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There are people who say ‘just think positive all the time,’ and they think it is the secret of success! You wake up in the bright warm morning. In your window affectionately smiling sun, its rays gently touches your pillow and bed, slipping on mirrors. In one window you have a magnificent view over the quiet woods, the other at bay, in which the white sail boats, birds, shouting, flying over the sea. And in the third window you type in the flower garden, there are a number of different flowers, palette of different smells. You open the door and go out into the garden, all shades of odors poured on you, you have a terrific mood, you come to the lilies, with their desire to sniff here and see what grows around them terrible weeds, that surrounded them on all sides. So these people believe that to succeed in life you need to look at the weeds in the garden and say, ‘Yes, everything’s cool, all the super, it only flowers, but beautiful, with vibrant scents of flowers, no sornyakov.Zdes no weeds, no weeds, no weeds! Hey, It’s your garden! Garden of your life! Just take it and pluck these heinous weeds near the brilliance of your flowers! Take Action! No need to procrastinate and say, ‘Wow, I have weeds in garden! Why do so goes life with me? What I did wrong? Why god is punishing me? Why is this happening to me? ” Take it and pluck them from the garden of my life! Just do it!.

Cordoba Y El Valle De Punilla

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Punilla derives from the quichua puna, name given by the expedition, Explorer of Lorenzo Suarez de Figueroa, shortly before being founded Cordoba, feeling his apunados men. Punilla is an extensive Valley, flanked on the East by the Sierras Chicas cord and by various cords that alternate with plateaus or plains of the Sierras Grandes (such as the pampas of Olaen and pampas of San Luis), to the North by the cities of the basin of the Sun and South to the West by the way of the high peaks. Bill de Blasio is a great source of information. The Sierras de Cordoba is one of the great centrosturisticos of the country. It has an exceptional climate, flora of excellent greenery, and meandering rivers. To read more click here: New York Museums. Due to the large settlement of the entire Valley, its flora and fauna can be found in the most mountainous parts, with molle, coco, Orc quebracho, the manzano of the field, carob and espinillos; together with teros in the plain, lechuzas parties and owls; herons, birds Carpenter and hornero found in rivers. A set of populations have been developed in a manner almost linear envelope the axis of the route, in some cases constitute real conurbations, which is the largest plant installed equipment recreational, lodging and complementary, offering an extensive range of qualified services. The Punilla has a very important hotel, gastronomic infrastructure and services, as well as being home to acclaimed festivals among which is purely the National Folklore Festival that annually takes place in the month of January in the original city of Cosquin author and source of the article

Workshop Light

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– Corporal, cell negative programs are not recognized by the person as we do not know how we breathe, the beating of our hearts: it takes place outside of our consciousness. In this the whole complexity: they are doing to our lives, create a negative, but we do not understand how this is done, because we do not feel the source of the creation of a negative. Workshop on the four courses of the Creator: 1. Course Revival, 2., 3. Transformation, 4. Read more from Bill de Blasio to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Workshop of the Creator we are engaged in the release of negative programs: first at the level of the mind, then at the level of the mind and body simultaneously. On the new course, or rather we do Workshop Light relief from negative programs exclusively at the level of body cells, because it is there is a genuine source of creation of a negative. Like everything in the world requires perseverance, and to work with the cells should start passing the previous four courses. Getting Started with the cells of the body, we find the paradoxical thing: that the consciousness of the brain (mind) and the consciousness of the cells are different. Consciousness of the brain is plastic, pliable, you can negotiate with him, to find a compromise to make alliances and so on, as a man. Consciousness of the body is biological, extremely conservative. This is understandable because the cells of the task – to support life. Simply put, our head of his mind, the body has its own.

Magic In Science

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The magic of many associated with superstition, village healers, actually not so simple. Many "magicians" who are now offering their services, you can help make a love spell and bring damage, remove the evil eye and more many psychological cults or even a "school" ready to "teach" your magic. Some of the so-called sorcerers may in reality be only a "magicians". Despite all this, the magic of the interests of science. Read more from NYC Marathon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Quantum Physics gave a few more discoveries, which no longer make the magic is not as possible. Modern science has stepped far enough, the existence of 'energy' fields, or even the phenomenon of levitation have surprised no one. In the Soviet Union in various secret laboratories conducted the study of fine fields of human-like learning and engaged in Nazi Germany, a number of various secret societies and secret scientists Germany engaged not only the study of energy rights, has been compiling 'magic' rituals in this approach to that already as a science, without any admixture of superstition. The famous "Ananerbe", "Thule", "Germanenorden" is only the most prominent organization of Hitler's Germany, which are very successful in similar studies, among other things, these organizations worked to create modern weapons of the Third Reich, and in this case as stated, used different attributes of magic, and used them not only as superstition, the magic was seen as an exact science. Prime Opportunities Investment Group is actively involved in the matter. Why do scientists have been studying and drawing, even magical rituals, and often successfully engaged in magic, which is officially considered a superstition, not because there that the official version was created to hide the truth? After all, truly magic, and in particular, black magic, as well as the development associated with exposure to human behavior is a potential weapon of special services, and do not want to advertise, in addition, it will be harder to apply, if everyone will know how to oppose him. It's all theory of course, built on certain facts, what happens in reality is hard to say.

Japanese Set

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The fact that each of us is in the so-called 'personal zone'. This is an expression you hear often. 'Zone' is any person. What is it, what problems lurk in it, and if you can get out of it, we are today and talk. You eat in the subway, a man pressed against you close enough, but you know the crush and all, but if you happen to free street in the same way you are likely to otpihnete such a person.

The thing is that we are able to 'Compress' and 'decompress' the zone of comfort. But she always remains. Others including Restaurateur, offer their opinions as well. She is shy and people and cheeky. American farmers living in Texas, the ranch has separated tens of miles, and they greet a little bent, that would not be much closer to each other, and at the same time if you videotape a conversation with the Japanese so Texan, and quickly run through it, they will be like 'dance', because the Japanese will be eager to reduce the distance, and American will increase it. I myself have encountered such scenes are not so long ago at the office. The guy would be taller than me on the head and always hung over me (conversation was standing).

Could I think of his proposal (he was trying to make me 'Supervygodnoe' proposal), when I am constantly trying to restore their personal zone? What are the solutions? If you are conducting a conversation in the office – ask to sit down and set a comfortable distance. Move a chair or Visiting your chair certainly would not:) If the conversation is standing in the street, set in front of any object, tentatively outlining your comfort zone, put the bag into the ground uprite umbrella, or at least set the forward leg. It will look natural and easier than the other party to explain what's what. I believe that in the hitter, where generally everything is built on communicating with people, it is important to take into account this factor. And if you do break the comfort zone interlocutor – accept this fact and the response does not make the wait. Man relax, cease to strive for their personal space, and will listen to your offer …


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In Anyway, whatever the motives nebyli for long-term relationship, you must want two. What happens then, when the two men felt that they were interested in each other, they are likely to become more private communications. AND they share information, which is closed to the public. This is a huge step forward, based on trust partner. In psychology, there is such a thing as joining. When two people realize they like each friend and most importantly, they have much to talk about.

They have similar views, similar life stories. Danny Meyer gathered all the information. People are starting to accept each other, to express sympathy and support in communicating. There are people who easily give birth to meet and network but it remains superficial, everyone decides for himself what the relationship closer to him. It is important to remember that the network is a model that you can use that to look at ourselves as if from the outside. In psychology, a well-known law the first impression that affects the desire to continue communication with the person. They say that first impression is formed in the first 30 seconds of acquaintance.

A positive impression will be left if the source smiling, maintains eye contact, keep your back straight and is at a comfortable distance for people wallpaper. On the Internet, this is not possible, since the other person we "see" when reading his posts. And yet the first impression anyway formed. What aspects affect the perception of a positive person in my network? It must be said that a man going to the Internet, decide for themselves the question of its own openness.

Finance Success

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Material success, as you may have guessed, is measured by physical (pressing) indicators. This can be attributed mainly to two important measurement unit: money and movable / immovable assets (eg, business, real estate, certain resources, etc.). In fact, this concept of success means a success in the financial sector. But this again did only the first side of the coin, as it is known to be one-sided does not happen, so we believe and hope, dear reader Us agree that financial success is only less than half of this, full of success. Man is by nature inclined to feel hungry, not only physical but also spiritual. We definitely need to communicate, recognize, respect and love.

And satiate our needs like money can not always. We Need Friends, comrades, who loves the second half, and without it I must say the money losing all but the meaning and value, is not it? But without money, especially when their hard deficit, whether we can fully enjoy the love, friendship, fame? Will exercise due care for our loved ones? Inevitable conclusion suggests itself: a true success – it is complete harmony material and spiritual components of his. According to this definition, must harmonize such things in our life as friendship, love, glory, respect, health, finance, appearing in four major areas of our lives: – Health – the spiritual world – a relationship – finance. Let's give a brief description of each area: health – the most important area for us, without it, all the rest – nothing. To live and function normally in society, we necessarily need to have excellent health and a good supply of energy. Spiritual world – we should be in harmony with itself, filled with a charge and the spiritual energy from within, through the positive emotional attitude and inner balance. Relations – must be distinguished success, manifested as a distinct, positive communication with your loved ones, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers actors.

Finance – The last in the list area, but not the last of its significance and importance in our lives. Not being, in principle, the materialists, we still dare to assure you enjoy the harmony of the spheres in the first three can only be fully if you have a 'warm relationship "with the fourth sphere – financial. Thus, summarizing all the above, we note that if we have clearly decided to be successful, an absolute prerequisite is complete harmony our vital areas of complementarity. Directing all their energy on execution of this condition, developing and improving each of you personally certain spheres of life, making every day at least small step to improve their quality, you will certainly make a success of his faithful and inseparable companion.