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Dry hair If you have split ends, brittle, lacking shine your hair, then you are the owner of the dry hair. Happy, of course, is nothing but to give up on your hair is not worth it. Dry hair is difficult to fit into the desired hair, they are difficult to comb, brittle and easily broken off. The reason for dry hair dry hair cause may be genetic predisposition, a permanent skin degreasing soap or inappropriate this type of hair shampoo or the use of chemicals such as paints. Returning from a trip, you may also notice that due to repeated exposure to the sun have lost your hair shine. Use a hair dryer, curling and contribute to the drying of hair. Care for dry hair How to return the hair to the beauty and splendor? Shampoo for dry hair will be perfect for you if your scalp is dry. A related site: NY museums mentions similar findings. It gently cleanses the skin and hair, without causing irritation and dryness, as well as nutritious and has a strong moisturizing effect.

Prevents dandruff. In another case, a shampoo for dry hair will be superfluous. But the extra money – this is what you need! Balms and masks – the most effective way to improve the structure of dry hair and make them shine. Their composition is rich in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients: oils, extracts of potent plants that are easily penetrate into the hair and restore its structure. Help protect the hair also means, applied after shampooing and do not require rinsing. They further moisturize and nourish the hair and creates a protective film around it, protects hair from damage and sunlight.

During the day, and especially during combing can use moisturizing hair sprays. Another problem that deliver dry hair posechennye ends. Restore such will not be possible, it is better trimming, and to prevent use of a special liquid (oil) to the ends. Dry dry hair better off without a hair dryer or, if necessary, warm air is gentle. With dry hair is not superfluous to add to your diet of natural foods (fruits, vegetables) and vegetable oils.

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