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The first group includes business card pocket, business card cases and table coasters business cards. The second – stamp-album for credit cards and desktop business card holders and cases vizitnitsy.Karmannye business card pocket models are small and not many can hold business cards. They are easy to use at exhibitions, conferences and business meetings. Pocket business card holders are available in the form of elegant boxes, booklets or covers. And if the boxes are usually made of metal, the material for the other two types of pocket business card holder serves high-quality leather or kozhzam.Klyassery business card business card stamp-album is a folder with the indoor unit, allowing a maximum on each page of three to ten cards. And if the compact model is easy placed in a folder or portfolio, the overall function as a desktop 'guardians' cards.

In addition to size, stamp-album different way of fastening the plastic sheet. Files can be sewn to the spine, secured with a ring mechanism or unit is simply inserted into the side pocket business card holders. Stamp-album with stitched files are the simplest and therefore most common in use. They are quite reliable, affordable, and their only drawback is the need to replace the entire business card in case of wear of the indoor unit. Stamp-album with files on the rings look more presentable. Their main advantage is the ability to add pages with pockets – with the number of cards. Stamp-album with the unit, embedded in the side pocket, suggest the possibility of replacing the plastic "little book" in case of wear and tear.

However, as experience, purchase a block apart somewhat difficult. The most spectacular stamp-album with attachment file on the decorative bolts. Covers the desktop business card holders can be made of various materials, including including the skin. But most often it is polyvinyl chloride, or there are quality business card kozhzamenitel.Zhenskie Given that the role of active business people often act and the fair sex, the producers leathergoods offer a wide variety of female models for storing business cards. Women's business card sleek design, small size, a more diverse range of colors and many finishes. Most Active such products are made of leather or light metal, adorned with sequins or embroidery. The choice of business card should be carried out taking into account the characteristics and preferences of the person to whom a gift is intended. Solid man, these businessmen will require large and roomy desktop business card pocket, or expensive to finish a good skin. Women more appropriate fine miniature models, easy to use, but do not occupy much space in your purse or briefcase. And, of course, do not forget about the stationary desktop business card holders, can decorate the workplace while performing its primary function. Wood, glass, metal, designed to store your own business cards, will allow business people to quickly and easily provide all your contact information to visitors.

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