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This skepticism> the current one, in turn, is produced and directed by the dedicated agencies to form the civilized public opinion. One of its employees, that is, one of the promoters and promoted by the present time is the promotion of literature (2002: 165). At another moment, it says: the literature of today is, for example, wide destructive (2004: 13) e, finally, Gostaria that literature that I mention myself was not niilista in the direction where I understand this concept (2004: 13). It does not have as to deny that, in our society hodierna, where almost all the symbolic, artistic and cultural values had been transformed or tend to be transformed into venal and monetary values, literature would not obtain to remain uninjured of the claws of this leviat modern, revealed for a wild desire of development and material evolution and each eqidistaciado time more of ascese ethical, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual of> human being.

From there that, and to this we agree entirely to Heidegger, has a certain servile, dedicated literary production to one (of) formation of the people exclusively and, in this direction, it is highly destructive, since its niilismo directs for a esvaziamento of sensible of the language and, therefore, of the proper existence human being. With this type of literature the life starts to be chore in its literalidade and linearity, losing, then, what it has in it of complex, creative, contradictory, beauty, of truth, since the literal one of this type of literature in them presents a roll of certezas. This type of literature kills in us the curiosity, the imagination, the revolt, the doubt, the uncertainty, the irruption, sensitivity, the faith, the hope, the utopia, and in the spear to the world of the interesting one, the pastime, the entertainment, the languor. However, and for believing exactly the complexity, the creativity and the contradiction of the existence human being it is that we locate in them to the side, another time, of hope and of the utopia, rank that we believe that one another literature exists that sails, with great difficulty, against this chain of destruction, nadificao of the being of the human beings, of same value, force and integrity, perhaps, that poetical hlderliniana that printed the irruption in the spirit of Heidegger..

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