Emperor Francs

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Passing for Lisbon, assisted for Alexander Herculano, it investigated in the archives and the libraries Real and of the Aid, also collecting the correspondence of the Conde de Tarouca when in Utrecht. It observes OAK, 1998, P. 201 to this respect: the 15 of June of 1855, sent> Uruguay, its memory on the Rights of Brazil. Mr. His de Butenval was in charge arguing with them the pretensions of France, that had been Minister in Rio De Janeiro. In the colloquy that had in its residence with Butenval, Paolino Jose To sound of Sousa, weaveeed commentaries to the French pretension of a line east-west that took the territorial claim of the Frenchmen until the Rio Branco, for the mountain ranges of Tumucumaque and Acarai, through the British Guyana and throughout the parallels of 1 and 2 latitude degrees north. The participation of Paolino Jose To sound of Sousa, the Visconde of Uruguay, in its mission aiming at to decide in definitive the question of limits in the Amap, although to be a step given to ahead, did not result in definitive resolution of the question of limits, therefore the main divergence in relation to Mr. Butenval, French negotiator, in this chance, if gave because Emperor Francs understood that the limit of the River Araguari was only the possible one.

Was arrived to invent it a river, the Carapaporis, as ' ' branch norte' ' of the Araguari. our negotiator, offered as transaction, a limit traced for the water separator between the River Cassipor and the Oiapoque, or same following the left edge of the River Caloene. However, the Visconde did not want to breach the negotiations and wrote the Paranhos (Visconde of the Rio Branco), suggesting a mediation British. In April, it received our representative its last instructions from Rio De Janeiro. It authorizeed to Paranhos to accept it the line of the Caloene, to postpone the question of the line east-west, to look an agreement, but to give for finished the negotiation, case the Brazilian proposals were rejected.

Highway Mogi

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The River Tiet is a Brazilian river of the state of So Paulo. He is famous national for crossing the state and the city of Is Pablo. He is born in Salespolis, the Mountain range of the Sea, the 1,027 meters of altitude. Although to be only the 22 kilometers of the coast, the scarps of the Mountain range of compel it to the Sea to walk inverse direction, route the interior and cross the state of So Paulo of Southeast the northwest until emptying in the lake formed for the barrage of Jupi in the river Paran, about 50 kilometers downstream of the city of Barreto Pear tree. SPRING AND PARK OF the SPRINGS OF the TIET the springs are in the Park Rising of the River Tiet, that if points out in the city of Salespolis. Continue to learn more with: dayton kingery. They are about 134 hectares, of which 9,6 already are under ambient control, protecting the diverse springs that will go to form the most important river of the State of So Paulo. Gust bes situated in the quarter of the Rock, the 17 km of the center of Salespolis, next to verge with the city of Paraibuna.

For the SP-88, Highway Mogi – Dutra, felt Paraibuna, in an exit the right, for the Road of Pitas, 6 km of land track after beaten. Initially at the hands of particular, it had its destroyed original flora. Tumbled for the State, its area was recouped, presenting secondary forest now. The springs appear between rocks that tip a very small lake. The water sprouts in three different points, and the lake is town for small fish, the Guars. BARRAGES the river Tiet drains a composed area for six hidrogrficas sub-basins (High Tiet, Sorocaba/Average Tiet, Piracicaba-Capivari-Jundia, Tiet/Battle, Tiet/Alligator and Low Tiet) in one of the regions richest of the south hemisphere, and throughout its extension its edges bathe 62 marginal cities.

Central African Plateaus

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Already the relief of the continent is based on: Mount Atlases (north), Central African Plateaus (central region), Great Valley of the Rift with high mountains and depressions (east). In the region north the Desert of the Saara is distinguished. How much the cities of the African continent some are distinguished for its size, in what respect is said more the cities populous they appear: Cairo (Egypt), Lakes (Nigria), Kinshasa (R.D. of the Congo), Cartum (Sudan), Johanesburgo (South Africa) and Giz (Egypt). According to gegrafo Ananias (2001) the information most important of the continent can be summarized in: Africa is as continent the most populous one of the world (it is behind only of Asia). It possesss, approximately, 800 million inhabitants. It is a basically agrarian continent, therefore about 63% of the population they inhabit the agricultural way, while 37% only live in cities. In the generality, it is a poor and underdeveloped continent, presenting low indices of economic development.

The per capita income, for example, is of, approximately, US$ 800,00. Pib (Produto Interno Bruto) corresponds only 1% of the world-wide GIP. Great part of the countries possesss developed industrial parks little, while others nor if want are industrialized, living basically of agriculture. Thus being we perceive how much this continent is needed aid or others continents and countries therefore in a generalized manner if detach only primary factors, the fact for example, of the continent to represent only 1% of the world-wide GIP defy in them, to understand how much a so great continent can be so insignificant in relation to others. In this Ananias direction (2001) it explains: The main African economic block is the SADC (Southern Africa Development Community), formed for 14 countries: South Africa, Angola, Bostwana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesoto, Madagascar, Malaui, Maurcia, Moambique, Nambia, Suazilndia, Tanznia, Zmbia and Zimbbue. Beyond agriculture, it is distinguished exploration of mineral resources as, for example, gold and diamond.

Francisco Mendona

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Geography appeared in century XIX, however the man already dominates this knowledge has thousand of years. discoveries? as much of Brazil how much of America in centuries XV and XVI they are examples of the domain of this type of knowledge, exactly not knowing that it was geographic knowledge. For enclosing some sciences, geography is one disciplines that only it exists in the context of the others you discipline. For the author Francisco Mendona (2001) geography has a particularly heterogeneous character, since it is lined up to some sciences, as much the natural ones, how many accurate and the human beings. Perhaps either this the great challenge for the professors who act in this segment. Castrogiovanni author (2000) affirms that the possibility of the resume of the courses of formation of these professionals exists not to take care of the necessities of the professors, bringing damages for the students, therefore the knowledge acquired in the universities is bases for the improvement of a life professional balanced with the necessary quality for the efficient development of the knowledge of the educandos..

Janeiro College

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University of the state of Rio de Janeiro College of Education. The analysis on curricula for Geography education of the sixth year of the city department. As the proper name says is orientaes for a geography resume, these orientaes had been developed with principles of Kaercher (1998), with the pretension through reflections with the attempt to renew practical the curricular ones. This document has broken of three analyses made for Milk (1993),) a construction of the subject front to the world, that is, not having been enough that to the professor ‘ ‘ doe’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ deposite’ ‘ the knowledge for more critical than it can seem in the pupil. With the pupil, yes. For the pupil, not. To fight the resume vision that privileges the information and quantification or spalling of knowing. The creation must be emphasized. To unite information with reflection. To more than search a version for a fact.

To show to the conflicts of interests and the messages in the space between lineses of the texts. b) A transforming action of the citizen on the reality. ‘ is not enough; ‘ to know mais’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ to know mais’ ‘. She is necessary that this knowledge is prxis, that is, a combination of action-reflection in the daily one of the person. To transform the reality implies to assume the character politician of the education with the taken consequence of decisions. An alert one: to respect the other, the different one, is basic condition for the democratization of the school and the society. c) One to think relationary and to multidiscipline. Knowledge is a multiple confusion and complex relations and these must less be each time become attached the rigid academic borders.

Rio Grande Do Sul

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In the Sixties they started the works of the supervision creating the work group to consider lines of direction for the development of fishes in the country, was from now on that the fishing activity took greater guideline in the governmental debate. The SUDEPE privileged great part of the incentives is to the south Southeast and in Brazil. It can be said that the states that had gotten a more intense industrialization, in the end of the decade of 1960, are Santa Catarina, Rio Grande Do Sul and So Paulo. It is had that in Brazil the height of fishes lode after the elaboration of the National Plan of Development Fishing boat, the PNDP. This plan of goals of fishes was characterized for many attempts of changes in this sector, amongst the main ones if they detach: the transformation of one fishes artisan in a capitalist industrial, the dinamizao of the sector, and growth with income generation.

This politics brought important modifications in the organization of fishes in Brazil, but it reached distinct objectives of those foreseeing in the planning. The companies who had been created and benefited with the tax incentives granted by the SUDEPE, had been launched in a construction program and massive importation of boats, equipment and infrastructure of land, dimensionando them for fishes coastal that generally it could not go beyond the continental platform. In the measure where the tax benefits only supplied the companies, the number of pertaining boats they increased considerably. In the measure where the tax benefits only supplied the companies, the number of pertaining boats they increased considerably. In the same way, the fact of the majority of the benefited companies to have its headquarters in the south still took the bigger concentration of means of production in this region. With the granted tax incentives after 1967 it had an accumulation and concentration in the sector fishing boat. However the attempt of the Brazilian government to create a capitalist industry of fishes, from an enormous carry of resources for the tax incentives, did not give waited result. Many proprietors or groups that had come of other sectors had been considered by the entrepreneurs with tradition in fish as adventurers who if had used to advantage of the easy money of the SUDEPE.


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In this context, in seventh estrofe (or verse) of music the author makes mention to the reasons of the migration, that in our agreement, was propitiated by the insertion in a new way of if producing on to the not local necessities: Ours I besiege that he was small For the great farms surrounded We need to vender Movements of the Brazilian population (Moreira, 2004) Music: ‘ ‘ My kingdom encantado’ ‘ Version sung for Daniel with Objective Special Participation of Jose Camillo: To relate the letter of music to the content and to unmask the phenomenon of the migration the light of the capitalist expansion under gide globalizatria. Guiding: – What it is migration? Which the reason that takes the people to migrarem? What it lacks in definitive localities that make the people if to dislocate for others? What> they attract them in other localities? – This term, migration, can be understood as being the displacement of a population of a place for another one. Of general form, according to Moreira (2004), the people migram of spontaneous form e, exist reasons that cause the expulsion of definitive places, being that, other places, present attractive factors stop the migrantes. – The principle, will be asked to the pupils who amongst them was born in the city of Is Domingos of the Araguaia, and who migrou of other localities, in such a way inside of the Amazon region, how much of other regions. In this in case that, it is well probable that some are presented as being deriving of the agricultural zone of the aventado city and they very took a life similar to the one of the personage portraied in the letter of the song en vogue. However, some of the pupils can saying in them that they are not migrantes, that they had been born in the mentioned city.