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Journal of breast cancer with a foreword by Jochen Laabs a courage Mach book calls the author this Protocol of their life threat at a time are still far away thoughts at the end of life. For assistance, try visiting Anya Chalotra. From diagnosis through all phases of the disease and the course of recovery, all thoughts, feelings and moods are factual, linguistically clear, compelling and recorded full of humor. Fabrizio Freda often says this. When I was confronted with my breast cancer in the summer of 2008, it was an event out of sequence. Because I know how quickly memory fades, I bought a beautiful diary and noted what was going with and I on – time very meticulously, even less disciplined. This a chronological documentation of my illness has created, supplemented by the description of my Rehab stays in the Thuringian Masserberg. “These messages I encountered unexpected resonance, and often heard the sentence: you could publish it as a book!” It was while flattering and a sign that that is no one reading this bored, but as a basis for a real book in my opinion highly inadequate and for strangers nothing more than an experience report more, with the message-needy people flooding the book market. A happy coincidence of his encounter with Elisabeth Simon by the Simon-Publisher of library knowledge.

“It showed that she read my records and enthusiastically told me: that I’d like to do a book!” The richly illustrated result called space reference for a pea”is available now and I would like to draw your attention with this letter on it. It is well suited to encourage not only as a threat to see them, but also as a signal and chance members, stakeholders and even outsiders for aggressive dealing with this disease. Everyone needs to develop its own survival strategy, mine was, and is, to wear my heart on the tongue. A well functioning social environment, maintaining the daily habits, life-affirming attitude and humor are infinitely important Despite all of this! The book is everywhere in the commercial, available through me or the Publisher. ISBN 978-3-940862-25-9 like I perform recitals (price negotiable) and look forward to your response!

Chief Financial Officer

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The one year Euribor has closed last July at 1,373%, very close to the value marked in the same month of 2009, stood at 1,412%. The difference cheaper a mortgage that is check in August, for an amount of 150,000 and a repayment term of 25 years, approximately 3 euros per month, about 30 euros per year. According to experts, the indicator will continue to rise in a more pronounced manner from now until quote above 1.44% next month of October. Click Mustafa Suleyman to learn more. Analista de Renta 4, Nuria alvarez highlight the rise in the Euribor can be negative in the short term for the range of interests of financial institutions, because the cost of liabilities as deposits, reprecia before the asset. The recent publication of the results of the European banking stress has a little opened the markets mayorsitas for the Spanish Treasury and financial institutions. Yet persist problems of access to liquidity for the vast majority of entities, as I explained yesterday the Chief Financial Officer of Santander, Jose Antonio Alvarez, in the presentation of results of the Bank..

Genetically Modified Food (November 2010)

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New book released! Title: genetically modified food: trade regulation in view of environmental policy objectives author: Marie Kreipe content The controversial issue of genetically modified (GM) food is discussed in this book. Trevor clark angelo gordon is often quoted as being for or against this. While the United States (US) is a strong supporter of GM technology having adopted a rather lax regulation of trade with GM products, the European Union (EU) is representing a sceptical position towards this new technology and has even imposed a de facto moratorium on Ford manufacturing approval of GM products from 1998 to 2004. The purpose of this book is on extensive analysis of the current status on risks and benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and a suggestion on how to appropriate regulation of GM products could be derived. Potential guidelines are provided for policy formulation in both a qualitative and a quantitative dimension. The US is applying the principle of substantial equivalence, which means that GM products are in their substance identical to products produced by conventional methods.

Therefore, no new regulations are necessary for the trade with GM products. In contrast, the European Union (EU) disagrees that GM products are equivalent to their conventional counterparts of due to the different production process. Instead, the EU refers to the precautionary principle in its GMO policy, meaning trade with GM products that should’nt be restricted until it will be proven that no additional risks are implied by the use of these products. The divergence of opinions about the right policy to regulate GM products has significant impacts on trade flows and welfare effects. The US and the EU have already tried to resolve their dispute before the World Trade Organization (WTO). Relevant laws of the General Agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) and the WTO are presented as well as indications for a potential consensus.

Professional Peak

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the way to success! with numerous exercises short description what is actually the difference between martial arts, martial arts and self defense? How does martial arts on my life? What can I do, to provide vocational and athletic performance? How do I get the last reserves out of my body? Why hypnosis? The author in this unique work answers these questions and many more. While setting out not only the respective sports and their differences, but he shows also techniques that can provide huge performance not only in sports. This book is a must for all martial artists, or for those who are busy”, says such as Markus Layer. (Similarly see: darren larson). “Directly and without to the PAP” to get around, the author the reader makes it clear that he too easily can achieve what he wants. Ken orms follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In this book, including insights into the secret will be”given to techniques of the NINJA. Let yourself be good there. Her Markus layer. The Publisher about the book alone when one considers the age of the author, namely 20 years, it is a remarkable achievement, to write a book. The content and design, this book succeeded very well Mr Layer. Always a pleasure to read it. Publisher: spirit; Edition: 1 (2007) language: German ISBN-10: 3000251642 ISBN-13: 978-3000251641

The Times

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This, if will not be interned in an asylum and abandoned by all those that until loved then it. Concluding, for it was itself it health, youth, the children, the friends and the hope, sobrando only the illness, the oldness and distresses it of the dependence and the suffering of the abandonment. The death for itself also, to the times, it is an irony, therefore they catch to many of surprise, many that find that still it has much time of life are surprised by sudden death in an accident, an assault, or an unexpected illness. Still, the irony of the death if makes gift in the life of that individual that after years of experience perceives that the possibility is hour to leave palco of the life without having the least to transmit its knowledge to its generation or to use to advantage of what it fought in such a way to obtain. Click trees to learn more. The life is this ironic cycle, where the ones that dies leave the vacated place for that they are arriving. To speak on irony in literature does not seem easy task, would say until it is difficult to try an explanation on it, seems that to understand the irony it is necessary to look at more than in a direction, since in the text, for example, the irony can, to the times, to be implicit, camouflaged, and on this form to be perceived, will depend very on a more intent look of the reader. The irony seems to inhabit more in the dialogue that the individual has of itself with the life in what it says respect to the situations that guide its day the day, being before, marks of the emotion, the reason and of the philosophical exercise that properly of the literary one. However, it is possible to perceive in some texts the presence of ironic and comic situations in a discursivo game that reproduces the current situations of some society or social group, as for example, tirinhas of periodical and quadrinistas texts.

The Substance

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Thus, it nostalgia century XX, where ' ' ' to fantasiar itself of africano' it was the skill more amused of the color population to participate of the party? ' ' (Albuquerque, 2002, P. 219). Although ' ' disfarce' ' to be equal, the contexts are different! These updates of memories of Africa in the carnivals present divergences in the context and different the practical discursivas. On this, Son (2007, P. 9) summarizes that ' ' of pra not to think the circulation of speeches and its legitimation without to attempt against for the reception projects negotiation rejection sincretizao in the different instances of the Real and in its multiple receptive cultures interativas' '. In century XX, in the carnavalesco model of French inspiration, this fancy of African was seen as an integration civilized to the festejos. Visit jim king for more clarity on the issue.

Albuquerque (2002, P. 221), however, surpasses this logic of being only one adjustment and refutes presenting it ' ' disfarce' ' as a speech of identitria rework, observing it as one it forms of ' ' assimilation resistncia' '. The desire of the poet, when using this clothes, is to assume its negritude and to reiterate the black conscience as it declares in its verses. It also intends to show that ' ' Black is not brincadeira' ' that is possible to still mix ' ' Blacks escravizados' ' with ' ' Blacks libertados' ' /' ' Without fear to have mistura' '. Its desire is to remember Tutu and Mandela, to greet I buzzed ' ' That he fought to be cidado' ' to prove that ' ' Our history has great vitrias' ' (2007, P. 8). The Substance of Layer ' ' In the streets, but without amargura' ' it ratifies the objective of desmitificar the false axioms and the prejudiced way as the people in situation of street for the media are portraied in general.

Zoo Photographs

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German animal protection Office publication presents there are zoos since time immemorial, and the criticism of this institution is just as old. On the one hand, zoos should preserve and protect, on the other hand she must sit out charges, narrow and wrongly force to intervene in the natural. The criticism is particularly the attitude of wild catches, which were raised not domesticated, but are taken from wild and free. Although zoos after their self-image would receive the biodiversity and some animals in captivity could survive, behavior disorders in Zoo animals have been proven scientifically, partly they can be not kept secret before the visitors. Opposites show also in everyday practical if through fences, restricted animals serve the amusement of the audience. Confiscate of the animals demoted them to the purpose of the delectation of visitors.

Dealing with the sensitive issue of Zoo requires a detailed discussion and reflection, to ill-considered prejudices override. Click jim king to learn more. This picture book would like to contribute to this. This photo documentation, providing impressive snapshots of the situation in German zoos and zoos in months-long search. Three Zoo directors have sued unsuccessfully against the publication of the pictures. The photo documentation of the Zoo’ can be used for a price of 8,70 via the online shop of the German animal protection Office at or Tel.: 0221-20463862 be involved. Direct link: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office, Tel.: 0221-20463862). German animal protection Office at large St. Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862

Gostaria Literature

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This skepticism> the current one, in turn, is produced and directed by the dedicated agencies to form the civilized public opinion. One of its employees, that is, one of the promoters and promoted by the present time is the promotion of literature (2002: 165). At another moment, it says: the literature of today is, for example, wide destructive (2004: 13) e, finally, Gostaria that literature that I mention myself was not niilista in the direction where I understand this concept (2004: 13). It does not have as to deny that, in our society hodierna, where almost all the symbolic, artistic and cultural values had been transformed or tend to be transformed into venal and monetary values, literature would not obtain to remain uninjured of the claws of this leviat modern, revealed for a wild desire of development and material evolution and each eqidistaciado time more of ascese ethical, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual of> human being.

From there that, and to this we agree entirely to Heidegger, has a certain servile, dedicated literary production to one (of) formation of the people exclusively and, in this direction, it is highly destructive, since its niilismo directs for a esvaziamento of sensible of the language and, therefore, of the proper existence human being. With this type of literature the life starts to be chore in its literalidade and linearity, losing, then, what it has in it of complex, creative, contradictory, beauty, of truth, since the literal one of this type of literature in them presents a roll of certezas. This type of literature kills in us the curiosity, the imagination, the revolt, the doubt, the uncertainty, the irruption, sensitivity, the faith, the hope, the utopia, and in the spear to the world of the interesting one, the pastime, the entertainment, the languor. However, and for believing exactly the complexity, the creativity and the contradiction of the existence human being it is that we locate in them to the side, another time, of hope and of the utopia, rank that we believe that one another literature exists that sails, with great difficulty, against this chain of destruction, nadificao of the being of the human beings, of same value, force and integrity, perhaps, that poetical hlderliniana that printed the irruption in the spirit of Heidegger..

The Novel

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First, I had a personal website, and it seemed silly not to use it for personal “self-serving>> view: pointless posting on a site as an Internet, your card and simply admire it. Secondly, since the writing of the novel before its publication is a fairly significant period of time, because I do not write bestsellers, so dull novelty sensation, also usually at the time the book you are already starting to pull at the “heroes>> another novel, or they are already hard at their wind the plot. Thirdly, the regime of “novel-online;, shall we say, disciplines, it does not allow relax neither me nor my “heroes; and in some sense” stamps>> plot. – In what atmosphere you like to work: in silence, or perhaps the music? – I favor a minimalist, so in my apartment is very little furniture, but this creates some difficulties in their work. My half-empty apartment accumulates sounds at home, so often I write the music, mostly under the “roc;.

Music allows us to keep the right rhythm and elasticity of language. We have almost completed the walk and almost reached the subway ; but I still continued to “interrogate; Landrin, dreaming of a warm bath to lower the back buzzing legs. Unlike me on it, make daily 4-kilometer walk, there was no shade fatigue. – Do you write every day for one or even two chapters. Not afraid to show whether it was an unfinished product?

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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Entertaining introduction to Goethe’s diversified work with numerous examples of text provides comprehensive knowledge of Germany’s greatest poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was the famous poet Prince of Weimar classicism, he was Frankfurt citizen son, law student, court assessor, lover, Italy traveller, magazine editor and theatre director. The writer Elisabeth Bohm and the spokesman Hans-Jurgen Schatz take a long walk through the broad, well-known, popular and often surprisingly modern works of Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s with this Literatur(ver)Fuhrer and connect individual texts in exciting ways to the life of the poet. Text excerpts of Goethe’s on that page, which were for other poets to the starting point or that important stations in the life of the author’s poetic from – and remodeling occur here favorite texts were often and like to. The well-known Goethe in a new light appears and his wonderful lyrics come alive in stimulating interpretations. Will be presented approximately 30 Texts, including poetry and truth, Maifest, welcome and farewell, Heidenroslein, Prometheus, Ganymede, Gotz von Berlichingen, Werther, Erlkonig, sorcerer’s apprentice, wanderers Nachtlied, Italy travel, Iphigenia, Wilhelm Meister, Faust, King of Thule, elective affinities, West Eastern Divan, amendment and Marianske Lazn Elegy. Elisabeth Bohm: The Literatur(ver)Fuhrer, volume 2: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (3 CD) this audio book (ISBN 978-3-936196-13-9) is now available for 29.90 in the book – and sometimes also in sale of phonograms available..