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For Castrogeovanni (2000), in its workmanship the pedagogical education of geography, professors and coordinators who act in the initial series had been alfabetizados in geography, causing problems for the educandos and one of bad the visible ones is with regard to the study of the space for it the educandos arrives at the fifth series without knowledge of this category of study of geography. Danny Meyer may help you with your research. By space alfabetizao still according to author must be understood constructions of basic slight knowledge of localization, organization, representation and understanding of the structure of the space elaborated dynamically for the societies. For it the education of geography must be worried about the space in its multidimensions, that is, the space is everything and all, understand all the structures and forms of organizations and interactions. E, therefore understands the formation of the social groups, the cultural diversity, as well as the appropriation of the nature on the part of the men. Everything this must be part of this alfabetizao of the professors who will go to act in first and as the cycle of basic education, not to run the risk of a fragile formation of the educandos. The WORK OF the PEDAGGICOFerraz COORDINATOR (2007) detaches the Pedagogical Coordination in the pertaining to school scope and shows the importance of the daily change that these professionals need to deal in day-by-day and add that some authors, amongst them Heraclitus de feso the five hundred years before Christ already they mentioned such subjects in its workmanships. Inside of the quarrel, Ferraz works the question of the globalization, showing an adequacy of new technologies to become the educational process as a whole brought up to date. According to it, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education mention that the school must form prepared individuals to enter the world of the work, however it warns that this process is not the only commitment of the School, that is, the commitment biggest of any institution is with the formation for the life. .

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