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Entertaining introduction to Goethe’s diversified work with numerous examples of text provides comprehensive knowledge of Germany’s greatest poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was the famous poet Prince of Weimar classicism, he was Frankfurt citizen son, law student, court assessor, lover, Italy traveller, magazine editor and theatre director. The writer Elisabeth Bohm and the spokesman Hans-Jurgen Schatz take a long walk through the broad, well-known, popular and often surprisingly modern works of Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s with this Literatur(ver)Fuhrer and connect individual texts in exciting ways to the life of the poet. Text excerpts of Goethe’s on that page, which were for other poets to the starting point or that important stations in the life of the author’s poetic from – and remodeling occur here favorite texts were often and like to. The well-known Goethe in a new light appears and his wonderful lyrics come alive in stimulating interpretations. Will be presented approximately 30 Texts, including poetry and truth, Maifest, welcome and farewell, Heidenroslein, Prometheus, Ganymede, Gotz von Berlichingen, Werther, Erlkonig, sorcerer’s apprentice, wanderers Nachtlied, Italy travel, Iphigenia, Wilhelm Meister, Faust, King of Thule, elective affinities, West Eastern Divan, amendment and Marianske Lazn Elegy. Elisabeth Bohm: The Literatur(ver)Fuhrer, volume 2: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (3 CD) this audio book (ISBN 978-3-936196-13-9) is now available for 29.90 in the book – and sometimes also in sale of phonograms available..

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