Antarctic Discs

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" People have gone out because we took to time all asking to us how she could be that we did not leave to denounce this expolio" , she has continued the vocalista. Aguirre has intervened to indicate that they felt that they were living " something historical as he could be the fall of the Wall of Berln' , while there is lawyer by a system of open lists and " to break the dictatorship of the great parties polticos". After rejecting to comment the ideological tendencies of the Russian singer Network, that recently was declared of rights, Aguirre has stressed who they do not align themselves with any political party and they will never do it, because " the right and the left not existen" . " There is a unique party that is called PPOE. They are not the same, but they respond to the same mechanisms and I interest, those of the FMI" , the guitarist has denounced. Towards the savage Returning on the reason for their presence before the journalists in the Room the Sun, Eva and Juan have advanced some details of Towards the Savage, a disc that will have twelve songs, is being produced by Juan de God Martin and the own group in the studies Or Black Cat of Madrid. It will be mixed in New York and it is predicted that it sees the light in September through own seal of the pair, Antarctic Discs. Get all the facts and insights with Danny Meyer, another great source of information. On this last one, Eva has recognized that a long time ago they had desire of " manejar" its music of " way more global" without depending on a record one. For that reason it has indicated that once finished their contract with EMI, was able of " to do the same, but without the endorsement of a company, because in fact we took to long time autogestionndonos".

European Central

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/Monthly it will be necessary to pay of average 58 Euros more. The eurbor experienced in June his first annual fall. The forecasts of the eurbor of July already indicated at the beginning of week that the used indicator more for the calculation of mortgages would close around 2.162%, which would suppose increases significant of these. Finally, the final rate has surpassed by one tenth those data and it has been placed in 2.183%, which entails increases in the mortgages of 58 monthly Euros of average and almost 700 (698 Euros) to the year. The eurbor rounded up east month after finishing June with an average of 2.144%, which meant then his first annual fall.

In addition, after being placed east Friday in daily rate in 2.178%, the July average surpasses to which it was reached in the same month of 2010, when it was of 1.373%. The rate reached now about the eurbor is highest from January of 2009, when it was placed in 2.622%. During this month of July, that the eurbor began in 2.172%, the highest rate it registered the lowest 19 day 8 when it reached 2.201% and, in 2,169% the past. The average rate of July, that will have to be confirmed by the Bank of Spain in the next days, shows that a mortgage contracted for a year by an average amount of 150,000 Euros and a term of amortization of 25 years that is reviewed in August, to which the rate of the previous month is applied, will half have an additional cost of 58 monthly Euros, that is to say, almost 700 annual ones. And it is that once the present eurbor is applied, the quota of that average mortgage will ascend to the 649.23 Euros to the month, against the 591 of a year ago. In August of 2008, the eurbor reached the second high level but of its history, 5.323%, and brought about increases in the quotas of the mortgages near the 900 annual Euros. From then the eurbor it undertook a evolution to the loss located that it in March of 2010 in the level more under its ten years of history (1.215%), a ground del that has been moved away as the problems of liquidity in market was attenuated and, mainly, once the European Central bank (BCE) retook in 2011 its traditional monetary policy of containment of the inflation. Source of the news: The eurbor of July raises 2.183% and increases in price the mortgages an average of 700 Euros to the year

Lara Theater Festival

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This Filthy World will be the strong plate of this festival that celebrates his second edition between the 6 and the 11 of September. Also there will be a cycle with his films in the Film library, concerts, exhibitions and, even, barbecues to the purest style ‘ made in USA’. Without him the concept of trash as we understand today it, would not have sense. Director of cult of titles like Pink Flamingos, Hairspray or Polyester, John Waters will saturate the next month of September in Madrid like main reclamation of the Rizoma festival. Bill de Blasio usually is spot on. Appointment, that will be celebrated in the capital from the 6 to the 11 of September, will offer cycle of films of celebrated producer, concerts and exhibitions homenajeando to his city native, Baltimore, that will show in addition solutions to sotenibilidad for the sweepings that invades our cities and, even, barbecues to the purest American style. The strong plate, nevertheless, will be the presence of the own Waters, carrying out the theater monologue humorous This Filthy World, that arrives at Spain by first time after 40 years of tour in as emblematic places as Opera House de Sydney or the Hammersmith of London. In this spectacle that will be able to see in the Lara Theater the 8 of September – Waters speaks of its beginnings in the cinema, its aesthetic one, the culture trash and the ironies of the present world. It defines the same it as ” a glad speech on madness Trato a little everything, the events of the present time, the delinquency or the fashion; I speak of all films, of the people with whom I have worked, of how being neurotic but happy and for being able to advance through the life when you are a crazy person who does not want to fit ” from the beginning;.

Charlie Sheen

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The producers of the series that dismissed Charlie Sheen glide to regodear themselves of the death of their personage, assure some means. Ashton Kutcher already is ready to replace to him in the fiction. The husband of Demi Moore will incarnate to multimillaronio with evil of loves. The actor Charlie Sheen could not leave with worse foot Two men and means. After to have left the series by the door of back, the producers of the same glide to regodear in the death of their personage being started the ninth season with their funeral.

Since he had already extended, the personage of Charlie Sheen would undergo a sudden death in the transition of season eight to the nine. Ever since Sheen was dismissed by its insults the producers and constants scandals with drugs, the alcohol and excessive sex, everything aimed at that it would be impossible to leave the door abierta to a possible reappearance of his personage in the series. For this reason, the personage of Charlie Sheen in Two men and means not only will die, but also that will have a funeral when the series of television returns in September, according to has published the vestibule Web Deadline Hollywood. The death in screen of Sheen – whose paper in comedy turned it to the television into the actor better paid of the world-wide television – arrives after its dismissal after maintaining a public fight at the beginning of year with the coauthor and producer of Two men and means, Chuck Lorre. Apparently, now Lorre could be taken revenge making firewood of the tree fallen during the funeral of Charlie Harper – personage who interpreted Sheen-.

Chain CBS and the producer of the series, Warner Bros. Television, has not confirmed such rumors. But in the next days the biennial meeting of the Association of Critics of Television will take place in which probably the CBS will respond questions of the press, reason why is very probable that Two men and means and Sheen are an outstanding subject in the meeting. Charlie Harper, unmarried and mujeriego interpreted by Sheen – one said that it was a televising version of same himself helped to turn to Two men and means into the comedy more seeing of the television of the United States. Ashton Kutcher, rich but with the broken heart the substitute of Sheen in the popular series will be Ashton Kutcher, of that finishes knowing that ” will incarnate in the fiction to a multimillionaire businessman in Internet with the heart; roto”. The personage of Kutcher will be called Walden Schmidt and he will not have familiar relation with Alan Harper (Cryer) and his Jake son (Jones), has explained in a Young press conference Tassler, president of entertainment of channel CBS. ” We have in Ashton Kutcher to an actor extraordinario” , Tassler said. ” Is somebody it jeopardize to do its work; she is an incredible, extraordinarily talented, funny professional and good actor ” , it added Tassler, in which some sectors of the press have taken like a veiled accusation towards Sheen. Source of the news: ‘ Two men and medio’ he prepares the funeral of Charlie Sheen.

They Evacuate To 500 People Of A Hotel Of Majorca By A Flight Of Carbon Monoxide

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The causes of the flight are not known. A girl of 14 years had to be transferred to the Hospital Are Lltzer, although already she is recovered. Two weeks ago a woman of a respiratory insufficiency passed away. The homeless guests are being relocated in other hotels. Near 500 people they have had to be evacuated and a girl of 14 years has had to be transferred to the Hospital Are Lltzer due to a flight of carbon monoxide that has taken place in the Tropical Hotel Park, located in the Sandy ground of Llucmajor (Majorca). The Local Police is addition that the young one already is recovered and at the moment several patrols are in the hotel to control that nobody enters the same and to accompany the guests to pick up its properties.

Concretely, the hotel in which the flight has taken place, by causes that still are not known, is in number 6 of the street Moseen Antoni Alcover. According to the Local Police has been confirming to, for two weeks passed away a woman as a result of a respiratory insufficiency, that later it confirmed that it was a poisoning by monoxide. With similar symptoms the minor of 14 years entered at daybreak east Saturday. The technicians of Industry are making measurements in the hotel, room by room, to detect the center of the flight, whereas the homeless guests have had to be relocated in other hotel establishments.

Central Airport

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Fernandez-Notch explains that countries as Italy or Greece has more flexible and cheaper an airfield network. Both are very tourist countries like Spain, but " stops costes" that it demands AENA to the companies to operate, cause that other European countries are " more atractivos" at the time of establishing businesses with them. " Our company has grown much in Spain, but we are a company specialized in the low cost and if we must choose, we will go to those countries that offer better possibilities to us of business " , it sentences the person in charge of Ryanair. Although it does not clarify if they study to reduce his operations in other Spanish airports since already would do with Girona and Reus, what if wants to make clear he is that " in general terms, Spain is a country caro". The airport of Ciudad Real: speculative business? Vueling has announced since it will stop operating in the Central Airport of Ciudad Real from the 29 of October of 2011 by yield problems. It is the last airline that develops its activity in this private infrastructure that as soon as it has little more than two years of life. The two companies with which the airport began to operate the first months, Air Nostrum and Air Berlin, left airport months before. CR airports, the company manages that it, was presented/displayed to contest of creditors the last year, although the sentence is resorted.

The airport was born with a budget of 210 million Euros for its construction. Their dimensions are tremendous: it counts on one of the greatest tracks of Europe, 4 kilometers of route. Nevertheless, its activity does not correspond to its capacity. If in 2009 the airport transported a total of 53,557 passengers, in the period who we took of 2011 has not surpassed the 11,844 travellers. Although it is an airport of deprived management, Castilla-La Mancha Box, that was taken part in 2009 by the Bank of Spain, was one of the main sources of financing of this work.