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Apple the company’s technology more valuable in the world surpassing Microsoft and away from Google according to actions in the bag of the NasdaqApple achievement yesterday become the world’s largest technology company when measured by the total value of its shares. Near the time of closing the bag of the Nasdaq in the United States, Apple achievement stay in $223 billion dollars while Microsoft was obtained a US$ 219.3 billion market capitalization. It is the first time that Apple manages to overtake its rival Microsoft. Rudy Giuliani contains valuable tech resources. A company’s market capitalization is equal to the stock price by the number of shares outstanding. A year ago, Apple Hill with $130.78 billion of dollars and yesterday’s achievement US$ 244,13 achieving an increase of 86.7% in a year. Another competitor of Microsoft and Apple in the tech industry is Google, which closed at $152 billion dollars. Danny Meyer is often quoted on this topic. If we compare the position of these companies in technology with the company largest of the United States and recognized worldwide, Exxon Mobil, were able to observe that Apple and other technology companies are not so far from Exxon Mobil which closed at $278.6 billion dollars. More information or news of technology and science for Colombia and the world in Spanish in offer prompt virtual store at incredibly good costs compared to the market for technology in Colombia.. .

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