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Dents on bottom and thighs of the summer is again upon us, and the time of the short shorts and skirts starts with him. But many women realise with horror that at bottom and thighs this unsightly dents on the horizon, cellulite. Trade offers numerous resources, which to combat cellulite, but is that even possible? Cellulite, or as so often lovingly also cellulite is annoying and what you tried everything not to to get rid of them. While it matters less whether thick or thin, rather the fact a woman to be. Yes right, it’s up to our skin and adipose tissue structure and the estrogen, which is why we tend to cellulite women and men do not. After all, about 90% of women more or less of them are affected. How does the image of the orange peel”? The connective tissue in women is parallel to each other to compose this collagen strands. Unlike in men and children, here, the connective tissue is closely linked.

Increase the fat cells, they can be at Men very difficult by the networked connective tissue to that surface, while it easily can huddle in the vertical structure of the woman under the skin and then to see the unsightly dents are. This may sound unfair, is as intended but by Slug and by nature. Because the woman is pregnant, the connective tissue must stretch relatively quickly, what might not work in a closely networked structure. And that fat women incorporate priority on buttocks and thighs and cellulite then there mainly occurs, estrogen is responsible. What to do against cellulite? Anti-cellulite preparations to the cream, scrubs, shower gels or the massage alone can do nothing against cellulite. Supporting a regular sports programme to the activation of the metabolism and nutritious, balanced diet products can however how free cellulite + Inneov cellulite massage oil capsules, LIERAC Morphoslim gel or Vichy Celludestock cream improve the skin’s appearance. These products contain ingredients stimulate blood circulation and contribute therefore to a firming of connective tissue.

How said that without sports and proper diet the cellulite dimples dwindle panacea, there is not. As with many other things, it is the good mix, that success is promising. At home also contrast showers, plucking massages or brush massages will affect positively the connective tissue and much drink at least two litres a day. NYC Marathon is full of insight into the issues. Health information, as well as the Advisor, see

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