The Cost Of Living Always Fully Into The Handle

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Tags: , offers discounts up to 35prozent of the purchase price that sets shopping portal on two great advantages: a large and constantly growing range and a strong discount: for every purchase through this portal, customers are granted up to 35% bonus as a repayment to your own customer account. 150 bonus in the year the buyer receives the same amount as a loyalty bonus once again to do so! Are no limits to the top. Most stores offer as an additional service also providing free House “. Who also want to save it, which has the own customer card the way: every customer who has thrown the loyalty bonus after one year of purchase, receives 5% on his tank documents (here, 1,500 for one year are recognised). The purchase of home computers has clear advantages: the ride to the corresponding business is eliminated, the purchase itself takes only minutes, everything is delivered straight to your home, there are no queues at the cash register and not getting the themselves as free turns out to be, because the one you want is already sold out. Over 2000 well-known providers Hapag-Lloyd, Otto, and Nokia, but a few are in the Internet City represented as SCHLECKER, for example, American Express, Arcor, Avon, Goodyear, Edeka, Center-parks, Calida, Levis, Neckermann, source, call.

Trend Scouts can help find the best and most unusual deals every week. And this service is guaranteed no hidden costs. All benefits are free of charge registration is free of charge. In addition, there are offers and promotions which earn additional discounts only the Internet-town customers as a surprise action. The customer saves time and money and optimizes its investments. It couldn’t be easier, when you can buy up to 70% cheaper at home. When logging in to the portal of Germany-city, the customer receives immediately all the benefits of the Internet City and can get started immediately. Contact: Dieter Wolfgang Birk DIWOBI services Kniebisstrasse 2a 77728 Oppenau Tel.: 078043699 email: Web:

Eugen Weinberg

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Analysts rather justify the price increases with the chart technology. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) After his unexpected rise yesterday afternoon, the price of oil in the early trade has lodged a breather. In the wake of the opening of floor trading on the New York commodity exchange, NYMEX prices to around $1.50 were soared upwards. This morning the barrel cost US light oil 83,40 dollars; North Sea oil (Brent) amounted to $85. eal estate developer offers on the topic.. Please visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art if you seek more information.

Business news or fundamentals weren’t there, that triggered yesterday’s price rally. Analysts explain it rather the chart technology. Therefore, automatic purchase order would have ensured that the price of oil broke through resistance upwards. In the late afternoon the best dollar on oil prices pushed then, who returned as a result of their daily maximum. Trade still waiting for the weekly US inventory data as well as the provisions of the US reserve, whose monetary policy affects the value of the dollar. Is the FED with their quantitative Easing measures short of high market expectations, could lead this disappointment to financial markets, again fall the price of oil below $ 80 let.

“, so Commerzbank commodity expert Eugen Weinberg. The yesterday’s rise in the crude oil price and the losses that the euro against the dollar had to accept, German oil consumers are likely to give this year slightly rising costs. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website The Ceto news ticker provides a daily assessment of the development of crude oil and heating oil prices as well as important messages to the energy market. Interested parties who want to include it on their website, see it here: informationen_ceto_newsticker.pdf

Kal Group Continues Its Growth Path Continued

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Number of employees rises to 1,600 to 15,100 employees / sales growth of about 17 percent eat (6 February 2012). Nationwide service group which Kal is still on course for growth services. The number of employees increased in the past year to 1,600 (+ 11.9%) to 15,100 employees. Sales increased as compared to 2010 to 17.2 percent to 355 million euros and also reached a peak. The family-owned company is present with the categories of security (security & technology, money & evaluation services), cleaning (maintenance, glass, industrial cleaning) and personal service (including temporary work for industrial and commercial professions) on the market. With the Division of security, Kal is the second largest security company in Germany and the largest family-run security provider. Key factors for the renewed upward trend were a new orders and contract extensions in all sectors and on the other hand, the integration of intergroup (Headquarters in Bonn) in the KoTTER group of companies.

– “Security: strong impulses came from our business security which we have achieved an above-average growth”, emphasizes Managing Director Friedrich p Kakar. So were both won new orders of renowned companies and institutions and reached contract extensions for existing customers. (Similarly see: Restaurateur). While we have benefited from the positive economic trends and the increased need for security of the companies, who have invested in new production and office space, which must be protected”, explains Friedrich p Kakar. Special services such as aviation security were also important growth pillar. So were such as rising passenger numbers at the airports of Dusseldorf, Dresden and Erfurt, where KoTTER aviation security takes over the passenger and baggage checks, for increased personnel demand and thus for growth. The integration of companies Interschutz-Nord and Sud contributed to strengthen its market position in addition.

You have a variety of security services and have special skills such as in the field of museum services. By engaging in the KoTTER Security Division Interschutz will benefit customers and employees including the strengths of a nationwide Systemdienstleisters. -Cleaning: Cleaning Division has also successfully maintained its market position. She benefited from the economic development and the associated cleaning for new production and office space for one; Special services are mainstay on the other machines, indoor and road cleaning. The development was influenced also by integrating the company Interclean, which provides cleaning and infrastructural facility services. -Personal service: A positive development achieved also the Division personnel service, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. In addition to the positive economic situation, under which, the temporary work is an important instrument to cover peak order, the services for trading and logistics company specifically formed a key success factor. So trust important new customers on the specific industry solutions or existing partners have expanded their business in this area. Despite the economic slowdown projected for 2012 growth aiming the Kal group. We want to create 400 jobs this year and are therefore looking for new employees and employees for all divisions”, says Frederick p. Kakar. But we depend on as a provider of business-related services in particular by the economic growth.

European Central Bank

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The European Central Bank (ECB) lowers the interest rate for the euro zone surprisingly only by 25 basis points to 1.25 per cent, the euro-zone central bankers have reduced interest rates in the euro area in its regular session on the done as expected by half a percentage point from 2.00 to 1.50 percent. The text following the ECB meeting was in March 2009. After this message at the beginning of the last month is not really surprised, the interest rate decision of the European Central bankers has caused but amazement at the most recent interest rate meeting. At its regular meeting on the 2nd the European Central Bank (ECB) has reduced the federal funds rate by 25 basis points from 1.50 to 1.25 percent, while the general public a percentage point had expected a stronger step of lowering interest rates by half a. Although the ECB thus has kept open the door for further interest rate reductions, however it was also quickly criticism from all sides about the rather hesitant approach of the ECB.

Other central banks (as well as for example, in the United States, Japan and the UK) are gone to work much more aggressively and shied not before a zero interest rate policy. Unions, associations, and analysts expressed highly critical about the tentative approach of the ECB. Reactions in financial markets were made in particular to the foreign exchange and bond markets. Because the interest rate advantage of the common European currency is less strongly melted as expected, the euro could post gains and overcome the 1.34 dollar mark. On the bond market, the yield on the ten-year government bond rose to 3.12 percent, the Bund future fell back toward 123. The general tenor of the experts was that European Central bankers obviously very hard to do is to take unconventional measures in the current economic crisis.

Brooker Capital

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Energy capital invest pays first three investments after about a year back with three placed investments in 2008 the energy capital invest is complete group of one of the leading underwriters of U.S. Oil Fund in Germany. Placed investments proceed as planned – all distributions were prospected as a mutual funds made in Germany concept of US oil Fund IV KG, can investors by the enormous potential of the world’s largest oil and natural gas market, the United States, participate in – and that without going into the rather risky exploration. Stuttgart, 04.09.2009. Additional information is available at Danny Meyer. The specialist oil and gas investments in the Haynesville shale / United States, the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest, has paid in full its investors from the first three investments equity in the last week.

Thus, investors have realized a profit share of 56 percent in about a year she received in three instalments respectively in August and December 2008 and in January 2009. The Term applied originally on four years of private placements could be shortened to around a year, because the energy capital invest could again sell the investment items acquired with the contribution funds (royalty rights in the Haynesville shale) at a high premium. So it is not surprising that the shareholders also unanimously decided the premature termination of all investments. In the Haynesville shale is the largest gas deposits in North America and the fourth largest in the world. In the Hayensville shale was discovered only a few years ago in its extraordinary potential and attracts currently virtually every international energy company. In particular the special nature of this shale gas formation makes it so attractive as there was still no incorrect drilling according to one of the largest natural gas delivery company of the United States.

And also the funding results often significantly higher than the assumptions. Like hardly another non-American company is the energy capital invest in the United States and just well positioned in the region of the Haynesville Shales and accessed by a team of experienced Landmen. These are involved in the success of the deal, but will receive no refund. The harmony of interests causes, that we all are interested, to purchase only the most interesting projects, and prices, as they did not receive the most buyers on the spot. Kay Rieck explains the return makes the difference at the possible sale prices as well as the proceeds from the exploration, which we pass on to our investors”, as Managing Director of energy capital invest. Currently the company has his sixth participation within one year in the position. As already with the predecessor Fund is also in the US oil and gas Fund VI KG the exceptionally high placement rate. Contrary to the market trend we could position very well ourselves as young underwriter with a clear strategy, which affect in the sales success”, says Rieck. His actual job is the international “experienced Brooker, but in it, the big players in the industry the most attractive drilling areas in the face” to snatch away. He succeeded, for example, at the currently offered Fund, where he was awarded the contract from shell Western.

KNIPEX Describes His Tongs With Proficl@ss

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Another success has chosen one of the most important European tool manufacturers classification with proficl@ss classification standard with the KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav putsch KG. Recently, the Wuppertal company with the binding descriptions of the standard product data were provided and made available to the market. Aim and task of the classification standards it is proficl@ss to simplify the e-business between manufacturers and retailers through uniform data structures and thus to ensure cost savings on both sides. Uniform structures on all sides used, product data without any need for conversion can be exchanged and used easily in all media. In addition, product changes or additions optimally between the levels of trade are communicates and minimizes manual work. Parameters for the description of the product data are primarily product features and standardized characteristics such as length, width, color, or diameter.

This for all products to integrate similar descriptions, into existing data structures, existing product data created in BMEcat must be compared with already created proficl@ss-Verzeichnissen and expanded the provided multi-digit numbers depending on the product mapping. Due to the structures developed over the years a manageable effort results in for IT professionals. Martin Reinke, Chairman of proficl@ss international e.V.: KNIPEX we have won now a further prominent advocates for the efforts of proficl@ss. The addition of the proficl@ss standards show in the famous clamp manufacturer’s product data that the company has recognized the advantages of standardization.” With the commitment of KNIPEX standard, a further boost in the widespread introduction of the standards also comes proficl@ss and the related process improvements between the levels of trade. Reinke: The more companies, manufacturers, dealers and associations join the idea, the faster and better the spread before him will be go”.

proficl@SS international e.V. is a cross-industry, independent and neutral initiative for the classification of product data. Manufacturers, retailers and associations develop this classification as a common industry standard. Specifically geared towards production link trade in the sectors of construction, building services and industrial supplies, he should ensure that awareness and use of further spread. For this, including seminars, in which merchants like manufacturers are represented the benefits and advantages of the application and pointed out the differences to other standards are used. Contact for the press: press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch the capelin bushes 95 48155 Munster Tel: 0251 / 899-1854 fax: 0251 / 899-1112 E-Mail: the press release can be obtained electronically at in the press center.

B2B Sales: Complex Industrial Products And Services Sell

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At a sales seminar of ZfU with Peter Schreiber, capital goods seller training to acquire project contracts and service contracts. We have the problem,…”we want in the future…” If capital goods seller of industrial customers hear such statements, they are challenged for the customer or the customer to design a solution of the problem, so that they can acquire a job. Among other things, because the purchasing decisions of industrial customers several areas and people are involved in, which have partly different interests is often difficult. As the sale (wholesale) projects and industrial services, capital goods seller find out in a practical training carries out that the sales consultant Peter Schreiber, specialized in B2B sales, on 19th and 20th May 2010 for the ZfU international business school in Ruschlikon on Lake Zurich (CH). “In the two-day acquisition training B2B customer win: complex services professionally sell” train the participants, inter alia, to determine where these currently a need exists or arises with industrial customers. For example, because the (not yet-) customer is under pressure to innovate. Or because he wants to reduce its costs. Or because its market has changed.

“After practice to identify the seller, which areas and people in the customer organization to the purchase decision are involved and what needs the members of the buying Center” have. This building, they develop precise acquisition strategies relative to the target customer. Also they train the consulting with industry clients plan say sales calls and to lead, that arises when the decision-makers feel this is a very competent and pleasant partner”, so that your organization receives the order even if it is not the cheapest provider. The participants in the acquisition of training not only in theory know all this. Rather serve real company as a case study, with which the participating vendors like to do business want to. For example from the field of machine and plant construction as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also from the IT and telecommunications sectors. “The participation to the training B2B customers win: complex services professionally sell” on May 19-20 costs 2880 Swiss francs (2057 euro). A further seminar will be held on 10 and 11 November. For more information interested on the homepage of the ZfU business international school (