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Licensing organization – a crucial pillar of civilized economic relations in Russia. Federal Law "On licensing of certain activities 'is licensing as a' special resolution '. The absence of these licenses is considered part of the state as a threat or damage to citizens, the country's culture and direct the public system. Breaking the law threatens non-responsibility businessman, cancellation or taking away a license, transfer of cases to court and sufficiently weighty administrative punishment according to the destructiveness of the delivered loss. The government provides the correct availability of licenses complying with the conditions by viewing and comparing the list with a list of licensed and registered firms. The truth is, not every service is subject to a license, but only one that even can be expected to cause loss to the state.

The existing catalog of licensed activities can be found in the Federal Law 'On licensing certain types of activities. " To obtain a license organization or individual entrepreneurs are obliged to deliver to the licensing bodies all identifying information about the kind of activity and organizer of this activity. Non-admission to the licensing can be expected when any section is given away information is distorted or false. Apparatus, giving away a license depends on the organization. To obtain a license or scrap non-ferrous metals needed to make a request to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. This activity is regulated by the Government of the Russian Federation "On approval of Provision on licensing of harvesting, processing and selling scrap metal" and includes briquetting, cutting, gathering, cutting, storing, selecting, sorting, extraction, extrusion, sale or transfer of scrap metal at no charge or paid basis, buying, remelting.

The license for the black scrap, as well as a license to color scrap issued only when special requirements of this activity, namely the findings of various commissions on security of premises and areas suitable for working with metals, laboratories, specialized equipment and equipment, qualified professionals to work with metals and the like. Treatment of non-ferrous and ferrous metals is not a long poluzakonnoy activities. An increasing number of firms that are doing it as a professionals and a high degree of responsibility not only for their work, but also the safety of the experts, citizens and the environment. The cost of a 5-year license for ferrous or nonferrous metals varies of 90 thousand rubles. The term of the license about a month.

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