The Novel

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First, I had a personal website, and it seemed silly not to use it for personal “self-serving>> view: pointless posting on a site as an Internet, your card and simply admire it. Secondly, since the writing of the novel before its publication is a fairly significant period of time, because I do not write bestsellers, so dull novelty sensation, also usually at the time the book you are already starting to pull at the “heroes>> another novel, or they are already hard at their wind the plot. Thirdly, the regime of “novel-online;, shall we say, disciplines, it does not allow relax neither me nor my “heroes; and in some sense” stamps>> plot. – In what atmosphere you like to work: in silence, or perhaps the music? – I favor a minimalist, so in my apartment is very little furniture, but this creates some difficulties in their work. My half-empty apartment accumulates sounds at home, so often I write the music, mostly under the “roc;.

Music allows us to keep the right rhythm and elasticity of language. We have almost completed the walk and almost reached the subway ; but I still continued to “interrogate; Landrin, dreaming of a warm bath to lower the back buzzing legs. Unlike me on it, make daily 4-kilometer walk, there was no shade fatigue. – Do you write every day for one or even two chapters. Not afraid to show whether it was an unfinished product?

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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Entertaining introduction to Goethe’s diversified work with numerous examples of text provides comprehensive knowledge of Germany’s greatest poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was the famous poet Prince of Weimar classicism, he was Frankfurt citizen son, law student, court assessor, lover, Italy traveller, magazine editor and theatre director. The writer Elisabeth Bohm and the spokesman Hans-Jurgen Schatz take a long walk through the broad, well-known, popular and often surprisingly modern works of Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s with this Literatur(ver)Fuhrer and connect individual texts in exciting ways to the life of the poet. Text excerpts of Goethe’s on that page, which were for other poets to the starting point or that important stations in the life of the author’s poetic from – and remodeling occur here favorite texts were often and like to. The well-known Goethe in a new light appears and his wonderful lyrics come alive in stimulating interpretations. Will be presented approximately 30 Texts, including poetry and truth, Maifest, welcome and farewell, Heidenroslein, Prometheus, Ganymede, Gotz von Berlichingen, Werther, Erlkonig, sorcerer’s apprentice, wanderers Nachtlied, Italy travel, Iphigenia, Wilhelm Meister, Faust, King of Thule, elective affinities, West Eastern Divan, amendment and Marianske Lazn Elegy. Elisabeth Bohm: The Literatur(ver)Fuhrer, volume 2: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (3 CD) this audio book (ISBN 978-3-936196-13-9) is now available for 29.90 in the book – and sometimes also in sale of phonograms available..

No Publisher

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A prostitute told me, after she had read the manuscript that this book should be required reading for all 12 – 16 year-old girls and their parents to keep them away from the prostitution.” “JS: this story is based on a true story?” “MH: from the descriptions of many women, I have compiled this novel and BIGGI” attributed to. All events, sexual practices and behaviors of these women in the novel are the absolute truth.” “JS: it was easy to publish this book?” MH: Due to the tough terms, as it is spoken in the milieu, the described sexual acts and violence of the pimp, then in 1986 No Publisher was willing to publish the book. For this reason, I am very grateful to the tredition Publisher that they me the Have given opportunity after 24 years to publish my book.” JS: How I could track you started out quite successfully after only a short time with your book. How does it feel to this?” MH: It’s already a good feeling when holding a book in his hand after so long, containing my thoughts written down as the content. It has created something lasting that may have existence beyond death.” JS: I read your book, could not put it out of my hand.

Join the reader through a whole other world in your novel. It has me very scared, more and more how horrible life in prostitution can be and takes the scaring in your book from side to side. Why did you choose such a hard language?” MH: The life of prostitution is hard. The women have to enforce many people over, but also situations compared to. In addition the work. These women have in their forced money to do up, unable to free in any type of to seek out. You have to take everyone and itself up.

The Book

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Interview with the author Manfred Herrmann author Manfred Herrmann was born on March 19, 1952 in Munster and now lives in bad Nenndorf. Just in time for the Frankfurt book fair the author presented his first book BIGGI In the shadows of the night of the public. Topics are addressed in this book which are still trivialized in our society: pornography, prostitution, and gambling. Herrmann, who is employed at the Landeskriminalamt and gained extensive knowledge about the life and habits in the prostitute – and pimp-milieu during his period of service in the Department of customs, does not mince words in his book and describes this environment from the perspective of his long career. Jutta Schutz (JS): You have published on September 20, 2010, about the tredition publishing your first novel and you have chosen a very charged issue. What has moved you to write about this red-light district?” Manfred Herrmann (MH): In the three years of my activity in the field of custom had I chance to study life in prostitution. This, I realized that women in prostitution are the weakest link in a chain of violence, exploitation and crime. They are due to different dependencies forced to steal, cheat and prone to violence also against fellow.

The cost of a prostitute is very high: 1 large amount of their revenue goes to her pimp. 2. high day rental in the brothels. 3. block costs (drink forced acceptance). 4. money for lingerie and cosmetics, hairdressing and tanning bed. 5.

money for their addiction: alcohol, pills, heroin, etc. 6 rental for your own apartment if available. 7. medical expenses. Nothing remains there for their own lives. The result is the creation of day and night without break. In this case, the woman takes health risks because she must push himself again and again. At the end she gets in high levels of debt and if it then no longer brings up enough the pimp she is sold to an another pimp in another city.” “JS: what do you expect from the readers of your book?” MH: My intention is that I can convince by the blatant portrayal, the one or the other woman to earn their money in other ways.

Walt Whitman

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WALT WHITMAN AND ITS INFLUENCE IN BEAT GENERATION. WHO WAS WALT WHITMAN? Walt Whitman was one of the biggest poets of U.S.A. 1819 in the city of Huntington, the still young state of New York were born and, if it moved for the Brooklyn. Whitman exerted some professions: it was tipgrafo, professor, journalist, agricultural laborer, nurse, clerical employee and until it worked in the War of Secession. It started to write to the fourteen years of age, and had aversion to the work. Still young it had its poetries published in the periodical The Long Island Patriot and little time later also in the Mirror periodical.

This taste for the poetry, folloied it during all its life. Whitman was created under orientation of the seita of the Quakers (a term derived from the English ‘ ‘ Quake’ ‘ that it means ‘ ‘ tremer’ ‘ ‘ ‘ or estremecer’ ‘ that has certain similarity with deriving seitas of the protestant movement, differentiating in the importance that if of to the spirit the holy ghost). This seita was established by George Fox in 1647 in England. The religious formation made with that Whitman did not fight to side of the Union in the civil war, exactly thus worked as nurse taking care of of wounded in the arrests of the Brooklyn and hospitals of New York. Frequentou the literary bomia and had brief and fogosos loves. In 1854, it defined permanently in a long and unfinished poem, what it intended to come to be the flag of a new spirit.

Feeling themselves in the ownership of new truths that wanted to communicate to the world, in 1855 published, paying the edition of its proper pocket, the first version of Leaves of Grass. Walt Whitman is a militant one of the American Democratical Party. Its faith in the politics started to get rid it the measure that the fight around the slavery if went deep the United States.