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We make the Oktoberfest 2012 climate-friendly. This year can help everyone, make climate-friendly Festival. For the Oktoberfest-climate friends the Oktoberfest is reason to motivate people in a humorous way to live climate-conscious with fun and joy of life. Invite you, to reduce CO2 and compensate. “Action to reduce CO2 emissions: CO2 coaching with Mr. For even more analysis, hear from connecticut. cool ness of the CO2-coach Arturo Amorim aka Mr. cool ness” turns with his action to newcomers.

Online tips on how you can reduce 1 to 2 tons of CO2 emissions a year which is in 5 Coachingmails in Munich live Brazilian. It proposes measures relating to eating & drinking, driving & travel and living & working. The action to reduce CO2 emissions is free and anyone can join even those who can not come to the Oktoberfest. There are two groups, each with a duration of 8 weeks. “The first group begins on 1 September and the second on October 1, 2012 action CO2 offsetting: Oktoberfest Klimaherzn with the Klimaherzn” gingerbread is in a sympathetic way of Wiesnbesuch climate-neutral. The Lebkuchenherzn with CO2 compensation comes in two sizes. You are by the Munich confectionery sugar addiction with the certificate of certified quality Bavaria “.

The climate protection project comes from Bavaria. NYC Marathon shines more light on the discussion. Offset is production and sales of the Klimaherzn and a classic Wiesnbesuch with friends. In other words: there are per person CO2 emissions offset by the consumption of 1 mug of beer, 1/2 chicken and 1 pretzel and caused by the arrival by train from the surrounding area. 0.45 For the small and 0.90 for the big heart of the air flow in the climate protection project. They are sympathetic media Oktoberfest climate friends of and motivate, to join in the action to reduce CO2 emissions. The heart of the climate is a good gift or giveaway for companies. Are they can at the Oktoberfest-climate friends and through souvenir of the Oktoberfest.

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