Ecology: Earthquakes And Beyond

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The strongest earthquake in history occurred in Japan. The worst earthquake of the XXI century. Environmentalists oppose the construction of the route from Moscow to St. Petersburg through the Khimki forest and through a section of the national park 'Zavidovo'. Pollution, emissions, waste: fines for air pollution in Europe, the radiation in the Bryansk mushrooms, oil film in Peter and the consequences of an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. Climate News: Arctic and Antarctic ice resist global warming, extreme heat in Russia will only be stronger with each passing year, the planet is waiting for a period of cooling in the background of warming. News 'green' technology: the U.S.

switch from gasoline to isobutanol and diesel fuel from solar energy. In the animal world: the problem of stray animals, bird, survivor, elephant care, echolocation in bats, butterflies, birds quickly. Health: Chinese herbs, Spanish spices, coffee, save us from stroke, dirty air and health. Our food: apples prolong life, and broccoli fights cancer. This is interesting: the most durable natural material, a rare natural phenomenon in Primorye, the best climate on the planet. News legislation, and ministries: a report on water, fire detection system at the site of Ministry of Environment.

Photo fact of the week: "The earthquake and tsunami in Japan." Review of the week from 03.07.2011 to 03.13.2011. The strongest earthquake in history happened in Japan earthquake Every fifth force on the planet has more than 6 points in Japan. Last week, the land of the rising sun has once again confirmed the status of the most dangerous in terms of seismic country: strong earthquake of magnitude 8.8 magnitude occurred in Japan on Friday.

Ambient Citizenship In Moambique: Dream Or Reality

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Ambient citizenship in Moambique: Dream or Reality? 1 Lcio Dionsio Pitoca Ownership City of Maputo – Moambique To each day that passes grows the number of institutions interested in the preservation and conservation of the environment in Moambique, some that work exclusively in the agricultural communities and others that actuam in the urban communities and still others that actuam in both communities. Almost all in the development of its activities of preservation and conservation of the environment finish for developing activities of Ambient Education because, believe I, that consider that the ambient problem has its bases in the unfamiliarity of the practical ones that they are in danger the environment. To part, I agree that, really, the lack of information on the part of the population makes with that they develop activities that degrade the environment. But also the lack of alternatives, poverty, on the part of to the same places them population in the condition to practise activities that degrade the environment for its survival. However, in this text I will go it withhold me, in particular, in what it is my perception on the programs of Ambient Education developed by the institutions in the generality. The Ambient Education is main practical the responsible one for the construction of the Ambient Citizenship, that is, for formation of conscientious individuals of its responsibilities of preservation and ambient conservation in the context of the global, national and local crisis ambient. Of the research that I have made – comment, reading of periodical articles and magazines, reading of programs of Ambient Education, unhappyly almost nothing of scientific articles because little is written, colloquies with coordinators of programs of Ambient Education, has disturbed me very, for the fact of in the boardings considering that the moambicana population is one tabulates flat, that is, does not know nothing on the ambient problems. It is easy to notice this, therefore, it does not exist evidence of made studies of ambient perception before implementation of any program of Ambient Education.