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" People have gone out because we took to time all asking to us how she could be that we did not leave to denounce this expolio" , she has continued the vocalista. Aguirre has intervened to indicate that they felt that they were living " something historical as he could be the fall of the Wall of Berln' , while there is lawyer by a system of open lists and " to break the dictatorship of the great parties polticos". After rejecting to comment the ideological tendencies of the Russian singer Network, that recently was declared of rights, Aguirre has stressed who they do not align themselves with any political party and they will never do it, because " the right and the left not existen" . " There is a unique party that is called PPOE. They are not the same, but they respond to the same mechanisms and I interest, those of the FMI" , the guitarist has denounced. Towards the savage Returning on the reason for their presence before the journalists in the Room the Sun, Eva and Juan have advanced some details of Towards the Savage, a disc that will have twelve songs, is being produced by Juan de God Martin and the own group in the studies Or Black Cat of Madrid. It will be mixed in New York and it is predicted that it sees the light in September through own seal of the pair, Antarctic Discs. Get all the facts and insights with Danny Meyer, another great source of information. On this last one, Eva has recognized that a long time ago they had desire of " manejar" its music of " way more global" without depending on a record one. For that reason it has indicated that once finished their contract with EMI, was able of " to do the same, but without the endorsement of a company, because in fact we took to long time autogestionndonos".

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