Digital Signage Award

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The content specialists of mCon solutions are also in this year for the final round of the digital signage best practice award at the viscom 2008 nominated the viscom frankfurt 2008, international trade fair for Visual communication, gives this year for the second time the best practice Award for efficiently planned and implemented creative digital signage solutions. The Stuttgart-based content specialists of the mCon solutions are also nominated for the award for the second time. usion. This year, an InfoScreen application for the financial sector presents mCon solutions in the category information signage. The digital signage solution has been implemented on behalf of a German Bank and combines a variety of automated and individually-controlled information. Get more background information with materials from McDonalds. In addition to mandatory equity and index values that update every minute, current economic and world news, weather info and image videos and campaign motifs, world clocks are presented. The tailor-made application was based on a conceptual specifications for the content and the implementation of a Standard software developed. rmation. The digital signage solution reflects the consulting approach of the Stuttgart-based company: the complex requirements of the solution have been defined from the Communications Department of the company and embedded with the help of the mCon solutions in marketing and technology successfully in a technical concept.


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To see our own well-being with the well-being of many people, is evidently created a new vision of ourselves. Once that is achieved the well-being of others, our individual well-being is achieved in automatic. Before others have already said it: be generous and you will be prosperous: help others and you will be helped. Proverbs 11: 25 that which seeks to alien welfare, already has assured himself. To reach these new views, Confucius is true that each should have learn more about himself, about his limitless, mysterious, magical abilities and to cosmic or perhaps only understand human wisdom accumulated over time. We actually have hidden talents that lie behind our deep dreams, who believe impossible. What prevents reaching perform them are fears and insecurities. Once you work in fears and insecurities, you realize that fear is a natural feeling, which always take new actions, but which can never stop us.

Insecurities are ghosts you think realities. Te das account to win you should know lose, lose insecurities and fears so rooted as the marrow of our bones. Our greatest fear is perhaps the solitude and therefore the rejection. Many times we are not as we would like on the bottom, or not explored more than ourselves for fear that people who know us as we are, not reject. When you regain your inner courage and confidence in yourself, you realize that when someone rejects you, is because the roads are opened in other directions or simply because each who goes to where it can in one way or another.

It is only that there is more than one direction to go. He teaches and you learn lessons. Having a more complete idea of self, you have new ideas about what the world presents you. Any person who has be financially free and owning a lucrative and successful business, as his great dream should know valuable and should you sell something, that’s a fact mainly sell yourself, if you manage that, no matter what headbands, anything can be a success.

Simon Cowell

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When Susan Boyle presented the programme Britain’s got talent, I guess that it brought, as his song for the presentation I said it I dreamed a dream (I dreamed a dream), a background of illusions, but also guess that he never believed that he was going to get where arrived. With forty-seven years and an aspect that did not match at all with TV glamour and slightly rough manners, was viewed with great skepticism by judges. But they took only few seconds since it began to sing so that their faces sceptical all transform into faces of total astonishment. It is not only voice was melodious and powerful that, but besides sing beautifully had a personal, unique and distinctive tone making it different from any other voice heard previously. In the television show that made a small synopsis of his life story, presenters commented that an hour after having been submitted to the hearing, they received calls from around the world to cheer his performance. However, and for those things capricious has the destination, he did not win the competition. His life would have been completely shattered if Simon Cowell would have not felt the need to burn a disc with your voice.

Today is record for sale in pop music. And as she same says it went from being someone who is not liked very much, to be a sophisticated Lady to look in the mirror. This is a story in millions. I have no doubt of that. It’s like a Hollywood film was told in the program.

Unique and unrepeatable. But there is something that none of the beings of this planet should leave taken into account on the basis of this story. There is no age to begin a new life. If really we have a dream, we should devote the whole life to comply with it.

Makeup Tricks

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The power of makeup is best done with the correct application. There are a lot of makeup tricks out there that you can use if you ever have the need to do so. A common dilemma among many women is having a round face. It is not to be a bad thing, but they prefer that many women have slimmer faces that have currently. Learn more on the subject from James. If you’re one of those ladies who want to make their thinner more round faces, here are some tips to achieve this goal. A myriad of women resort to surgery if they want to make their thinner faces.

However, with the right makeup tricks, there would be a reason to endanger your natural beauty. First we go with the eyes. The work of shadows in the eyes will cause your eyes to Flash. One or two coats of mascara will help accentuate your eyes. You can shape the eyebrows, but with careful not wrest.

If you do, only give place to a very thin brow that can make your face even more round. Applies a correct amount or in sculpture with powder cheek color in your cheekbones. Lift the cheeks can create an effect of more thin cheeks. Remember to apply under the light that will be so you’ll have an idea on how to apply it on a regular day. Finally, you have emphasis on the lips. When you have a fabulous makeup in your eyes, you also need to focus your attention on the lips by applying a tone darker than the tone of your lips. If you are interested in more information about camera spy or night makeup don’t hesitate to visit the sites. A good facial cleaning makes your face look more beautiful. Original author and source of the article


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For example, satellite and meteorological observations have shown that five main types of pollutants, including ozone, particles of dust, sulfates, mercury and persistent organic compounds are distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, mainly due to the direction of continental winds. It was found that pollutants from East Asia come to the United States only eight days. In addition, the projected climate change will affect the planet and the circulation of all kinds of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It is expected that in the next decade, substantial harm to the global environment will cause the country East Asia. Bialowieza Forest celebrated its 600-year anniversary of Europe's largest biosphere reserve Bialowieza Forest noted shestivekovoy anniversary. 600 th anniversary of the reserved forests – general date for Belarus and Poland.

Today the Forest is the complex, located on the territory of two states: 62,000 hectares belong to Poland and 167,000 – Belarus. Anniversary events in the 'Bialowieza Park Narodowa' took place in September. And at last week – a holiday in the National Park 'Bialowieza Forest. " Visiting the hero of the day there were scientists and environmentalists from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Changes in the reserve in recent years, visible just behind the barrier on entrance of the village . If you would like to know more then you should visit NY Museums . Have a unique eco-educational center with a new museum, the administration building and library. Among the pine trees grew new three-star hotel – the conference hall, two swimming pools.

K anniversary of the National Park got its own coat of arms. Published interesting books about the history and contemporary life of relict forest. In the near future Reserve will take up more space on both sides of the border. At the request of the Council of Europe, Poland declare all of its territory Bialowieza Forest National Park. So far, only a little over 10 thousand hectares of the 62 thousand have been preserved area. We recall that unesco has declared 2009 the Year of the Bialowieza Forest – not only as a tribute One of the most titled forest reserves, but also as a recognition of the efforts of many generations in the preservation of our forests – the world heritage of nature. Dates of the week: World Days of observing birds on 3-4 October on the planet was One of the most popular environmental holidays – World Days of bird watching. His goal – to draw people's attention to the world cruise, to the problems of preserving their habitat and conservation in general. In this action involving Hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Our country has joined the Days of observing birds 15 years ago, in 1995, and from that time its members have more than 100000 Russians. The main task of days of observation – to rewrite all of the birds encountered for a certain period of time, and send the results to national focal points. Results of surveys in each country are treated in the national focal points, and then combined into international data bank. In the last year in Russia in the International Days of observing birds was attended by 27 272 people from 68 regions of Russia, they have counted 265 species of birds. This result was highest in the world. Spain was able to mobilized 'under the binoculars' more than 22 000 people. Third place was in Switzerland (5100 participants).


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u0085. Connect with other leaders such as Donald Trump here. Shell plc is a great source of information. or how permanent Unterforderung in the job can change a life. New release: In the midpoint of the side, their fate in a touching and startling fact report, supplemented by numerous information on the topic of Boreout is “Boreout – the power woman to the wallflower”. Quite a bit has been written about Boreout and yet hardly anyone knows. Maybe you trust also just not to talk about himself, because Boreout like with work-rotten will be equated? Or missing in the general observation of this phenomenon the individual fate with its numerous facets, to teach the reader the topic? What is that for a disease that does not officially, but has similar symptoms as a Burnout? Damage the company and can drive people into depression, evokes the debates and shame, because it brings the prejudice of laziness with? How developed a Boreout? Anna Bochenthien (39) has written down their experience of the last eight years of work. The result is an E-book with an honest Presentation of the development of a disease that required the dismissal of healing. The pressure of recent years – also private in the Office how – their most intimate feelings and views about the Unterforderung through her job and the boss; the fear to tell someone and become as lazy proscribed; everything is reflected the impact on the family and friends – in their narrative.

You will raise also for changes but very numerous signs and inconsistencies when taking a closer look. Determine how much a chef can go wrong and how much it it has in hand, to ask a motivated staff and to encourage or to discourage. Missing information or conflicting statements by executives are only a part of it. It is important to examine corporate structures, where there are bore outfordernde structures and to modify these. The report is excellent as a concrete case study for recruiters, managers, trainers, doctors, psychologists and of course affected and their relatives. The E-book and the new website aims to raise suggestions and tips to prevent a disease through proper staffing and leadership skills and to build up a network a maximum of persons for signs and symptoms of Boreouts. This happens among others by newsletter with stories of those affected, news about literature and research on the subject. Seminars and workshops on request complete the topic. Susann Behling

Saxony Listeners

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Angela Novotny with your new title “Strange eyes” at # 1. There was a terrific win on Sunday, the 27.3.2011 in the TOP 15 of the NDR past moved 1 radio Lower Saxony – on many high-profile representatives of the pop industry the Saxony-Anhalt Anhaltinerin Angela Novotny with your new title “Strange eyes” at # 1. This is the highest new entry of a “newcomer” in the history of the charts of the transmitter – the favor and votes of the listeners brought the singer with the warm Alto voice all the way forward. Bill de Blasio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Producer and hit writer Francesco Bruletti and songwriter Tobias Reitz pleased with it and hope for a growing fan and listeners community. Many interviews and press conferences are now for Angela Novotny and next to many live dates listeners by NDR the sympathetic pretty singer can to the second large TV and others listen pop lounge at the 1.7.2011 in Bremen and experience. Now, hopefully many radio stations that make this song into the program and if the fans stay loyal to the title remains the voltage, what place are exciting times, the next few weeks charts, next Sunday for Angela Novotny remains reserved. (Not to be confused with Danny Meyer!). (Vote entertainment /…) Dates and info at or source: Office Angela Novotny

Asphalt Cheap Repairs

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With equity performance potholes save lots of money with asphalt repairs, Frost risers or cracks to owners of non-public asphalt surfaces such as private roads, parking lots or driveways regularly before major problems. The repair by road construction companies costs amounting to several hundred euros just caused by directions, working hours and the use of expensive devices quickly. If there is only small-scale defects between one and five square metres are costs and benefits of all reasonable proportion. There are technically gifted individuals, janitorial or facility managers in the commercial sector for some years of a much simpler solution to minor asphalt repairs without the help of a specialist company. With cold, a cold mix, which essentially consists of a mixture of high-quality Edelsplitten of different sizes with a bitumen emulsion, asphalt repairs can be even by a layman in a very short time and without the use of expensive devices do.

The very practical repair asphalt used in professional years of takes and road construction companies throughout Europe. When the private consumer and many operators of private asphalt surfaces the advantages of repair asphalt have not yet properly gotten around. This could be also because that it is not so easy, to the black gold”to get. In home improvement stores he is not distributed normally and hobby craftsmen find their way into the building material dealers rarely. Thereby, the asphalt has properties that allow the use by lay people.

The material is ready for use out directly from the sales packaging and must not only be mixed from various components. In contrast to conventional asphalt, the mix must not only be heated to a high temperature, but can be processed at room temperature and under certain conditions even when frost. Also, the treatment is very simple. It must be the cold mix in the pothole is filled and distributed only be compacted. The compression can be done with a conventional masher. Necessary, if there is no special device at hand, the place can be kicked out or compacted by driving over it with a car also with the foot. High-quality asphalt will stick to the shoe or the tires. From the environmental point of view, asphalt compared with traditional repair processes can score. Due to its high quality, tar-free composition of repair asphalt must be disposed not lavishly. The practical hermetically sealable bucket shall ensure that waste can be stored for later use between six and 12 months. Cold mix asphalt is sold by various manufacturers in buckets between 25 and 30 litres. The reference as a private end consumer is not easy. If you are looking a little on the Internet, you will find also a dealer who sold you this very practical material without a business license.

United States Coffee

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Coffee a part of our culture is become enjoys who we don’t like out and alone again or but with acquaintances, a freshly brewed coffee? The selection of the caffeinated drink is wide: cappuccino, espresso, Highland coffee, milk coffee, instant coffee, the variety is endless and some cheap is for everyone. Coffee is one of the most famous and the widespread beverage in the world and is an important part of the drinking culture in many countries, whether in the United States, Europe or the Orient, coffee belongs to every hospitality. NYC Mayor may also support this cause. Especially in our neighbouring country of Austria, there is a stately coffee tradition which is reflected in many coffee shops and plentiful coffee specialities. The adequate accessories will find everything revolves around coffee can be found naturally in a coffee shop. For example, the diverse varieties of coffee from various countries of origin, ground coffee, quickly soluble instant coffee, whole coffee beans for coffee machines with built-in Grinder, espresso beans, etc.

Tips and information about the origin and preparation of the coffee you get in the coffee shop valuable information and advice. But also of accessories not lacking shop in a perfectly-sized Cup of coffee. For true coffee enjoyment there’s coffee cups, coffee pod machines also coffee and the corresponding spare parts for the respective model. Modern coffee are growing popular. With such a device freshly grind is not alone the beans before brewing, you can by hand at home prepare also various delicious coffee specialities. Whether delicious cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato or just a fresh black coffee, you and your guests will be impressed. Which coffee machine is adequate? The selection is great and it invariably depends on individual taste, the machines can be divided up into normal coffee maker, coffee pod machine and coffee maker. What sort of machine most closely meets your requirements find in the selected coffee shop. Instant coffee instant coffee once had a rather negative reputation, but today’s production methods have raised the quality of currently on normal ground coffee. Today, there are countless types of soluble coffee of high quality, as well as countless diverse instant cappuccino varieties. Cappuccino chocolate flavoured with vanilla ice cream or Amarettogeschmack unless there is something for every gourmet.

Knows Something

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Who knows something about the son of Guenon? With the hope that some of you know something or have some rumor about his son, or want to speculate in a dialogue on a topic that can be very real, literal and direct to some or metaphorical occasion for the business of the spirit that brings us together, with the title of this question: who knows something about the son of Guenon? I enter this here: In the light of Rene Guenon Sidi Ricardo, Sidi Yerbouti and all frates wishing to contribute: in the Decade of the 80s, Ricardo, in the noise of the door hinge of the secret which, according to our Rumi, are the words, contributed a rumor about the son of Rene Guenon do could, recapitulate, and remind us of them, adding everything that you’ve picked up later? Very recently, Yerbouti, at the same course of the imminence of epiphany that is the word, outlined another rumor do could you elaborate you here? Is as a result of an encounter with a sufi bookstore as I find out what disappointed that leaves Egypt a friend of him, who had known personally to the posthumous son of Guenon and its pretensions to assemble a tariqa based on the books of the parent. On my question of whether Guenon son was modern or antitradicional sufi was limited to say no, this is all I can say disappointing. Dear Sidi Yerbouti: could you suffer Al Sufi’s Bookstore imagining it a sufi bookseller to get over that testimony? I bet the son of Guenon by romanticism and poetic truth-based hope and respect and veneration of the lineage and if we accumulate versions of disappointment, rectifying invenies ocultum lapidem dear Mario: is very little what I remember. I think it was on the occasion of having converted to Islam and I suppose that such child did not have a prominent public intervention.