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Mary Serralta Vogue Spain (online edition) published the keys to a perfect complexion in the coming year. Although there is nothing new, I consider it useful to read and reflect on the care we have for our skin always looks radiant. Then the keys proposed by Serralta: Hydrate the skin by applying a moisturizer at least twice a day and drinking six to eight glasses of water per day There are two rules to follow because the skin is hydrated from the outside and inside . When skin is hydrated keeps its elasticity, brightness and appearance. Clean the skin The skin should be cleaned in the morning and evening to remove makeup, pollution, smoke, dust and other external agents that stain the skin. Of course, the products and steps to clean the skin depend on each skin, so it is recommended to consult with specialists. Sun protection is necessary to use sunscreen or day products that include this protection, but we do all year, not only in warmer months, the ultraviolet rays are always present. For even more details, read what Herbalife says on the issue.

From the sun we avoid premature skin aging and possible malignant lesions and pigmentation problems. Rest Sleeping well is essential for a perfect complexion that while we sleep and regenerate cells. If you sleep poorly or less than the recommended 7-8 hours, the skin tone will be off and the circles will become visible. Depending on the sensitivity exfoliate the skin, the frequency at which exfoliate the skin will vary but the truth is that we can not exfoliate. Exfoliation allows the removal of dead cells and prevents impurities to keep the pores clean. Avoid the formation of free radicals Free radicals are responsible for the oxidation, aging and deterioration of the skin and organs in general.

Eat healthy foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, lack of proper rest, all these factors contribute to the formation of free radicals. Taking antioxidant vitamins These vitamins, as long recommended by specialists, help to neutralize the negative effects of free radicals in the skin. Exercise more important than doing the exercise is to do with a certain frequency or regularity. It is recommended that physical activity at least three times a week. Walking also improves our health and appearance so that you can add it to the exercises you normally do, for example going down the stairs and not the elevator, or bajandote before, subway or taxi and walking a few extra blocks. Meditation is important to restore the balance between body and mind to relax more and not fall to the stress that both harms our skin. Have a positive attitude is as important as eating right, exercise and skin care. Eating healthy diet you do must be consistent and include fruits, vegetables, fish, non-fat protein and essential fatty acids (such as omega 3) with anti-inflammatory benefits and draining. I hope they can use this working Vogue Spain and we can try to incorporate all these keys to optimize our image. Image consultant Degree in International Relations, image consultant and founder of Styletto Image Studio.

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