Francisco Mendona

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Geography appeared in century XIX, however the man already dominates this knowledge has thousand of years. discoveries? as much of Brazil how much of America in centuries XV and XVI they are examples of the domain of this type of knowledge, exactly not knowing that it was geographic knowledge. For enclosing some sciences, geography is one disciplines that only it exists in the context of the others you discipline. For the author Francisco Mendona (2001) geography has a particularly heterogeneous character, since it is lined up to some sciences, as much the natural ones, how many accurate and the human beings. Perhaps either this the great challenge for the professors who act in this segment. Castrogiovanni author (2000) affirms that the possibility of the resume of the courses of formation of these professionals exists not to take care of the necessities of the professors, bringing damages for the students, therefore the knowledge acquired in the universities is bases for the improvement of a life professional balanced with the necessary quality for the efficient development of the knowledge of the educandos..

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