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First, I had a personal website, and it seemed silly not to use it for personal “self-serving>> view: pointless posting on a site as an Internet, your card and simply admire it. Secondly, since the writing of the novel before its publication is a fairly significant period of time, because I do not write bestsellers, so dull novelty sensation, also usually at the time the book you are already starting to pull at the “heroes>> another novel, or they are already hard at their wind the plot. Thirdly, the regime of “novel-online;, shall we say, disciplines, it does not allow relax neither me nor my “heroes; and in some sense” stamps>> plot. – In what atmosphere you like to work: in silence, or perhaps the music? – I favor a minimalist, so in my apartment is very little furniture, but this creates some difficulties in their work. My half-empty apartment accumulates sounds at home, so often I write the music, mostly under the “roc;.

Music allows us to keep the right rhythm and elasticity of language. We have almost completed the walk and almost reached the subway ; but I still continued to “interrogate; Landrin, dreaming of a warm bath to lower the back buzzing legs. Unlike me on it, make daily 4-kilometer walk, there was no shade fatigue. – Do you write every day for one or even two chapters. Not afraid to show whether it was an unfinished product?

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