Paper And Cardboard

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Paper and cardboard found very widely used and play an important role in the modern world. The ancient Egyptians over three thousand years ago, used similar to the properties of a material made from fibers of papyrus. More than half produced paper accounts for printed products, while the other half is used in the production of container. In many areas of the paper is irreplaceable and it is preferred as a packaging material. Foundation board and paper is cellulose, which is made from wood. By mechanical effects are short fibers of low quality, but by chemical – high-quality long fiber pulp. From this product, called the pulp, after drying, are different types of paper.

The main semi-finished product in the production of a cellulose, wood pulp and waste paper. Wrapping and newsprint produced from wood Half-rag made from scraps of linen or cotton fabrics that are cleaned, crushed and converted into fibers. Disposal of waste in establishments for the manufacture of paper. For produce various kinds of paper, half-mixed with each other, for example wood pulp is mixed with or added to a rag pulp. The quality of paper and board based on various indicators. By the same author: NYC Mayor. Main characteristic of the paper material is the mass of 1 m 2, in grams, according to which the distinction: 1. paper, weighing from 5 to 200 g/m3.

On the content of the paper pulp mixture classified: superfine, fine, polutonkaya, plain and cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is produced from cellulose by adding it to the secondary raw materials, dyes and other materials. 3. paperboard, weighing 400 to 1200 g/m3. This board is designed for the manufacture of boxes, with Designed for full-color print quality and used in the production of postcards, brochures and folders. It has a low rigidity, but has a high whiteness and qualitative composition. 2. Packing. It has high hardness colors. The main advantages of cardboard and paper are their simplicity and use as packaging for various products. Besides paper and cardboard can be recycled, which saves material resources. Made of recycled building materials that are environmentally friendly. The disadvantages of cardboard and paper should be attributed a higher value compared to some types of plastic, high moisture permeability, poor resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.

Seiko Epson Corporation

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Projector – an optical-mechanical or optical-digital device that allows using the light source to project images of objects on the surface outside the apparatus, called a projection screen. In autumn 2008 the company Seiko Epson Corporation – a world leader in the manufacture and sale of projectors, desktop computers, scanners, printers and other electronic components, announced the release of models of projectors Epson EB-S6, EB-X6, EB-W6 – line has a native WXGA (1280×800), EB-S6 projector has a resolution of SVGA (800×600). Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Incredible contrast ratio of 2000:1 and an impressive level of brightness (2,200 ANSI lumens for models Epson EB-S6, EB-X6, 2000 ANSI lumens projector EB-W6) can exploit these projections in any light areas, including and to abstain from befogging. In this case, the automatic keystone correction models EB-W6 and EB-X6 allows you to automatically adjust the range and angle of projection. Resolution Support WXGA (Wide XGA) projector in the Epson EB-W6 can expand the area of the screen for thirty percent and effectively use this model along with a widescreen laptop computers, interactive whiteboards. A solid set of features features introduced in projectors EB-X6, EB-W6, EB-S6, reduces the phase of preparations for the presentation makes the work with projectors as convenient. These projectors are among the fastest on the market: a function to launch reduces warm-up time of 5 seconds.

Function on and off instantly eletropitaniya that the models in this price segment sells only company Epson, you can disable or turn on the projector Epson, just disconnecting or connecting cord eletropitaniya. All three new line of projector supports a simple USB connection for easy image output from the computer to the projector screen. This technology allows immediately display the presentation when you connect the projector Epson via USB-interface – no matter what it may need to use a RGB-cable, without any initial setup was. Model EB-W6 is compatible with interfaces HDMI, USB and SD-cards, thus being the perfect solution for projecting various media content. Model EB-W6 is equipped with an integrated built-in speaker 7 watts. And Projectors Epson EB-X6, EB-S6 equipped with a built-in speaker power of 1W.

Of course, Projectors Epson EB-W6, EB-S6, EB-X6 offer enhanced security features: the possibility of joining the lock Kensington Lock, Password Protection, the metallic rod to attach the cable. A significant point is the low noise level (only 28 dB), the compactness and light weight of new products, ensuring their amazing mobility: weight – 2.7 kg, dimensions – 245 x 327 x 92 mm. Traditionally, the quality of Epson projectors is confirmed two-year warranty on the territory of the Russian Federation (the warranty on the lamp – 6 months). For information. Japanese company Seiko Epson Corporation, which has has more than 115 offices and branches in various countries around the world. – A of the largest producers of matrix, laser, inkjet printers, desktop computers, scanners, projectors, or other electronic components. In January 1989, Epson announced VPJ-700, the world's first LCD projector. And in December 1994 was represented by mobile projector ELP-3000. In October 2002, Seiko Epson Corporation ships 100 millionth used in the manufacture of projectors, high-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panel. In 2007, the projector Epson EMP-TW700 has won the award in the category DVDxpert AWARDS 'Best price / performance ratio ', and in 2008, Epson EMP-TW2000, according to experts Prize, was' the best projector in the price range of more than 100,000 rubles. "

SMS Projector Unislide

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projector mount allows easy and safe to install the projector in the correct position, will save time – no need to every time to install and configure the equipment again, mount the projector will hide all the cables and keep neat appearance of your premises. There are ceiling and wall construction fasteners. Ceiling Mount Leemc suitable for virtually all projectors weighing up to 12kg. Models PM1734, PM4365, PM65100 different rod lengths: minimum – 17 cm Maximum – 100 cm mount kit includes telescopic bar (bolted to the ceiling) and four independent release (attached to the body of the projector upside down with the bolts). Ceiling and wall SMS to rotate mounting the projector on a 360 and tilted by 25 .

They consist of a multi-purpose fastening SMS Projector Unislide (crab) and the bracket. Ceiling bracket (Rod) SMS come in several forms: a fixed size – SMS Projector CLF (at You can cut to desired length) with adjustable size – SMS Projector CLV; Wall Bracket – SMS Projector WLV. Under most conditions Bill de Blasio would agree. To use the projector in different rooms it is recommended to acquire projection tables. By design tables are mobile (on wheels) or folding. Mobile projector table easy to move with the equipment and install it in the right place. This is especially helpful when rooms are equipped with screens of different sizes – placing a small table with a projector the desired distance from the screen, you can get the image size you want. Projection tables are essential when using the projector weighing over 12 kg.

Business Cards And Other Tools

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The first group includes business card pocket, business card cases and table coasters business cards. The second – stamp-album for credit cards and desktop business card holders and cases vizitnitsy.Karmannye business card pocket models are small and not many can hold business cards. They are easy to use at exhibitions, conferences and business meetings. Pocket business card holders are available in the form of elegant boxes, booklets or covers. And if the boxes are usually made of metal, the material for the other two types of pocket business card holder serves high-quality leather or kozhzam.Klyassery business card business card stamp-album is a folder with the indoor unit, allowing a maximum on each page of three to ten cards. And if the compact model is easy placed in a folder or portfolio, the overall function as a desktop 'guardians' cards.

In addition to size, stamp-album different way of fastening the plastic sheet. Files can be sewn to the spine, secured with a ring mechanism or unit is simply inserted into the side pocket business card holders. Stamp-album with stitched files are the simplest and therefore most common in use. They are quite reliable, affordable, and their only drawback is the need to replace the entire business card in case of wear of the indoor unit. Stamp-album with files on the rings look more presentable. Their main advantage is the ability to add pages with pockets – with the number of cards. Stamp-album with the unit, embedded in the side pocket, suggest the possibility of replacing the plastic "little book" in case of wear and tear.

However, as experience, purchase a block apart somewhat difficult. The most spectacular stamp-album with attachment file on the decorative bolts. Covers the desktop business card holders can be made of various materials, including including the skin. But most often it is polyvinyl chloride, or there are quality business card kozhzamenitel.Zhenskie Given that the role of active business people often act and the fair sex, the producers leathergoods offer a wide variety of female models for storing business cards. Women's business card sleek design, small size, a more diverse range of colors and many finishes. Most Active such products are made of leather or light metal, adorned with sequins or embroidery. The choice of business card should be carried out taking into account the characteristics and preferences of the person to whom a gift is intended. Solid man, these businessmen will require large and roomy desktop business card pocket, or expensive to finish a good skin. Women more appropriate fine miniature models, easy to use, but do not occupy much space in your purse or briefcase. And, of course, do not forget about the stationary desktop business card holders, can decorate the workplace while performing its primary function. Wood, glass, metal, designed to store your own business cards, will allow business people to quickly and easily provide all your contact information to visitors.