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Once detected an excess of ink cartridges that one hundred percent probability of no more will ever be used, the question is how to manage them. Just throw it in the trash as junk hand does not rise. just include it in yourself. Is it reasonable to merge all and so cruelly deprive yourself? ('Yes wither arm themselves cheated! "- According to unconfirmed rumors reads a quote from the ancient occult manuscript). Is it worth throwing money at wind? Part with such a tasty morsel? Easy money, as our money-grabbing American counterparts. Lip – no fool – what our ancestors did.

And we are willing to accept them. After all, who wants to pass for loser, loser, razzyavoy and that is far worse to feel on their skin all the charm of the situation. It is doubly a fool out of hand when your luck, you see artful Dodgers, who immediately, on level ground making good profits for your well for another hour this situation to compensate themselves failures in the acquisition of supplies. And do not give a chance to tricksters, independently carry out a profitable commodity and financial operation.

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