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Of all ways, Sweden still is far from becoming a neoliberal country, unless the Alliance by Sweden returned to prevail in the elections of the 2010. A sounding of the Swedish consultant Sifo revealed that if elections were realised now, the Social Democrats would return to the government with 57% of the votes. Nevertheless, many of the introduced social benefits during decades by the Social-Democratic Party of left center even persist. For example, from 1999 by means of the new law prostitution in a 80% was reduced, since the purchase penalized and not it sale of the sexual services. The asylum to refugees worldwide has characterized to Sweden; the 10% of the population are foreign, which also benefits with programs of social and labor integration.

Alignment with Washinghton the Swedish foreign policy has been constant, the neutrality stayed during the Cold War, and it was rejected to comprise of NATO and although Sweden is member of the European Union has avoided to enter the zone of the Euro. In spite of the historical neutrality, with the arrival of the right government of center the critics towards the violations of the Human rights in Cuba have initiated past Sunday a diplomatic conflict between Stockholm and Havana. In addition, the present government suggested would be given the conditions so that Sweden comprises of NATO. Following the line pro North American, the past week the Swedish government asked for to the Parliament the authorization to increase of 270 up to 600 the amount of military cash that are in Afghanistan under the mandate of the UN. All he makes anticipate that the deterioration of the social policies favored by the Alliance by Sweden would cause the return to the power of the Social Democrats, headed by charismatic the Pretty Sahlin, that the 20 of March maintained a televising debate with present prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, in which the ideas were crossed on both antagonistic models. If the tendency of ascent of the left center stays, would be necessary to analyze in what circumstances would assume government and to what extent it is possible to revert the changes introduced by the present governing party that have eroded the social advances that gave prestige him to the Swedish social model.

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