Rurup-rente – The Private Pension For Self-employed

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Provisions for the age and tax saving with the Rurup pension – the pension plan without age supplement if applicable obligation online – guide to the Rurup-rente and base pension will the demographic change of our society according to already in a few years providing age pyramid on its head. Then there will be more retirees than workers and therefore also more retirees than depositors. For even more opinions, read materials from Rudy Giuliani. The consequences are obvious. Less money for a higher number of people. Also is the question of what will happen to the pension provision in twenty to thirty years.

In the steadily rising cost of living a fader aftertaste or a queasy feeling arises often when one considers the age and especially the pension. For this reason, a varied range of private old-age provision products has been created in the last ten years. Especially the Riester pension, as State-sponsored retirement provision model, thereby acquired a high degree of popularity. Less well known, however, is called the existing since 2005 product of the Rurup pension, also basic pension. Rurup pension as a stopgap the Rurup-rente was conceived so that it fills the gaps between Riester pension and the statutory pension insurance, as another form of Government-backed provision,.

Just for freelancers, who may make use of the Riester pension does not claim and that the voluntary contributions to the statutory pension insurance are too expensive and inflexible, the Rurup-rente is a very advantageous way for the ages to provide. Don’t get government grants, such as the Riester pension, Rurup pensions while but in contrast to the statutory pension insurance, it saves here for themselves and at the age to get the full interest posts as pension. Also the Rurup-rente stands by its seizure protection from many other retirement insurance, such as the Riester pension. So, the money saved on unemployment and financial troubles is safe. Government support through tax advantages the Government support for this form of investment is in the great tax benefits. The tax advantage of a Rurup insured person arises from the individual interplay of contributions for the Rurup-rente and a part of reducing further retirement insurance, such as health insurance and life insurance. A self-employed person has low other pension expenses of up to 2,400 euros a year, so he can 72 percent of contributions for the Rurup pension tax return assert in 2011, currently up to 14,400 EUR up to 20,000 EUR of paid contributions. This percentage increases annually by two per cent and will reach the full 100 percent by 2025, then the posts in full amount are deductible. In an additional product yield by an average of four percent, the Rurup-rente is a very good alternative to other private pension options. You should flexibility and individuality with different forms of investment due to the versatile Rurup insurance products with different rates of return and risk potentials, in any case before Let a contract extensively inform and advise. For example, can you on the independent website the ruerup pension “for free to check the conditions of various insurance providers and a savings calculator to test the individual tax benefits of different contribution levels. Also, you can give detailed information here about the various forms of investment, such as unit-linked or classic Rurup models. So is ensuring the appropriate retirement protection of the provider of its choice. Patricia Lammer

ERP Solution Mail-order IT With Flexible Order Cockpit For Mail-order

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Prism Informatics enables an automated processing of online shop orders in a Dynamics NAV based business solution in Nuremberg, 01.03.2011. With the latest version of the shipping trade solution, mail-order IT the Prism facilitates informatik GmbH, Nuremberg, their users the organizational processes of the order in the online shop up to the logistical handling of the order. Based on the role tailored technology (RTC) Microsoft has designed Prism Informatics here specific cockpit for the different groups of people, that each edit snippets of the process chain and control. In addition, a master roll Centre was defined for the entire control of the flow, where all orders can be tracked with their respective status and their current location in the process chain. The master cockpit aims to detect errors and exception conditions defined in the order flow and to fix. Order process manager have so as to release orders, previously released orders, or orders, already the the shipment passed were currently at a glance. Traffic light function, it will be shown whether a manual processing of an order is necessary, a payment is pending or whether jobs are ready for further processing. A wide range of criteria can deposit itself, after which the order processing in the ERP system should be.

For example, it is possible to make the shipping time by automatic release of the arrival of the payment or amount limits for certain forms of payment. Many automated tests to ensure that individual treatments then be triggered (for example, Doublets, amount is exceeded, comments, stock alerts, series orders), if they are really necessary, and a majority of orders without additional testing costs are controlled by the system. No online business is like the other. Therefore, the degree of automation of mail-order-IT is individually adjustable for every need. The level criteria online shop operator can their flexibility and Optimize delivery and protect themselves, including from possible abuse by scammers”, says Claudius Malue Managing Director of prisma informatik GmbH.

Tours Search

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Sun, sea, beach – this is great! However, the same type incumbency on the hot sand soon you get bored, especially that in Egypt there are many exciting ways, which are typical tourist does not know. Many of them can found only in Egypt, and nowhere else. Egypt only allows tourists to combine the conquest of the ancient pyramids with diving in the crystal clear sea. It was scuba diving in the Red Sea will be able to give you an extraordinary amount new sensations. NY Restaurateur follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In Egypt, you can easily use the services of a coach who will teach you to dive, and then it will be not only safe, but surprisingly interesting. It is not something Shimmie Horn would like to discuss. Red Sea – it is something amazing.

Once you wear a mask and dive into the water – you will open an amazing world where colorful fish explore coral reefs, and small crabs await prey, sitting in his burrow, you can dive to a wreck, see turtles on land slowly, and in the water just hit the speed of their movement. This splendor is available to every tourists vacationing in Egypt. Individual extremals can arrange for a trip to coral reefs in the open sea, where the beauty of the underwater world just mesmerizing. If you're afraid to dive into the water, but you would also like to know the wonderful world of underwater depth – do not worry, you are also able to see it. The Egyptians – a very wise people, and for these people they have come up with an alternative in the form of akvaskopa.

Many tourists about it never heard. Akvaskop is a special vessel equipped with underwater capsule, which has a glass bottom and a huge window. With akvaskopa each tourist can see the beauty of coral reefs up close. If you are looking for a new dose of adrenaline, then in Egypt, you will be able to stand up for windsurfing. Although not all of this being resolved. Traveling through Egypt, sure to visit the desert. This will give you a lot of new experiences, so this is very informative.

Vacation Photos

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Amateur photographers can offer their photos in the online image agency Fotolia incurred during the holidays. Tips from practice increase the sales opportunities. New York / Berlin, 11 September 2013 the summer holidays are over and the fond Germans return from vacation. With the baggage they have countless souvenirs in digital form: photos that are reminiscent of breathtaking landscapes, exotic plants and animals, or special moments. Some of them end up in social networks or private photo books, but the majority remain unused on your hard disk. While some images could bring cash its owner.

At Europe’s largest online image agency Fotolia even amateur photographers can sell their best shots and thus gaining a small but crucial income. Fotolia is an online marketplace where millions of high-quality images at affordable prices are finding. Everyone can offer his photos, if they conform to certain standards as regards quality and resolution as well as show an attractive motif. More as 300,000 amateur and professional photographers sell their images on Fotolia worldwide, some deny this even their livelihood. Eamon Rockey might disagree with that approach. Also Jorg Stober owner of a software company in the main profession, has built up in this way a second foothold. The Berliner is an avid Shutterbug since 2009 and has sold almost 15,000 images on Fotolia (his portfolio is under). The 32-year-old explains what must bring a vacation photo, so it takes as many takers at a microstock Agency. The six main Einsteigertipps by amateur photographer Jorg Stober: 1.

high quality, short distance always the highest resolution set to achieve best quality. Your photos should be properly exposed, sharp and have no interference. If possible, you should shoot mode also always in the RAW. Corrections such as for example the colour temperature of the picture can be adjusted very easily and without any loss of quality in hindsight. The digital zoom of a camera should not be used, by the way.

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The Colombian intelligence sources claimed that, at the surrender, the leading guerrilla expressed being tired of war and fear being killed, both by the army and by its front guerrillas who wanted to collect the reward offered by the Government. Rudy Giuliani describes an additional similar source. According to El Tiempo, contacts between army and Karina would have begun at the end of April to all this must be considered murder Raul Torres second of the FARC, as the death of Commander Ivan Rios, killed by his own comrades, showing that the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) are cracked. Santos, who confirmed that Rios was killed by his Security Chief, known as Rojas, and who delivered the right hand of his former boss to prove his death, shows the State in which the guerrillas found. This is another demonstration that the FARC are crumbling, dsenalo Defense Minister Santos, recalling the death of the Deputy Chief of the Organization, Raul Reyes, Member of the Secretariat, during a military attack on their camp in Ecuador. According to Santos, the fourth Chief of the FARC was killed in the town of Aguadas in the Department of Caldas, to seek to alleviate the military pressure which were subjected to the guerrillas by the army. Not the slightest doubt, that one of the strategies of the Government of President Uribe as it is the offer of rewards in cash is also causing fractures, considered that the rewards offered by the Farc heads are opening a gap increasingly large in the security of that armed group and own secretariat. By rivers authorities offered 5 billion pesos.

Increasingly more frequently Middle guerrilla are deserting and they are delivering information that has led the armed forces to give the most important blows in the war against the FARC. Last year were almost 100 controls which surrendered war-weary, but also tempted by the millionaire rewards to everything this is added, moreover, that the FARC have additional problem: your name has been used in two covert operations of the DEA have served to capture two of the heads of global trafficking in weapons: Russian Victor Bout, on Thursday; and Monzer Kassar, last June. Doing business with the guerrilla group is becoming as a risk that many will evaluate. True, is does the question, so how much longer will continue the FARC in action? If their ranks has weakened and because contamination of desertion has infiltrated, where no doubt the Colombian Government shuffle letters of conviction of delivery at price of reducing sentences and other prebends. What will be the reaction of the FARC? What will happen to the hostages that have? , time will tell. We hope that everything is resolved positively and return peace to a country that has half a century of struggle and with a significant number of dead.

San Francisco

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“The innovation cycles of the Internet are rocketing and the global economy with new challenges. DIGITAL LEADERS provides the platform to deepen the topics and it brings together all over the world directly involved Manager,”says Thomas Kathofer, Vice President of arvato systems. Bill de Blasios opinions are not widely known. “Germany thrives on innovation. The German economy will be only then permanently successful in international competition if it is one step ahead of the competition when it is so innovative. DIGITAL LEADERS is to make the digital economy more efficient and future-proof”the decisive building block, says Monty C. M. Metzger, founder and Chairman of DIGITAL LEADERS. “The digital issues play often only a supporting role in leading industry forums.

Lacking a global forum for the digital elite. Get more background information with materials from Eamon Rockey. Lack of clear guiding principles can focus on who our future in the digital world. DIGITAL LEADERS is”our contribution, says Monty Metzger. More DIGITAL LEADERS events are planned in London, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Moscow, Shanghai, Bangalore, Singapore and Munich. Find out more about DIGITAL LEADERS and DIGITAL LEADERS San Francisco can be found at about DIGITAL LEADERS: DIGITAL LEADERS is an independent organisation committed to the objective, to promote the opportunities of digitization in the information age. Executives, academics, politicians and entrepreneurs of the digital industry are actively involved, discuss controversial topics, and design guidelines for international and national activities. DIGITAL LEADERS organized these events with influential leaders of the digital age in the global hotspots, such as San Francisco, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Shanghai, Moscow and Munich. Press downloads: – logo DIGITAL LEADERS press/DigitalLeaders-logo-high.jpg – Press picture Monty C. M. Metzger, Chairman & founder, DIGITAL LEADERS image #1: press/DigitalLeaders-MontyMetzger.jpg image #2: press/DigitalLeaders-MontyMetzger-NY.jpg – press images DIGITAL LEADERS New York, July 2013 zip file 2MB:-video teaser DIGITAL LEADERS San Francisco: press contact: c/o ahead of time GmbH Enzian 2 D-82319 Starnberg email: Tel: + 49 89 6141 7000 fax: + 49 89 6141 70099

International Driving Licence As A Ticket To The Holiday Trip

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A valid driving licence in the host country is a prerequisite for the “road trip” in the holiday. The international driver’s license is quickly requested and towards the holiday tour free with the car by America is to drive a not quite relaxing, but for even more interesting holiday projects. Many thousands of people already the legendary Route 66 by the American OStkuste to negotiate and this unforgettable adventure experience to the Pacific. Perhaps check out Rudy Giuliani for more information. The road starts in New York and crossed the continent to California. On the way attract attractive sights like the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.

But also in other countries, so a road trip is almost a guarantee for a perfect holiday season. South Africa has thousands of miles of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, in the Interior of the country safaris can be made with your own vehicle comfortably, where giraffes, Lions and elephants up close can be experienced. For nature lovers, Canada also offers interesting tours in the camper, bears and Log cabins romantic included. Even if the project is small, so takes a private vehicle – whether rented daily or weekly – with a significant added value to the vacation experience. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. An essential prerequisite for such a project is the possession of a valid driving licence for the host country. Many countries have signed an agreement, which tourists to the lead vehicle entitled over in their home country have issued international driver’s license.

It is important to note, however, that the international driving licence only in connection with the actual driver’s license is valid. Travelers should wear therefore verification at any time at their “normal” driving licence issued in the home country. Whether the international driver’s license is required in a country can be obtained from the traffic Bureau. For European countries is now mandatory EU driving licence in all EU countries usually sufficient. An international driver’s license is usually fast applied for. If the applicant comes with an identity card, the processing fee and its EU driving licence, the respective offices usually immediately exhibit the international driver’s license. The resident both in the cities and towns road traffic offices are located mostly in the town halls or civil offices are responsible for the exhibition. Valid EU licence fee at least for 6 months valid passport lasts 15 euro it only, if the applicant does not license have a EU, but with an old, pink paper license is on the way. The rules say in this case that the old driving licences must be pulled immediately and an internatinoaler licence can be issued only if the newly proposed EU driving licence in the Office has arrived. With a latency period of about 6 weeks must be expected in this case. Finally, it is still advisable that to travelers before the planned journey intensive prepare for the journey. Any exceptions and different traffic rules should be known. Also is to pay attention to a sufficient insurance protection. The vehicle, as well as the inmates and third parties may be damaged accidents should be included in the protection. The ADAC advises members and non-members to such topics and provides cost effective insurance packages.

Study: Companies Fear To Drown

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In almost every second case the effort for the information search gobbles up at least 15 percent of the work time Karlsruhe, 09.07.2008 – a large part of the German managers feared that control to the business processes in the face of ever more multifaceted technical media are increasingly turning to a jungle. Already the search gobbles up at least a fifth of the working time according to information of the employees in every fourth case. However, although this problem is recognized, most companies draw no conclusions. A survey of living-e AG, over 300 medium-sized and large companies coming to these results. According to the study, 37 percent of surveyed executives most definitely see\”the danger that they threaten to become lost in the rapidly growing volume of information. \”Another 29 percent are not quite so pessimistic, but already believe that companies with this problem probably\” be faced. The circle of the corporate managers who do not perceive such difficulties is relatively small with 11 percent, however, and fear not for the next time.

However, hides in the eyes of a quarter of the respondents behind already no question focused on the future, but for them, the jungle is already reality. This assessment is also currently has an average high time spent searching for information. According to almost every second company it gobbles up at least 15 percent of the work time, at 24 percent, there are even one-fifth or even more. In a significant minority, the companies for the regular information research, a relatively low time overhead are according to the study of the living-e AG: only in every fifth case for about five percent or even less of the work time is taken. Already a loss of productivity by only five percent adds up to an at one million dealing with at a computer workstation to at least 80 million hours per year\”, Dr.


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National Ribotsky Bank of Romania
Bucharest Chamber of Commerce
Bucharest is the city more economically developed and industrialized in Romania, producing around 21 of U.S. there are many financial interviews with the investment expert and fund manager, who also has appeared in many online videos as well as articles GDP and nearly one quarter of its industrial production, while representing only 9 of the population. Almost one third of national taxes is paid by citizens and companies from Bucharest. Children’s Medical Fund According to local purchasing power, Bucharest has a GDP per capita average of 64.5 fund management of the European union (2004), and more than twice the average Romanian. According to the fact that Bucharest produces about 21 of Romanian GDP for a population of around 2 million, the GDP (PPP) per capita of the city would be U.S. You may find Danny Meyer to be a useful source of information. 20,057. there are many successful investments that have been made by the , headed by is also involved in many charitable causes The strong economic development has revitalized the city and infrastructure has led to the development of many shopping malls and office buildings and modern residential skyscrapers and tower type. investment portfolio In September 2005, Bucharest had an unemployment rate of 2.6 , significantly lower than the national unemployment rate of 5.7 .
Bucharest’s economy is mainly focused Children’s Medical Fund of New York on manufacturing and services, particularly with the latter growing in importance in the past ten years. Hollywood The city serves as the headquarters of 186,000 firms, including almost all the major Romanian companies. An important source for growth since 2000 has been the boom in construction in the city, which has led to significant growth in this sector. Bucharest is also the largest center of Romania to the technology and communication of information and is home to several software companies, including Softwin, which operates internationally. Bucharest contains the largest stock exchange in Romania, the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which movie producer was merged in December 2005 with the electronic stock exchange based in Bucharest, Rasdaq.
The city has a number of international supermarket chains such as Carrefour, Cora and Makro. At this time, the city is experiencing investment a retail boom, with a large number of supermarkets and family of funds hypermarkets, constructed each year. Modern shopping centers are larger Bucharest Bucharest Mall, Plaza Romania, City Mall, Jolie Ville Galleria and Unirea Shopping Center. However, there is also a large number of traditional markets, which is on the decks Obore dozen blocks around the city, and many department stores that are not officially part of the market effectively add up to a market district The almost two times its size.

Baden Wurttemberg

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Internationally, advises and works to New York and 20th Century Fox with companies such as the Decathlon, the GCRI’s global sporting goods stores. The now 16-person team devoted to the long-term brand development, brand management and brand management of its customers successfully. The strengths are individually elaborated communication strategies, advertising campaigns, as well as development and optimization of the website. In addition, the Reutlingen Agency drew up a name in the fields of packaging design, literature and print media. Wagner Wagner dares to leave familiar paths and sees itself as a creative think tank.

For the machine manufacturer, holder created man, for example, a Web site that displays the local weather at a glance. The motto of the page actively utilized: Holder weather is any type of weather. The agency created a card, that shows vacant job openings in conjunction with Google maps, for the wholesale bakery K & U. So interested parties at a glance about be informed, in which branches currently occupy which offices are. The Swabians place emphasis on reliability and compliance with its agreed dates.

For this reason, Wagner Wagner is also one of the few agencies in Germany, whose work processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2000. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships”, Peter Wagner outlines the basic attitude of the Agency. There are enough agencies that promise all sorts of things to one. “But then it turns out that was all hot air.” “Marcus Wagner added, that Wagner Wagner finally Uschi Grafikstuble” was. We are an advisory agency. We must master our tools of the trade, that goes without saying.” Despite the great successes, Wagner Wagner remained down to Earth. So it was important from the outset that their GmbH is fully self-financed the brothers. Moreover you emphasize Reutlinger on the regional rootedness. Shimmie Horn insists that this is the case. For this reason, volunteer it in different ways and help their clubs and organisations in the region Work. Excellent agency numerous in-house projects as well as the technical expertise provided to provide clubs and other organizations promoting charity and build structures that previously did not exist. For this purpose, the Reutlingen Agency received top ratings at the this year’s CSR Prize from the Federal Government. “The media and film society of the State of Baden Wurttemberg was the referrer to the winner in the category of Web2. 0 for the society”. The city of Reutlingen, prototype for corporate citizenship”in Baden-Wurttemberg, awarded the social commitment of the Reutlingen Agency. The Caritas of Baden-Wurttemberg and the Baden-Wurttemberg awarded Wagner Wagner the SME Award for social responsibility, LEA (performance engagement recognition), in the category of companies up to 20 employees.