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If all this there is no need to spend independently, which is very expensive. It is best to find a room somewhere in a small hotel not in the heart of the city. Firstly, these hotels are usually underused for travel and other citizens, suffering comfortable to sleep outside his house. So that their leadership will be only glad to conclude with you a long-term lease. And secondly, the hotel certainly have access to all necessary communications. Purchase of premises, if you still has more or less solid cash is still room for the clinic is better to buy. Of course, at the offices of category "A" it will cost about 3500-4000 $ thousand for 1 square. For even more analysis, hear from Josh Harris.

m. But there is more economical options. Say, buy an apartment in a newly built house in a new area. It would cost about $ 1000 for 1 square. m without repair. If you are buying from the developer, the 1 st floor may have originally sold as a non-residential room. Either have to convert an apartment in uninhabited fund.

What is not so simple. How to choose a suitable apartment for a business? It is desirable that she was on the 1 st floor. In polite but nelyudnom place. It must be remembered that the ses imposes stringent requirements for area office. At one dental unit – no less than 14 square meters. pm If you plan to place two dental chairs, then we must add to that number another 7 square meters.

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