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The origins of the tarot, friends, go back until the beginning of the 9th century, when the Gypsy communities from Egypt and North of the India began to practice it. However, the creation of these letters do not could be adjudicated to the Roma people, but the towns of Central Europe, more specifically in Romania, France and Italy. It was just Western influence of these peoples spiritual and mystical elements which contributed to the tarot. Friend of other practices of occult sciences, like runes, tarot has positioned itself as one of the most popular divination techniques of our times. In the case of friend tarot service, deck account with 78 figures, where 22 correspond to the major arcana and the minor arcana 56. The different styles in which are grouped the minor arcana are Oros, Copas, Espadas and Bastos. In turn, each of these clubs has 14 letters and represents a particular facet both spiritual and physical appearance.

Reading the cards in the tarot friendly service, is performed in ascending order in which they are going emerging 22 major arcana. From it can be interpreted long subtraction that contained predictions be fulfilled. That is why it is crucial for the consultant know what are the figures that portend short-term changes. The letter of death is probably the most feared, although it may refer to profound changes in the lives of the consultant, in reality, not necessarily related a literal death. On the other hand, wheel of Fortune symbolizes the forces of fate throughout the life cycle. The impending changes are announced by this letter, and can be interpreted as the ups and downs to which we are subjected during our existence. I.e. in a wheel, both increases and decreases are inevitable, but not impossible to overcome.

Somehow, La Torre and El Loco bring similar messages. Tower talks about the need to adapt to the changes and elimination of those harmful elements on which we have based our experiences. The fool warns of risks of introducing certain changes in our lives without think about it properly. Tarot, friend and Advisor, mark us the course to continue communicating with the hidden forces of the universe and guiding us with great wisdom. The harmony of natural and cosmic forces us influence all the time and is using the tarot, friends, that we can discover the path to a more happy and pleasant life.


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Man has always legends and myths that he could not understand or explain. Bees are one of the oldest insects on earth, much older man. And since the emergence of Homo erectus bees bring him benefit. This is – mysterious highly organized, social insects. And they produce honey – a surprisingly useful and tasty product. In ancient Greece, legends of the feeding of honey of the gods in Egypt, the bee was the emblem of Pharaoh. Now on Honey composed entirely different myths: Myth 1. Honey – is a strong allergen. NYC Mayor is actively involved in the matter.

Few people understand that, depending on the type of honey depends on its chemical composition and, hence, different varieties of honey using different, you can either enhance or reduce the allergic reaction. In fact, honey has an antiseptic and anti-allergy effects. (Vakhonin TV is one of the leading experts in bee products Apiculture Research Institute of the Russian Federation) The Myth 2. Honey can be stored only at room temperature. This myth is the flip side of how to actually have to store honey. In reality, the storage of honey at room temperature can be compared with its heat.

The fact that sucrose in honey is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. At room conditions, not only decreases the activity of nutrients, but also because of the uneven distribution of temperature crystallization process can go randomly around the honey, which in turn gives rise to yet another myth about stratified honey and honey with white stains – as a substandard or counterfeit. Approx. According to GOST 19792-2001 optimum temperature storage of honey is considered to be 4-10 degrees Celsius. It standard temperature in our fridges. (For other tips on storing honey can be found on the website) Myth 3. Honey with irregular white stains or flaked honey – a low-quality or even fake. For a start, as it is corny, but crystallization – is the transition of honey from liquid to solid (crystalline). Crystallizes absolutely all kinds of honey. Only at different speeds depending on the variety. Crystallized honey can uneven due to differential or non-uniform temperature distribution in the storage area. If honey exfoliate – it does not mean that it is substandard or fake. Perhaps, in the same package were different bribes honey, and more “Adult” before began to crystallize, and sank to the bottom. We have considered only some of the myths about honey. In the future I will fill this new theme with interesting facts and recent studies refute established misconceptions and negative social stereotypes about honey.


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There are people who say ‘just think positive all the time,’ and they think it is the secret of success! You wake up in the bright warm morning. In your window affectionately smiling sun, its rays gently touches your pillow and bed, slipping on mirrors. In one window you have a magnificent view over the quiet woods, the other at bay, in which the white sail boats, birds, shouting, flying over the sea. And in the third window you type in the flower garden, there are a number of different flowers, palette of different smells. You open the door and go out into the garden, all shades of odors poured on you, you have a terrific mood, you come to the lilies, with their desire to sniff here and see what grows around them terrible weeds, that surrounded them on all sides. So these people believe that to succeed in life you need to look at the weeds in the garden and say, ‘Yes, everything’s cool, all the super, it only flowers, but beautiful, with vibrant scents of flowers, no sornyakov.Zdes no weeds, no weeds, no weeds! Hey, It’s your garden! Garden of your life! Just take it and pluck these heinous weeds near the brilliance of your flowers! Take Action! No need to procrastinate and say, ‘Wow, I have weeds in garden! Why do so goes life with me? What I did wrong? Why god is punishing me? Why is this happening to me? ” Take it and pluck them from the garden of my life! Just do it!.

Health Care System

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Representatives of the health care system reach out to people asking them not to accumulate and not to hide drugs. Is there a vaccine against a new form of months. This season, I was vaccinated against influenza. Will it protect against the flu? No. In the current season, vaccination has not been laid probability of a new swine flu virus. No one could have foreseen Influenza has a very atypical in nature. How can I protect against swine flu? Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following steps: Wash your hands often with soap, especially after coughing or sneezing. Also, use hand wash in alcohol basis.

Avoid close contact with infected people. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes. Can I still eat pork? Yes. You can not get swine flu by eating pork, bacon and other pork products. What additional preventive measures should I take? Stay informed of new developments going on in your neighborhood.

Your local center Health may possess important information about the epidemic of swine flu in your area. For example, parents may wish to know what steps they should take if a school where they teach their children, will close because of the flu. How serious are the consequences of swine flu? Each case of swine flu in the current outbreak is unique. In Mexico, registered deaths and serious outcomes. Bill de Blasio is often quoted as being for or against this. In the U.S., recorded cases of moderate degree. development of the swine flu virus, but experts from the health sector are reminded of common knowledge, that the occurrence of influenza virus can not be foreseen, as well as the nature and time of virus mutation. Why deadly threat of swine flu infection is higher in Mexico than the U.S.? Remains unknown causes more severe morbidity in Mexico than the United States. Only one of the first 20 registered cases required hospitalization in the United States, after which the patient has come a full recovery. Specialists of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are actively conducting a comparative analysis of differences between cases in Mexico and the United States.

Japanese Set

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The fact that each of us is in the so-called 'personal zone'. This is an expression you hear often. 'Zone' is any person. What is it, what problems lurk in it, and if you can get out of it, we are today and talk. You eat in the subway, a man pressed against you close enough, but you know the crush and all, but if you happen to free street in the same way you are likely to otpihnete such a person.

The thing is that we are able to 'Compress' and 'decompress' the zone of comfort. But she always remains. Others including Restaurateur, offer their opinions as well. She is shy and people and cheeky. American farmers living in Texas, the ranch has separated tens of miles, and they greet a little bent, that would not be much closer to each other, and at the same time if you videotape a conversation with the Japanese so Texan, and quickly run through it, they will be like 'dance', because the Japanese will be eager to reduce the distance, and American will increase it. I myself have encountered such scenes are not so long ago at the office. The guy would be taller than me on the head and always hung over me (conversation was standing).

Could I think of his proposal (he was trying to make me 'Supervygodnoe' proposal), when I am constantly trying to restore their personal zone? What are the solutions? If you are conducting a conversation in the office – ask to sit down and set a comfortable distance. Move a chair or Visiting your chair certainly would not:) If the conversation is standing in the street, set in front of any object, tentatively outlining your comfort zone, put the bag into the ground uprite umbrella, or at least set the forward leg. It will look natural and easier than the other party to explain what's what. I believe that in the hitter, where generally everything is built on communicating with people, it is important to take into account this factor. And if you do break the comfort zone interlocutor – accept this fact and the response does not make the wait. Man relax, cease to strive for their personal space, and will listen to your offer …


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In Anyway, whatever the motives nebyli for long-term relationship, you must want two. What happens then, when the two men felt that they were interested in each other, they are likely to become more private communications. AND they share information, which is closed to the public. This is a huge step forward, based on trust partner. In psychology, there is such a thing as joining. When two people realize they like each friend and most importantly, they have much to talk about.

They have similar views, similar life stories. Danny Meyer gathered all the information. People are starting to accept each other, to express sympathy and support in communicating. There are people who easily give birth to meet and network but it remains superficial, everyone decides for himself what the relationship closer to him. It is important to remember that the network is a model that you can use that to look at ourselves as if from the outside. In psychology, a well-known law the first impression that affects the desire to continue communication with the person. They say that first impression is formed in the first 30 seconds of acquaintance.

A positive impression will be left if the source smiling, maintains eye contact, keep your back straight and is at a comfortable distance for people wallpaper. On the Internet, this is not possible, since the other person we "see" when reading his posts. And yet the first impression anyway formed. What aspects affect the perception of a positive person in my network? It must be said that a man going to the Internet, decide for themselves the question of its own openness.

Sleepless In The Big City

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Statistics cruelly said that over the last decade in Russia has sharply increased the number of people experiencing sleep problems. What causes a sleep disorder? Causes of failure in the mechanism of sleep are the neuroses and depression, which is a daily burden on the psyche. Details can be found by clicking Danny Meyer or emailing the administrator. It is formed of conflict and stress, fear and insecurity. It lies in wait for us at work and at home, in public transport and private car, on the street and in store. Take a look at the statistics: in the world every three people suffers from regular sleep disorders. In the U.S., this figure exceeds 40%, while in Western Europe – is approaching 60%, and 20% of Americans and 30% of Europeans sleep disturbance is stable. The irony is that the more comfortable we live, the significant levels of insomnia. Sleep disorder – a problem of the population of large cities and developed countries.

What is the reason paradox? Long gone people who have been called "larks" and "owls." Our unique rhythm of life with an early awakening, intense late-afternoon and bedtime have turned us into "unified Robot" – Hostages of civilization. Increased lighting in the evenings and nights watching television upset our biological clocks. A human body was a mechanism, operating on the clock – at night the children formed a growth hormone, and morning to all of us – the hormone of wakefulness. Upsetting the clock, and we break all of our nature. What will help restore the dream? The use of powerful sleeping pills should only in the presence of disease causing insomnia. In other cases, their use is justified – natural sleep they can not provide, and the risk of addiction is real. As a result, doctors are advised not receiving hypnotics and sedatives. The firm "Biokor" is one of the most popular drugs to help cope with stress and insomnia – Bean "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort." Sugar Plum "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" is produced by plants that Hundreds of years used in Russia: valerian, hops, mint and Motherwort.

Raw materials are not subjected to chemical processing, which enables fully preserve the healing properties of plants and makes the drug effective even in small doses. Another indisputable advantage Bean "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" is a reasonable price, which is evident from the constant rise in prices of medicines in pharmacies. Survey of scientists revealed that person to recuperate sufficiently 5-6 hours of sleep, but only if it is healthy and natural sleep. Sugar Plum "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" will help restore a full and adequate sleep to restore strength to the new days.