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This, if will not be interned in an asylum and abandoned by all those that until loved then it. Concluding, for it was itself it health, youth, the children, the friends and the hope, sobrando only the illness, the oldness and distresses it of the dependence and the suffering of the abandonment. The death for itself also, to the times, it is an irony, therefore they catch to many of surprise, many that find that still it has much time of life are surprised by sudden death in an accident, an assault, or an unexpected illness. Still, the irony of the death if makes gift in the life of that individual that after years of experience perceives that the possibility is hour to leave palco of the life without having the least to transmit its knowledge to its generation or to use to advantage of what it fought in such a way to obtain. Click trees to learn more. The life is this ironic cycle, where the ones that dies leave the vacated place for that they are arriving. To speak on irony in literature does not seem easy task, would say until it is difficult to try an explanation on it, seems that to understand the irony it is necessary to look at more than in a direction, since in the text, for example, the irony can, to the times, to be implicit, camouflaged, and on this form to be perceived, will depend very on a more intent look of the reader. The irony seems to inhabit more in the dialogue that the individual has of itself with the life in what it says respect to the situations that guide its day the day, being before, marks of the emotion, the reason and of the philosophical exercise that properly of the literary one. However, it is possible to perceive in some texts the presence of ironic and comic situations in a discursivo game that reproduces the current situations of some society or social group, as for example, tirinhas of periodical and quadrinistas texts.

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