Process of Life

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Life – this movement is a process. That the process has begun, continued and developed, that this necessary? Who and when I started this process? What you need to maintain it so it does not fade? Human life. When and why it started, and how it started? How long can this process, evolving in time and space? Are necessary for this condition? What is the process itself, and against the background of what it is? The life of man, as occurring in enclosing a certain environment, habitat … Man, his life and the environment – they change over time. I ask all to look at the calendar, or in at least remember what time we live in … A related site: Freya Allan mentions similar findings. 21.

What is typical for this time? What are its features, of course, in relation to man? These features very much. We choose to consider only some of them. NYC Mayor pursues this goal as well. They directly affect neposrdestvenno, impact on most man and his life. Food. Trevor smith understood the implications. It's about them.

The older and older say that the content and quality of food changed significantly during their lifetime, from early childhood to the present day. The number of natural products contained in our diet, and now substantially reduced. There were and continue to fill the market, genetically modified foods. Along with this, all More and more appear on the market BADobavok different food. Scientists around the world, exploring issues of human nutrition, have come to some interesting observations and conclusions, respectively. Initially, food was the main maintenance of human life.

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