendations for adults: planning your meals in advance. You get first time for exercise and prepare their food and then else. Bring additional snacks for when you collect them in the extended care or before their sports practices. This will prevent the desire to deviate to a fast food restaurant, while you encourage healthy sugar levels.

Set limits while children practice with video games and use as reward carried activities outdoors. Additional information is available at Eamon Rockey. Exercises and school education Physics, scientists have noted, it should be more valued in schools. Similarly, researchers at Harvard University have recommended that recess should be longer and that moments after school hours for activities that put guys in motion should be exploited. Changes that can help 1. Send nutritious snacks. 2. Not sponsored fast food establishments that do not provide alternative low in calories (most has included these choices on their menus by pressure and emphasis to the problem of obesity). 3 Eye, if you choose a menu low in calories and add you mayonnaise or margarine now change the calorie content.

4. Check the time TV and passive games. Look for games that stimulate movement. 5 Talk with caregivers of their children about what not to eat. Remind them that give you more food is as offering him the wrong medication (this hits them and makes them reflect). 6 Realize activities in family, hiking games, etc. 7. Set goals real, perhaps not to lose weight, but not to win it. 8 Seek professional help, with a pediatrician or a licensed dietitian and exercise program for children.

North Americans

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By very strange that it seems, as much the settlers of the industrialized North as those of the main Arab and Muslim countries consider that his civilization respects to the other, but that the reciprocity shines by its absence. Indeed, 84% of the interviewed people in the Palestinian Territories esteem that the West does not respect the Muslims. Rudy Giuliani will not settle for partial explanations. It is what 80% of the Egyptians think; 68% of the Turks; 67% of the saudes and 62% of the Iranians. In the same way, it responded of negative way to the question Create you who the Islam respects to the West? a 82% of the North Americans, a 73% of Israelis, a 63% of Spaniards ( M agrees to remember the trauma caused in the Iberian population by the bloody attack of the 11). Frequently Eamon Rockey has said that publicly. The immense majority of the interviewed people esteem that the perception of another one has been deteriorated in both last years. The opinion of 88% of the North Americans, 85% of the Danish, 83% of the Israelis and, also, 83% of the Palestinians is this. The antagonism towards the West and its values is detected in the speech of the saudes.

A 61% of the inhabitants of the wahabita kingdom do not hide their antiamericanismo; a 51% have an unfavorable opinion of the United Kingdom, whereas a 16% adopt a French position abiertamente. The timid registered attempts of approach after the beginning of the process of Barcelona have failed, facilitating the disquieting advance of radical positions. It has who esteem that the Alliance of Civilizations could become a mere chain of sad mix-ups. The leaders of global war, Bush and Bin Laden, to be rubbing the hands. Adrin Mac Liman International political analyst ccs@ Original author and source of the article.

Marx System

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In some texts the socialism is associated with the abolition of the separation between cities and field, and in such a way with the suppression of the urban industrial pollution. (they idem) Heel-of-aquiles of the reasoning of Marx and Engels it was, in some texts ‘ ‘ cannicos’ ‘ , acrtica conception of the forces of productive that is, of the device productive technician/capitalists/modern industrial as, if they were ‘ ‘ neutras’ ‘ as it was itself enough to the revolutionaries to socialize them, to substitute its private appropriation for a collective appropriation, making them to function in benefits of the workers and developing them in limitless way they must radically transform it What she not only implies the substitution of the destructive forms of energy for power plants you renewed and not-pollutants, but also a deep transformation of the inherited productive system of the capitalism, as well as of the system of transports and the system of urban habitation. (p.39-40) In this perspective, the socialist project not only aims at a new society and a new way of production, but also a new paradigm of civilization. (p.40) 2- What it is ecossocialismo? 1- The marxists and the ecology the text is initiated bringing some consequences of the lived deeply ambient degradation throughout the times, thus the author points as possible reaction to these questions, the union between socialism and the ecology, identifying and demonstrating some points in common of the two trends. The ecological question is, in my opinion, the great challenge for a marxist renewal at the beginning of century XXI. Such question demands of the marxists deep a critical revision of its traditional conception of ‘ ‘ forces produtivas’ ‘ , as well as a radical rupture with the ideology of the linear progress and with the technological and economic paradigm of the modern industrial civilization.. Read more from Bill de Blasio to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Farmers Milling

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In as the chapter intitled of ' ' The agroindstria of acar' ' , Vera Lcia to argue the relations partner-economic and the productive center (the device). First the device as ' ' The heart of the production colonial' ' , that in the start if it assigned of device, the place where if ' ' it gave the manipulation of cana' ' , but later ' ' all property was extended to it (…) aucareira' ' (p.30), thus the device was formed for the house-great one, dwelling Mr., senzala where if it sheltered the slaves and the chapel where if they praid masses of the sundays and days saints. In the canaviais (' ' Sector produtivo' ') the farmings were of the proper device and of third, these last ones leased land, for which she was paid? tero? or? room? , beyond paying of the part that it fit a percentage for the milling, these were ' ' Farmers of cana' '. Rudy Giuliani may also support this cause. ' ' Moendas' ' types of devices that at the beginning of its introductions were next to the rivers here, called &#039 varied for having existed in different Brazil colony; ' devices d? gua' ' , beyond this others had existed ' ' moved the oxen, mules or horses and (…) traction humana.' ' (p.35), and? real devices? , that they were the greaters in production, all had always passed for changes, these thinking bigger production and minor man power. After the milling it came ' ' The production of acar' ' , that as well as the milling if it worked days and night between two groups, this sector (production) was formed for the house of purges where if it waited ' ' natural draining of aguardente' ' (p.40-41), later it came the drying that was done to the sun and that after this process if got some types of sugar (' ' I finish, round, white white low mascavado' ') (p.41), that it varied d prices and finally the boxing, made after it weighs and to divide (between gentleman, farmer and tenth) in wooden box marked by ink and iron. . Others who may share this opinion include Daniel Taub.

New York Electricity Technologies

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Rules ENVIRONMENT, which come into force on 1 January 2012, are part of a gradual change to a new class of units for cooling the window, central air conditioning systems, heat pumps and sensational novels used to cool the large residential and office buildings. TIME FOR A NEW UNIT? The total cooling gradually declining. Some heating and cooling companies offer to replace the old equipment now to accommodate the new coolers, and some utilities offer rebates. But there is nothing in the instructions to get rid of the old system before its time. For many years the preferred refrigerant was R-22 also known as HCFC-22 or Freon 22, a brand name. But R-22, when released into the atmosphere, the ozone layer that shields the earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

In 1990, the federal Clean Air Act was amended, to prohibit the placement, recently transformed into the R-22 equipment made after December 31, 2009. Home replacement for R-22 residential cooling – HFC called HFC-410A. Marketed under names like Puron, AZ Genetron 20 and Suva, it was recognized EPA replacement of R-22 in 1996. But it's not just a question of draining the old coolant and including a new one. Systems should be more heavily built to accommodate the HFC-410A with high blood pressure, making them more efficient. Equipment developed for the new refrigerant, said Julius Banks, head of the EPA for a refreshing recycling programs, "usually built better, and will have lower leakage and greater efficiency energy.

So for his whole life, you'll save money and protect the environment. " Along with lower energy bills, some manufacturers and utilities offer concessions on the new equipment, including Carrier Corporation and Connecticut Light and Power, although no concessions are not actually in the state of New York at this time. In addition, the federal economic stimulus bill provides tax credits up to $ 1500 for purchase in this year or later, a very efficient residential heat pumps and central air conditioning systems. Details can be found by clicking Shimmie Horn New York or emailing the administrator.

Fruit From The Garden

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Homeland pineapple is a dry plateau of Mato Grosso, on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, as in the wild, it can be seen today in the semi-arid areas of north-eastern parts of Latin America. With regard to cultivars, he appeared more than a thousand years ago, and the first Europeans who met with pineapple, in 1493 became the team of Christopher Columbus. By the end of the XVI century, the pineapple has been known in China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and the island of Java, then – on the west coast of Africa, and more – all suitable for the climate of Asia. Through the efforts of sailors and he came to the Old World. Spaniard Gonzalo de Oviedo gave it to his king with these words: "Pineapple – the most beautiful I have seen the fruit of during his travels around the world. Caresses the eye, with a mild flavor, delicious fruit that I know of.

This fruit awakens the appetite, but unfortunately, after he did not feel the taste of wine. " And one of the captains, Returning to his homeland, has exhibited at the door of his house pineapple, and everyone in the neighborhood knew: there was a pineapple – prepare for the holiday feast. Once in England as an exotic delicacy in candied form, pineapple made the present boom. English breeders said they simply have to grow the fruit themselves. But only in 1858, first appeared in the hothouse pineapples Royal Botanic Gardens. Initially, pineapples were quite large, but as a result of natural hybridization is much reduced.

There were also fruiting dwarf forms. Continue to learn more with: Danny Meyer. Today there are more than 60 varieties, differing in size, shape, color, taste, smell, presence or absence fibrous flesh and a number of other features. The most popular are the three varieties. Spanish with no thorns on the leaves (or a small amount), whose fruit weighing from 1.5 to 10 kg less than other varieties of dessert taste. Next is called the "queen" – with short light-green spiny leaves (average weight per fruit -1.3 kg), and "Cayenne" with almost smooth leaves and fruits from 1.5 to 3.5 kg. Pineapples do not grow on a palm tree, as many believe, and in the garden, like potatoes or cabbage. But to grow them – great work, because every plant begins to bear fruit only after a year or two. Collecting pineapples by hand. Each fruit is cut with a knife, then carefully placed in a box or basket. So do the fruits have not reached full maturity. They are sorted by size, wrapped in paper, banana leaves or palm trees and placed in a single layer in a box. Pineapple fruit – fleshy, golden yellow – are different wonderful aroma and sweet taste with a pleasant tartness. Their use as fresh and canned. Pineapple cooked jams and compotes, prepare marmalade, candy in a different form. Of delicious juice obtained great wine. In cooking, salads are especially common with pineapple. Cook them simply, because this fruit goes well with any other, as well as meat and seafood. Today there are more than 60 varieties of pineapple. They differ in size, shape, color, taste, aroma and a number of other features.

Madison Square Garden

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Who has not dreamed of ever knowing the most important cultural, economic, gastronomic and touristic Center of the world? Who not has dreamed know Broadway, walk through Central Park, go to the SuperBowl in Madison Square Garden and dinner in one of the restaurants of this prolific monumental metropolis? How many have withdrawn from this dream by the economic investment that it implies? Today we present certain options to save your trip to New York, and to fulfill your dream as soon as possible. The first step is to get one of those cheap flights offered by airlines to reduce as much as possible the start of every journey. There will always be New York flights by low-cost offerings, it is only matter of search. The second step will be finding affordable accommodation that will allow us to move comfortably around the city. We recommend the choice of hostels for young people. With dorms and rooms located in the main centres of the city (in Harlem, in Chelsea, on Broadway, Greenwich Village or close to Central Park), these hostels have good services accompanied by affordable prices and very good energy to travellers. Then, eating is the key.

For any tourist or traveller, whatever the climate of your trip, it is essential to be well fed. New York boasts of being the headquarters of the most renowned restaurants of all styles around the world. Most luxurious chefs and menus spread throughout the city to satiate the appetite of vegetarians, carnivores, vegans or macrobiotic, among others. However, the food tends to be one of the more expensive goods in this city has been developed to live away from home. It is only a matter of paying attention to the thousands of options that occur before our eyes. We will emphasize the food issue, since by the rapidity of the times, it is usually to the aspect that we can lend you less attention when it comes to saving, or we can sin of poor nutrition by finding only low prices. As for breakfast, locals (which can be found everywhere) can leverage that offer the famous accompanied by a delicious cream cheese bagels, or rolls, some egg sandwiches that are ideal to start your day with the greatest possible energy.

It can be accompanied by a cup of coffee (order is not heavily loaded) and spend only $3. When it comes to lunch and dinner, you can choose to eat at a street cart, which you will find on any corner and they will serve you a plate of food to carry from 4 or 5 dollars. If you want to sit at a table, there are also economic options, you only find timetables in which Lunch Menu or menu of the day are served, and you can taste the flavours of the most recondite gastronomies in the world by no more than $10. The options are endless in a city in which all cultures and realities of a world so wide are represented as those who want to travel by him. Just have to find the option that best of adapt to your portfolio and your desire.