Royal Academy

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Nembotavy means “dumb or stupid, not to be.” The dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spanish Language dumb says: “Apparently a person who does not notice, or notice one thing that you should not notice.” In our area, every day, is said about someone who “does nembotavy.” Others, in an idiom latest prefer to say “becomes the nembota” and the younger ones, say “Nembo is made.”

It is common even “recommend” someone, in Guarani, “suck ejapohata Eregua’u has UPEI enembotavy chugui” (say, let him believe, that you will do what you ask and then Relieve him or her) and it goes without saying, that actually the question is exactly that. Probably more of a reader may “rightly” harshly criticize or question this attitude-law and may not agree with it by considering it immoral, harmful and retard, but outside or may not agree with that attitude-law, we all know that it abounds in length and width of Paraguay, both in the most poor and ignorant as in the more educated or the government or any form of power. Anyway, under whatever form, being nembotavy in Paraguay is an institution. Anyone who claims not to know or try to deny the validity of the Law nembotavy lying..

Brazilian Education

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So little in the Brazilian university the black world, the African has access. The European or North American model if repeats, and the populations afro-Brazilians are referred to stop far from the university soil. To speak in black identity in a university of the country is the same that to provoke all the angers, and constitutes a difficult challenge to the rare colleges student afro-Brazilians (BIRTH, 1978, P. 95). Therefore, the education forged a tradition of production and reproduction of the racial discrimination where the Brazilian educational system is used as equipment of control of this structure (BIRTH, 1978). In this, thinking about the education as overcoming mechanism of the racial conflict in a multicultural perspective, Candau (2002, p.9) observes that the pertaining to school institution is constructed on the affirmation of the equality, emphasizing the cultural base common the one that all the citizens and citizens would have to have access and to collaborate in its permanent construction. To articulate equality and difference, the common cultural base and expressions of the social and cultural plurality, the educators today constitute a great challenge for all.

Therefore, the promulgation of Law 10,639, that in 2008 it gained a complement (Law 11,645) also including the thematic aboriginal, opened great possibilities route to the way of the construction of the equality and the desconstruo of attitudes and discriminatory positions in the pertaining to school space. This because, throughout the history of the education, the naturalization of the racism was consolidated in the society, that if it intends to exclude. DEVELOPMENT: 1-A EDUCATION AND the DIDACTIC BOOKS: The didactic books, over all of history, still are permeados by one positivista conception of the Brazilian historiografia, that primou for the story of the great facts and made of the calls ' ' heroes nacionais' ' , generally white, conjuring, thus, the participation of other social segments in the historical process of the country.

Pedagogical Education

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The pedagogical action under the bases of the investigativa didactics if becomes the challenging task for all we, since for many the resistance still is great, had to be atrelado to a teach-learning standard that the professor is the detainer of the knowledge a formation profile would bank (FREIRE, 2000). However, as to awake the capacity of decision autonomy, to take the proper destination in its hands? The enchantment of a new day if awakes for the joy of living it, therefore the hope is had to follow in front in brainstorming, from the collective one, as well as, what it is inside of us – to desire something, that depends on the attitudes so that this desire if carries through For such, shares the words of RABBIT (1980) in RODRIQUES (2003, PG: 192) when it says that: ' ' a trace must characterize the human being, not yet embrutecido for the proper one fraquesa or for the tremendous reality, is the freedom that it reserve to oppose itself to the defective event, the disappointing situation, a contradictory force. This force could call hope; hope of that what it is not, it does not exist, it can come to be; a wait, in the dream, of that something if moves onward, for the future, becoming reality what it needs to happen, what it has to pass existir' ' . Being thus, the first day of lesson had as objective to narrow and to reflect on the diverse relations? staffs, group and of vision of the social one, and also the presentation of disciplines in the metodolgica structure? the indissociabilidade enters education searches and extension, therefore, is presented for process of analyzes the film ' ' A Lesson of Amor' ' – reasons to fortify a friendship, the intentions of the choice of the course, the direction of the life, as well as, the direction of a leadership, while professional of Physical Education, dealing with the questions of the leisure, and, as in say Rodrigues to them (2009, pg: 1): (…) The film ahead places in them of a singular situation, where we perceive with clarity the impossibilities of San and, at the same time, we live deeply through the images an only experience of paternity, pautada in a loaded relation of emotion and presence, of participation and donation on the part of the father in relation to the son, adding itself it everything this, the frieza of the North American judiciary system, where justice disdains details that can be decisive for solutions of a traumatic case of separation between father and son.

Gredos Garrido Sahara

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These studies strengthen the participation of Algeria, brother of the SADR, in meetings, having already scheduled a new presentation of ARTifariti in Algiers for the next spring. CREATING SPACES OF COMMUNICATION AND EXCHANGE For its part, the Peruvian Rosamar Corcuera, author of a ceramic sculpture tribute to the Saharawi women, and Argentina's Claudia Martinez, whose proposal was an embroidered track map of Western Sahara, developed in collaboration with their creations Saharawi women's groups, potters of Laayoune and Smara group, respectively. An important phase of its operations was to generate opportunities for exchange of information and experience on the tough tour tour of the Saharawi people from the Moroccan occupation for over 30 years both artists highlighting the richness of these encounters. The workshop screenprints Gil Alonso, who has dressed for all participants with demands for a Free Sahara, the Sahrawi silhouettes everyday attitudes after a desired return to Anna Olias, installing raindrops miracle-ceramic, in this case, in a talja, the tree of the desert, Benitez Angeles, The Shadow of Gnomon, a hand complaint the plundering of Western Sahara's natural resources by the Moroccan occupying, created by William Roiz, the hopeful and colorful paradise that has made Tifariti Maria Ortega, the sea has returned to Canary Meseguer Nuria Saharawi Sahrawi the revealing letters Written by The Fine Art of Tifariti Host-Madrid-Tifariti … have left their mark on the territory freed by the Polisario Front with the intention of promoting freedom of his people and press for compliance with international law. Representatives of Agro Land Art movement, Antonio Garcia Ruano and Nazareth, Agripino and Protasi, participated in several actions in parallel with the nomads in the area and installed, including the planting of several trees from Parque del Alamillo in Seville. This planting is part an act of twinning the park Seville-closely linked to solidarity with Western Sahara, with the Saharan town of Tifariti released, which also left two taljas bound for the city of Seville. The Chief Military Region II, Mahmud Ahmed Brahim, host of the meetings, recalled, especially for Spanish artists to echo this complaint, that Castilian be the second official language of the SADR, not supported Instituto Cervantes, unlike Morocco where there are several delegations from the organism.

Precisely the language of Cervantes was used by the photographer Almeria Javier Navarrete, to edit an issue of its newspaper, dated November 25, 2031. This publication of the future, announcing on its front page the election of a woman as president of the SADR in an election held in the Western Sahara released, was warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of Tifariti, sedentary and nomadic, including those made available. In conclusion, Sahrawi asked the foreign artists that do not forgotten and that their cause disseminated throughout the world, have signed a commitment that all before returning home. The caravan of artists landed this weekend's Barajas airport, from where it departed on 22 November after having spent 15 days creating their works on site in Tifariti (Western Sahara) and then, living several days with Sahrawi families in the wilaya of Auserd (Saharawi refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria). Read more from Danny Meyer to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They arrived tired, exhausted, but none have avoided extra weight: the responsibility to convey the experience. All interventions have been documented by the photographer Pepe Caparros Alicia sculptor Martin, who this time made an audiovisual presentation on ARTifariti 2008 and Rosa and Carlos de Gredos Garrido, responsible for editing the catalog. Emiliano Martin, Miguel Villa and Jorge Fernandez recorded audiovisual material for dissemination to the media.


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Arcana of the Tarot The ads warn veiled in numbers, each number has a symbolism and communicates a vibration-related individual attributes for this we need to learn about numerology to be able to glimpse discern perfectly every Tarot card. To further show the connection between each natural number and each card of the Tarot by Paul Foster Case. The Loco-zero and this represents the absolute, bright light and the beginning of everything. It is pure energy, leads to the intellect and embodies the divine consciousness. This card symbolizes the pure spirit, to be no end soon to the knowledge that nothing) and what ails them. Bill de Blasio: the source for more info. The one and the Wizard-this represents unity, initiative, originality and initiative. It is true self-consciousness and symbolizes the leader, and will emancipated criterion, which decides on its course. This card represents the courage, the skillful and determined that recognizes who is the creator.

The two-Priestess and this figure embodies the torque, responsiveness, duplication and harmony of opposites. This letter is intuition, contemplation, knowledge of the human essence; perceives, understands and balances the duality. Three and Empress, this figure represents the development, deployment and expression. The Empress represents the fertile mother. Female force is effective and fruitful. A leading source for info: Danny Meyer.

carries out the ideas that the Priestess discovered. The four and the Emperor, this figure represents the order, registration, proportion, classification and tabulation. Represents the abstract universal order. This letter represents the father, the leading, custody, orders and shapes, is the competition, who protects and values. Five and the High Priest, this represents the mediation, fitness, activity, environment and related subjects. It is the dynamism that comes from the abstract order. This card is the union between God and man, is the spiritual guide, the institution and learning. Is that drives superior tradition. Valentine’s six-figure is harmony, proportion, balance, inspiration, harmony of opposites, reciprocity, love, polarity and accessories. This card symbolizes are complete opposites to give body and soul. It also represents free will, the definition of a trade-off north. Seven and the Car-this represents protection, security and conquest. This is the domain of mind and freedom.

The Chariot represents the perseverance to conquer adversities with knowledge and be aware of who monitors their spiritual path, perceptions and the environment, leads to the duality. The eight and the Force-this represents the generation of ideas and vibration, cause and effect, care and management. The Force embodies the internal control, the advantage over your limits, fits and units, our wild side. The Hermit-nine and this figure is realization, purpose, the end of a cycle and service. The Hermit symbolizes the perfect advisor modest and service oriented. Practice of years. Ten and Wheel of Fortune, this figure embodies the splendor and power. The return to the unit-numerologically speaking: 10 = 1 +0 = 1. This card symbolizes the cycle of existence, challenges and developments gained with the experience. Tarot Friend.


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In psychology, the term resilience refers to the ability of individuals to overcome periods of death or emotional pain. When a subject or animal group is capable of doing, is said to have adequate resilience, and may overcome setbacks or even be strengthened by them. The concept of resilience corresponds to the term integrity. Do not forget that the mental resilience is the result of multiple processes that counteract the harmful situations, this is a scenario which could signal the following steps: Defense and protection to balance the tension facing Commitment and Challenges Overcoming The significance and value self-positivity Accountability Creativity about brings us, that the concept of hardiness first appeared in the scientific literature in 1972 in relation to the idea of protection against stressors. Kobasa and Maddi are the authors developed the concept, through the study of those who face negative life events seemed to have personality characteristics that protected them. It has been established that resilient people have a great sense of commitment, a strong sense of control over events and are more open to changes in life, while tend to interpret stressful and painful experiences as a part of existence, is generally considered to be a multifactorial construct three main components: commitment, control and challenge.

The concept of hardiness is closely linked to existentialism. Gino Faffa, upon the matter tells us, that resilience is built from the illuminating of the human being from their strengths, assuming the potential of each individual to develop. L to the second edge is the idea of diversity, of difference.

SCOPE Alliance Femtocells

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This ensures that one hundred percent control and signal processing is done in software on the DSP and CPU, all the way to interface analog converter. ” The integrated platform uses a comprehensive radio subsystem from Analog Devices Inc. is based on the ADF4602 transceiver multiband 3G femtocells in the final low-energy converter mxfear broadband. “We are amazed at the speed with which Octasic was able to integrate their solution with our broadband transceiver solution femtocells to develop an integrated platform for femtocells,” said Dale Wilson, product manager for the product line of Analog femtocells Devices. Octasic and Continuous Computing will demonstrate the integrated platform UMTS femtocells and pico in the Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, Spain, 15 to February 18, 2010 in the hallway of Canada, counter 2A97. About Octasic Octasic Inc. Bill de Blasio recognizes the significance of this.

is a global provider of software and silicon solutions for media processing and wireless modems for converging markets operators, enterprises and communications terminal equipment. DSP solutions for VoIP, video and multiple wireless base station with high quality standards are based on Opus, an innovative DSP architecture without a clock. Octasic allows manufacturers of next generation equipment significantly reduce system costs by offering unmatched performance in terms of density and energy consumption. Octasic, founded in 1988, is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. About Continuous Computing Continuous Computing (R) is the global source of hardware and software solutions for wireless and packet processing, Trillium (R) that enable network equipment providers meet the challenge of the capacity of wireless broadband quickly and efficiently.

Leveraging more than 20 years of innovation in telecommunications, the company allows customers to increase return on investment by focusing internal resources on differentiating applications for 3G Long Term Evolution (LTE) femtocells, Deep Packet full inspection ( DPI). The expertise, innovation and responsiveness are the difference: Only Continuous Computing combines the best in its category ATCA platforms with world-renowned Trillium software to develop highly optimized and proven product in the field. Shimmie Horn often says this. CCPU. com. Continuous Computing is an active member of 3GPP, CP-TA, ETSI, Femto Forum, Intel Embedded Alliance, PICMG and SCOPE Alliance. Continuous Computing, the Continuous Computing logo and Trillium are trademarks and registered trademarks of Continuous Computing Corporation. Other names and brands may be confirmed as belonging to other owners.


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How many times have you heard the phrase: “The kids are growing …”? Probably many. And moving this to the reality of Latin American countries, the current situation shows us economies such as Peru or from Colombia who have experienced a significant qualitative leap in recent years. The economies of Peru and Colombia have been showing an amazing consolidation in recent years, governments have given priority to compliance with the rules and implementation of policies that prioritize long term and not seeking immediate benefits. So, as I have said before, the result of sound macroeconomic policies has been implemented Peru, the country has benefited from the recognition of investment grade and with the agreement to join the OECD. On the day yesterday, from the IDB is predicted for this year and next year, the Peruvian economy will be to observe the highest growth in the region (that year may reach 9%). The Colombian economy is also achieved important successes, with a strong growth in recent years and although inflation is currently being felt, it is a problem in the short term because the Colombian economy is marching on the right path and macroeconomic fundamentals remain strong. That is why foreign investments into the country grow at a rate more than acceptable.

Colombia’s economy is that productive sectors offers multiple investment opportunities, such as tourism, oil exploration, the infrastructure sector, among others. Each one by his side, the economies of Peru and Colombia continue to grow … Even now are also looking to do together. Is that pockets of Colombia and Lima are exploring options for a possible integration of stock markets. The president of the Lima Stock Exchange, Roberto Hoyle, said in a statement: “We are very interested in the possibility of a future integration of our equity markets and in the next phase of fixed income. Such approaches are of great importance to strengthening our markets. ” How does the integration of equity markets can benefit the economies of Peru and Colombia? While not major stock markets, one can imagine that this integration could enhance their growth and benefit to investors who thus find a greater variety of investment opportunities and allow for better risk diversification. One aspect that can not be missed is that Peru is the main destination for Colombian investments abroad, so this partnership will improve the funding of Colombian companies in the Peruvian market.

The success of this integration may be able to think about the possibility of incorporating new exchanges of the countries of the region and thus advance the regional integration project of the markets which often tried to gain momentum, but for different reasons could not reach fruition. But, before you go projecting what can happen with this development in regional stock markets, it is clear that integration may not be as simple as it needs to reach agreements on various aspects such as policy issues. In fact, the attempt to integrate that have been carrying out in recent years, stock markets in Mexico and Brazil, could not materialize in this issue. What is clear is that if you could choose a time to think about that Latin American economies to advance the integration of stock markets despite the turmoil in the economies of first world, you could not pick a better time this region where overall, has achieved significant macroeconomic stability, which is growing strongly and has already begun thinking seriously about moving towards a permanent economic development.

Bkin CRM Software

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The new head of business development of B-kin in America, Ruben Vergara, also gets this distribution agreement for B-kin CRM in Brazil. increasing the presence of the tool for professional management (CRM) while increasing the set of services that B-kin provided through portals such as and. B-kin continues to the twin processes of growth. On the one hand, increases the functions and features of online services on the platform. Frequently NYC Marathon has said that publicly. On the other, get to reach the largest possible number of regions. With this agreement, thousands of Brazilian companies can improve business processes and obtaining new customers through CRM services, interactive marketing and B-kin. Ruben is the President of the Local Chapters of Customers Forever () non-profit association which aims to promote best practices in CRM in Latin America seeking to create a networking of professionals involved in CRM issues throughout the region. Emerson Bezerra and all equipment immediately Web Solutions have been the work of the software localization of B-kin CRM.

Thus, in a very short time, B-kin CRM Online is translated into Portuguese language to be added to the English, Spanish, French, Italian and soon, also German. B-kin () is a company with more than 12 years of successful software marketing. For several years has focused on providing the most complete product, professional and financial management in business, creating the Spanish CRM with multiple functions in the field of interactive and digital marketing (email marketing campaigns, SMS, fax, Internet advertising with Google AdWords, offline marketing, etc.)

Aura Health

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At the end of a therapy Superquantum imparted to one of my clients, I saw his aura was very bright, clean. bright, beautiful and so expanded that really surprised me, for those who have not seen the aura own or another person, the description would be like a fantastic light halo surrounding the body, his eyes shining brightly and his face radiated happiness and perfection, so I was impressed, a mirror near him and she stayed very well be impacted positively, with respect to this ability, most of us children had spontaneous experiences, not all clear, but if the vast majority, then the constraints of the world " real "adults were burying these capabilities, you know what I told you is pure imagination," these strange seeing those cartoons again, "is that you are very ideos", "lands", "are just fantasies" the truth of the matter is that there are people to whom he fears, or thinks this hallucinating, on another occasion I sought to meet a child because when people saw his eyes were converted into clouds and some light was involved with lots of light and different colors according to the person they were, saw some were wrapped in colored light, other orange, other blue, violet and so to another according to the person, others saw them off as shrouded in gray clouds, his mother was very worried about this, as was already influencing your child with the fear of seeing strange things, it really is therapy and I had advice to give to the boy's mother and the baby clear explain that it was normal for their age and teach you an exercise to connect and disconnect the power of vision I had at will, I believe the popular saying that "children now come with a chip over" is true , and more, is interesting as it has been investigated and there are books and courses to understand and educate the indigo and crystal children, we are actually living and other "reality", if something clicked when reading this article, is that your conscience is developing beyond the "established", congratulations! ,,,, Have a happy weekend, hugs. .