Central African Plateaus

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Already the relief of the continent is based on: Mount Atlases (north), Central African Plateaus (central region), Great Valley of the Rift with high mountains and depressions (east). In the region north the Desert of the Saara is distinguished. How much the cities of the African continent some are distinguished for its size, in what respect is said more the cities populous they appear: Cairo (Egypt), Lakes (Nigria), Kinshasa (R.D. of the Congo), Cartum (Sudan), Johanesburgo (South Africa) and Giz (Egypt). According to gegrafo Ananias (2001) the information most important of the continent can be summarized in: Africa is as continent the most populous one of the world (it is behind only of Asia). It possesss, approximately, 800 million inhabitants. It is a basically agrarian continent, therefore about 63% of the population they inhabit the agricultural way, while 37% only live in cities. In the generality, it is a poor and underdeveloped continent, presenting low indices of economic development.

The per capita income, for example, is of, approximately, US$ 800,00. Pib (Produto Interno Bruto) corresponds only 1% of the world-wide GIP. Great part of the countries possesss developed industrial parks little, while others nor if want are industrialized, living basically of agriculture. Thus being we perceive how much this continent is needed aid or others continents and countries therefore in a generalized manner if detach only primary factors, the fact for example, of the continent to represent only 1% of the world-wide GIP defy in them, to understand how much a so great continent can be so insignificant in relation to others. In this Ananias direction (2001) it explains: The main African economic block is the SADC (Southern Africa Development Community), formed for 14 countries: South Africa, Angola, Bostwana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesoto, Madagascar, Malaui, Maurcia, Moambique, Nambia, Suazilndia, Tanznia, Zmbia and Zimbbue. Beyond agriculture, it is distinguished exploration of mineral resources as, for example, gold and diamond.

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